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Tokyo Ghoul Season 3: Ending Explained

Tokyo Ghoul is back on Netflix in full! If you’ve finished Season 3 of Tokyo Ghoul on Netflix, you’ll probably want an explanation of how it ended! Please note that Netflix Season 3 combines the original seasons 3 and 4. For those who want to know if a sequel will be released on Netflix, it’s here.

The ending episode of Tokyo Ghoul’s Season 3 on Netflix sees Furuta and Kaneki starting to fight and discuss the various events that have happened over the years. And their ideals about the world and the people around them. Meanwhile, CCG and Goat are fighting the last remaining enemies and monsters. And are joined by those who were against the original idea of collaboration between ghouls and humans. Takizawa, the White Suits, Kurona, as well as Matsuri who is said to have disappeared in battle.

With the arrival of these new forces, they eventually outnumber their enemies and win the victory. Kaneki also ends up defeating Furuta while saying that even though the world is in chaos and many bad things have happened to him because he met Rize. He would always take the same path, because it helped him to realize who he really is. After Furuta gave his last breath.

Kaneki goes to the heart of the dragon to destroy it and discovers that Rize’s body has been used as a source of energy. After freeing her, the battle ends. Six years later, Tokyo is back to normal with humans and ghouls living in peace with each other. We see Hide and everyone goes to visit Kaneki, Touka, and their little girl while enjoying a well made cup of coffee.

What is the futura market?

Yes, we were led to believe that he was at the bottom of the Washuu clan and that he was probably the outsider and was looked down on. But was that his reason for bringing chaos into the world? Was it perhaps because of Rize’s death? Or was it because of his lust for power? But if he was thirsty for greatness, then why did he want a peaceful and normal life? Was he forced by his peers to be like that and become powerful? I have absolutely no idea about his story. I must also add that this character has the most refreshing quotes I’ve heard in an anime in quite some time.

How many Kaguya Kaneki transformations does he have?

Enormously… he seems to have even more transformations than the styles and colours of his hair. In every battle in every story, he evolves even more. And then you’ve seen him say that he is weak and that he can’t protect anyone.

Who is Matsuri Washuu and why is he wearing a fundoshi?

The guy with bare buttocks who appears during the fight is therefore Matsuri Washuu. A commander of Division II, and the former head of the S2 squad. He is the eldest son of Yoshitoki Washuu, so a member of the main family of the Washuu clan. After the death of his father, he was appointed Acting Director of the CCG office.

However, his position was challenged by his illegitimate uncle, Souta Washuu-Furuta. This led to a war of succession between the two. After an assassination attempt supervised by Kaiko, an agent of V, Matsuri was declared missing in action and lost his claim to the leadership of the CCG.

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