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The Dark Tower: Ending Explained of the Netflix film!

The Dark Tower is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation of the end in detail, read on! After years of development, a feature film based on Stephen King’s Dark Tower series of novels finally arrived in 2017. Starring Idris Elba as the gunman Roland Deschain and Matthew McConaughey as the man in black called Walter. The project went through many directors, writers, studios and stars before landing in cinemas. And what we ended up with was more of a re-reading of Stephen King’s story with various hidden elements than a simple adaptation.

This meant that fans of the books had to try again to piece things together, and people who were coming to the saga for the first time were left with a lot of unanswered questions about King’s universe and characters. The film didn’t do well at the box office, but since its release on Netflix it has become very popular! With all this complexity in mind, let’s explain the end of The Dark Tower.

Allies that shine

At the beginning of the film, Jake is warned by a homeless man that he knows what will happen to him. Later, the same homeless man is revealed to have once been a boy taken by Walter and his henchmen. And passed through the same machine to break the Tower before being thrown out like a weary fool. It can also be assumed, based on the events in the film, that there are a number of bright potential children in different worlds. And in Walter’s camp who have now had at least some time to live in freedom thanks to Walter’s defeat.

The brilliant people can communicate telepathically. And Jake is now revered by Walter’s allies as perhaps the strongest of them all. As he learns to use his abilities even more, perhaps he could reach out to other brilliant children and adults. And create some kind of network or alliance? Could he build an army to help Roland in his quest to protect the Tower? Again, it seems we have only seen a small part of what he can do so far.

Fire and darkness

At the beginning of their journey together, Jake walks away and meets a demon who tries to seduce him and Roland. By posing as their respective fathers. Roland explains that this demon has managed to reach them and show his darkness and fire through a tear in the fabric of reality. Like the earthquakes that Jake experienced on Keystone Earth. This is something that will continue to happen as Walter’s machines attack the Tower and the boundaries between the worlds become more fragile.

Before Roland was able to stop the machine, Jake got angry enough with Walter to send a beam with his own spirit into the Tower, and we have established that his brilliance is particularly strong. In this light, will greater tears open in reality? It is quite possible that Jake has involuntarily used his own power to unleash other demons on the world, and that he and Roland will meet them soon enough.

The journey back to hell

One of the first things we see Walter kneeling beside a dying soldier on a battlefield. The soldier tells Walter to go to hell. And Walter says I went there before I burned the man alive. This rather short film doesn’t give us much information about the story. But it is certainly implied that both Roland and Walter are not only supernaturally gifted, but also quite old at this stage.

We know very little about the true extent of Walter’s abilities. But we do know that he seems to have a powerful effect on almost every mortal soul. And he seems powerful enough that his claim to have been in hell cannot be dismissed outright as a joke. With all this in mind, and his tendency in King’s novels to reappear with different names and faces across the multiverse. It is quite possible that Jake and Roland did not see the last of the witches. He could reappear at any time looking like someone else, but carrying the same memories… and the same devious agenda.

The king performed

Even if we assume that Walter is really dead and will never come back in a reincarnated form. Roland and Jake will not be able to continue their quest without encountering some resistance. Walter’s disciples are still here, and they probably exist in some form. No matter what world our two gunslingers venture into. But they are only the foot soldiers of a much larger war.

This war is presided over in the dominant mythos of The Dark Tower by the Crimson King. An immensely powerful being who exists in darkness and fire outside our reality. His goal is to bring down the Tower, and he recruits captains like Walter as allies to achieve this goal. It is a changeable creature, very ancient and very cunning, which appears in various forms in King’s Multiverse. And although Roland and Jake have defeated Walter, King will find others to do his job. Walter was only the beginning of this quest. The Purple King’s army is large, and he will send more soldiers to kill the gunmen.

The redemption

The film Dark Tower is an adaptation of King’s novels and myths. But it is also something more. Because of the nature of King’s novels, the film is in fact a kind of canonical sequel to the books. As Roland embarks on another version of his quest with new versions of his various enemies and allies. This is why fans of the Black Tower were a little freaked out when it was revealed that the Horn of Elder would appear in the film. The Horn is an ancestral artefact passed down through the line of gunners.

It eventually reached Roland, but in King’s novels he lost it in a fateful battle. The same one where he lost his best friends who fought alongside him. In the film, Roland has the Horn, which was found at the very end of King’s novels. As Roland’s quest cycle repeats itself. This is symbolic, as it indicates that he may be one step closer to finally being able to rest if he can simply make the journey again. It also indicates what the end of King’s novels suggests. Namely, that Roland must continue to undertake his quest over and over again until the universe is once again in equilibrium in one way or another.

A story of destiny

Several times in The Dark Tower on Netflix, Walter tells Roland that all those who walk with you die by my hand. In reference to his father, his friends and others we may not have heard of. At the end of The Dark Tower on Netfix, lonely Roland has taken a sort of apprentice to Jake, whom he calls a gunslinger. And together they are about to enter the universe. This softening of Roland’s character, and his willingness to take on travelling companions, is the formation of a keystone of King’s mythology.

In the high speech delivered before the world of armed bandits advances. Ka is the equivalent of fate or destiny, the will of the creator. A ka-tet is a group of people brought together by the ka, destined to achieve something. In King’s novels, Roland’s ka-tet begins to form when he meets Jake. Then it grows when he is joined by a heroin addict named Eddie Dean and a woman with two personalities named Odetta Holmes/Detta Walker. Over time, the composition of the ka-tet changes and is put to the test. But each member contributes to the quest for the Tower in his own way. The Dark Tower doesn’t talk about it yet, but Roland’s choice to invite Jake on his travels is the first step in the formation of his new ka-tet, and perhaps the end of his quest.

Explanation of the end of the dark tower on netflix

The formation of a ka-tet is, of course, the completion of Roland’s bow in the course of the film. And an important step in its maturation to be the kind of man who can actually save the Tower one day. Both in the film and in the books, Roland is a loner when we meet him. He is committed to traveling the world alone and finding Walter. And he doesn’t really need a companion, except to give him temporary help. Like food or help in case of a fight or even, in the novels, a little sexual comfort.

Over time, Roland bonds irrevocably with people, whether he likes it or not. And as he learns to accept these bonds, he becomes a leader, a teacher and a friend again. Only by doing these things, by growing personally, can he enrich his life enough to make the rest of his quest possible. The end of The Dark Tower reveals that he is beginning to become that man, and although he may have a very long way to go, it is a beginning.

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