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Time Trap 2: What is the Netflix release date?

Horray! Time Trap is available on Netflix!

If you want to know all the info about Time Trap 2, read on!

Time Trap, an extremely captivating science fiction film that was first released in 2017. The film stars Andrew Wilson, Cassidy Gifford, and Brianne Howey.  The story focuses on a group of students who go on an epic journey in search of their missing teacher.

Many fans of the film want to know if there will be a sequel to Time Trap! But before we talk about that, if some of them have questions about the ending, read our explanation!

What is the release date for Time Trap 2?

We still need to get confirmation from the creators of the film for a Time Trap 2, despite the desire of the fans.

The film did not do well at the box office, which means that a sequel to Time Trap would be unlikely.

However, now that the streaming giant Netflix has acquired the film, the number of fans, and the popularity of the film could increase even more.

This would lead to an increase in demand for a sequel to their mysterious story.

As you will have understood, the results at the cinema did not allow the creation of a sequel to Time Trap.

However, Netflix could be the key. The chances are quite low because even with its release, the film has not caught on. Should Time Trap 2 be released, however, its release date would not be before 2023.

What is the story of the film?

Time Trap follows a group of students from Texas. After the disappearance of their favorite archaeology teacher, Hopper, without any explanation, the young people try to find out the truth for themselves.

After searching for him, they venture into a deep cave in Texas. Where they think Hopper has disappeared, only to discover that time works a little differently here.

In the cave, the group finds themselves in a time continuum, where time passes much more slowly than in real life. With no way out, they soon realize that they are trapped and that time outside continues to move at a normal, faster pace.

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for fans with the next franchise of this epic story.

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