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Utopia Season 1: Ending Explained of the Amazon Prime Video series!

Utopia on Amazon Prime Video has multiple elements that we have long associated with the works of its creator. Successful novelist Gillian Flynn. Based on the British cult series of the same name, the series is an exhilarating ride full of morally ambiguous characters. Striking suspense and a profusion of blood and violence.

It follows a group of comic book fans/plot theorists. Whose lives become entangled in a worldwide conspiracy after they learn of a much sought-after sequel to a graphic novel that has eerily. And correctly predicted a number of epidemics before their respective outbreaks.

Ending explained of Utopia Season 1

As Utopia rushes toward the end of Season 1, the main characters realize that a deep, dark state organization called the Harvest bears their name. They have wiped out Wilson’s family and placed Ian’s loved ones in a hospital. Hoping to catch him when he visits them. Stearns joined the conspiracy theorists after learning that his wife had been a sleeper agent of The Harvest, sent to control him.

Arby undergoes drastic changes during the course of the series. He begins as the most effective killer affiliated with The Harvest and seems to consider Christie. The apparent leader of the organization, as a father figure. But he begins to lose this sense of admiration as he becomes more aware of what has been done to him since childhood. He and Jessica both grew up in a place simply called “Home” with several other children.

As Christie will explain later, these children are brought from different countries around the world and raised at “Home” for different reasons. What did you do to earn your place in this overcrowded world asks Christie repeatedly in the series. Some of these children are destined to be lab rats. Used in experiments, while others will train to become assassins, like Arby. Some are even destined to become martyrs for what the Harvest considers to be the greater good. Like Charlotte, who dies after voluntarily contracting the deadly virus.

During his descent into Alice’s home, Arby sees in one of the pages of the Utopia manuscript that he and Jessica are supposed to be brothers and sisters. That’s why he delivers Christie to the conspiracy theorists and protects them all night long from attacks by men and women like him.

Christie’s plan and betrayal

During their interrogation, Jessica, Stearns and others come to realize Christie’s level of megalomania. What is supposed to be a vaccine against the deadly virus is in fact a concoction that will render all humanity infertile for the next three generations. Christie deduced that all modern problems, from deforestation to global warming, have a single source, overpopulation. He believes that by significantly reducing the world’s population. It can initiate the process of healing the Earth. And he sees this as his goal in the world.

Even if he is tied up and interrogated, Christie is still in absolute control of the situation. He seems to have information about each of the main characters and uses it masterfully to manipulate them. Wilson has always been the most susceptible, because of his own pessimistic view of humanity. Christie finds in him an avid listener. Although it was he who ordered the death of Wilson’s family.

After Ian, Stearns, Becky, Alice and Grant left to destroy the vaccine and Jessica left with Arby, Wilson stands back and seems to have freed Christie, who calls her son, Thomas. The mission of Ian and the others is a success and Christie’s entire vaccine cache is destroyed. Ian and Becky become engaged. Stearns leaves Christie Bio’s headquarters separately from the others and is shown that he has walked away with the mother egg from the vaccine incubator. Indicating that he has not destroyed it.

Grant is arrested by police on suspicion of killing Christie’s protégée Cara and her family. Becky manages to escape from the police and is arrested by Wilson. When Becky sees Thomas and Christie in the car, she realizes that Wilson has betrayed them. As for Ian and Alice, they remain free and are currently on the run.

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