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“This Is Us” Season 5 What We Know About

Now that season 5 is up and running, what we now know about the cast, when filming will resume, and what stories we’re interested in. and more. We also look at some of the mysteries we’d like to see revealed in season 5.

This Is Us begins its new season every September. They usually start filming the new season around July to get it ready to air in September. This year, filming was delayed due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) and we were concerned that the show would not air until next fall. I was there.

But the drama will be aired as usual, so there is a possibility that filming will resume next month. That’s right. I’m sure the cast will share it on Instagram, so I’ll wait for that to happen.

What is the theme of the story?

This drama always has a clear purpose, so it doesn’t get lost in a disjointed timeline. The theme of Season 4, which ended this spring, was “expansion”. As per the theme, new characters and families were added and the background of the story being portrayed was expanded. What used to be a story about the present and past has now expanded into the future.

And the cast? Any special guests?


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The main cast is still set to appear in the show as before. Before long, Madison, who has become Kate’s best friend, and Kate and Toby’s son, will also be in the mix. That’s right. I think we’ll see a few new characters in season 4 as well, as they are related to the Pearson family.

I also expect that Jack’s brother Nicky’s future story will be depicted as well. Personally, I’d like to see William and Dr. K as well, but the chances of them reappearing are slim.

Season 4 featured a surprise guest, singer John Legend, who appeared on the show. Special guests included Sophia Bush from Chicago P.D. Expect to see new characters and surprise guests in Season 5 as well.

The story of the future Tess, Annie and Deja will also be depicted

The interesting thing about this drama is that it tells the story of the entire cast that comes out. The main cast consists of the five members of the Pearson family, but it also shows the backgrounds of their partners and children. So all of the characters are fascinating to watch.

In the future, Randall’s eldest daughter, Tess, is featured in the story. Fans are also wondering about Annie and Deja. Dan said, “By the time the Pearson family’s story is complete, we’re going to draw their story as well. There is. People who watch it will see that every character has difficult times and big transitions, I told him. I’m excited to see the many stories that are coming up for Tess, Annie and Deja.

It’s planned for season 6

This Is Us has received high praise and sympathy in the United States. Once season 3 was confirmed, it was announced that they would be producing through season 6 (the final season, it was announced (None). With so many dramas being cancelled, it shouldn’t be easy to maintain their popularity.


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There are spoilers for season 4. Here’s a summary of the new mysteries we hope will be revealed in season 5.

The mother of Kevin’s children… What about Sophie?

What a mother of Kevin’s future son, Madison! It doesn’t even depict Sophie’s marriage to her divorce, which ends in a half-hearted way. Dan hinted at this as well, hinting that this is a concern.

I can’t tell you if they’re involved in the future Kevin, but I think the story is well thought out. That’s it.

We’re going to pretend it’s Madison

International fans are also considering this theory. On the Big Three’s 40th birthday, Kevin says his pregnant fiancée is not feeling well. If this is Madison, we expect her to be over eight months pregnant at this time. Fans believe that Madison was originally in poor health and that she will die in childbirth There is also.

In fact, it turns out that Madison is not carrying Kevin’s child, and some believe that Kevin may have been engaged to someone else, and that he just got pregnant.

Dan said, “I think we’ll know the answer soon enough. What I can say for sure is that there’s a lot more to Kevin’s love story. I am. It looks like there’s more to the story with Sophie. However, she doesn’t seem to have much going on in season 5.”

What about the future Kate?

About ten years from now, Rebecca is bedridden. The family gathers there, but there is no sign of Kate and her son, even though Toby is coming. A fan theory is that Kate and Toby are divorced because Toby is not wearing a wedding ring. I’ll think about it. By the way, Kate and Toby will also be adopted. The relationship between the son and the adopted child, Kate and Toby, will also be revealed in seasons 5 and 6.

What about Cassidy’s reappearance?

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Cassidy, played by Jennifer Morrison, became friends with Kevin and had a one-night stand. who were. Kevin’s uncle Nikki and Cassidy, a former military man, go to therapy together. Her run is over, but Cassidy invites Nikki to therapy at the end of Season 4. Appearance.

Randall and Kevin are insulated?

Randall and Kevin had a huge fight in the last episode of season 4. The reason was because they disagreed on the idea of a treatment plan for Rebecca’s illness. They’ve grown up and come to understand each other, but they said things they shouldn’t have said to each other and broke up in a fight. Shall. On the Big Three’s 40th birthday, Randall is not in sight and I haven’t heard from him in months. It turns out that

Just when you think the brothers can’t understand each other anymore, in the future, Kevin puts his hand on Randall’s shoulder with a soothing There was a figure of putting it down. I’m wondering if they are reconciling, reconciling, or not reconciling, but showing understanding. Point.

You can see that in season one, Kevin and Randall were a bit distant. Dunn said “I don’t think we should be afraid to portray the ugliness and the loss in a dramatic way. But we want to leave some hope intact when they meet again.”


It’s clear that Dan and the writers have thought about the future of the film in great detail. There’s a lot to tell and portray, and that’s why there are so many important areas and priorities to be prioritized. It’s clear. I have a feeling that season 5 is going to be interesting. I can’t wait for the new season to air!


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