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The School Nurse Files Season 1: Ending Explained & Recap!

Season 1 of The School Nurse Files is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation of the end of the series, read on! Episode 6 of The School Nurse Files is the mid-season finale of this very confusing fantasy series. For those who want to know when the second season will come, read this.

Hye-Min’s operation is a success, but surgeons comment on the strange absence of belly button. In his stomach, however, they find a strange creature with Chinese writing on it that says “Guje”. This helps to save others in trouble. Only, Eun-Young cannot really see this because she has lost her power.

Hye-Jun wakes up and comments that she now has a belly button. In the car, on the way back, she asks to go outside her usual 5.38 km radius to see more of the world. With her seatbelt fastened, the duo drives past this invisible zone while Hye-Jun seems to be fine. Back to school. Min-U talks to Wan-Su and wonders if the basement would be a good place for their hiding place. At the top of the stairs, their bond grows stronger than ever. With the key in hand, they manage to break in.

Sweating profusely, the two men sit in class and smile cheerfully while Hye-Jun explains to Eun-Young what’s really going on. It turns out that the school was built specifically for Safe Happiness. And that the students are constantly jumping in the pool. Hye-Jun has seen this happen many times in his life. It goes back to In-Pyo’s grandfather who believed that laughter was the best medicine.


Writing a letter of resignation, Eun-Young returns to school as a flood of jelly begins to sweep through the halls. Eun-Young does not see it of course, as she has lost her powers, and goes home. The jellies seem to feed on negative energy and with no one to stop them, they go wild. Radi and Hye-Jun are surrounded by a flood of laughter in the canteen. This stream slowly descends into chaos as the students fight.

It’s not just the students either, as In-Pyo walks to the school office and notices that all the teachers start laughing maniacally as well. While the whole school is on the verge of madness, In-Pyo goes in search of Eun-Young, who seems to have been the only one to stop the infestation from spreading. Eun-Young sees news online about many students who have been taken to the hospital and tries to figure out what’s going on.

In0-Pyo goes to the fishing site in the pictures featuring Ilgwant but finds it abandoned. The Ilgwang are not there but it turns out that the Safe Happiness are fully involved in what is happening. They are a rival group and Mackenzie is a member of their organization. They are also responsible for the drying up of the water point. But what about the school?

Well, it turns out that Ga-Young is also part of this group. That explains his sudden arrival and his interest in In-Pyo. Ilgwang Sterilization dropped out of school after Hong Jin-Beom’s death. In-Pyo holds the key to all this given his family background and that’s where the interest of Safe Happiness lies.

Explanation of the end of The School Nurse Files Season 1

They need him because of his force field and Ilgwang and Safe Happiness are both locked in a bitter feud. It turns out that the Ilgwang’s are actually the lovely ladies she sees for her therapy sessions. At least that’s my interpretation of the situation, it’s not really that clear.

Eun-Young confronts them and tells the chief that she’s not going to fight for them anymore. But she tells the girl that she is needed and Eun-Young goes back to school. Sitting alone in the office, she calls In-Pyo to talk. Her abilities being exhausted, Eun-Young decides to destroy the school by opening the Apji stone and letting the jelly flow out.

While going down together, Eun-Young admits that she likes to be normal and that she doesn’t see the jellies anymore. In-Pyo, on the other hand, does not like to be ordinary. When they open the stone, Eun-Young suddenly regains her powers and sees all the jellies floating around her. As the ground begins to shake, Eun-Young goes upstairs and takes her sword into the office.

She comes to life as Eun-Young begins to cry. She is not free to see the frost after all. The school rumbles and shakes, causing a huge jelly heart to plunge to the ground outside. As it melts, In-Pyo and Eun-Young walk out of the building hand in hand. For now, the threat seems to be fading.

We then move on to find the school apparently healed and the students healthy again. Radi walks to the school and talks to Eun-Young in his office. She reveals that her mother can see ghosts and asks for help. Eun-Young smiles awkwardly. She realizes that she may not be the only one who sees these jellies after all.

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