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The Big Bang Theory Season 12: Ending Explained of the Series!

Season 12 of The Big Bang Theory is available on Netflix! To know the explanation of the end of the series, read on! After 12 years and 274 episodes, the most ever recorded for a studio sitcom. The series ended on CBS on 16 May 2019. The double episode concluded as many remarkable stories as possible while sending its characters towards a hopeful and fruitful future. Penny and Leonard discovered that they were expecting a baby, although they decided earlier in season 12 that they would not have one. For those who wish to hear rumours of a future season 13, it is here.

Meanwhile, Amy and Sheldon’s biggest dreams and hard work are coming true. As they win a Nobel Prize in Physics and fly to Sweden to attend the whimsical ceremony. The other characters arrive, of course, even though Howard and Bernadette feel more than a little anxious about leaving their children for the first time.

The end of Season 12 of The Big Bang Theory is filled with references to past episodes and moments designed to appeal to fans. All of which combine for a sweet and satisfying ending.

The Nobel Prize

The end of long sitcoms almost always involves a big event. Characters move away, or a romantic thread ends happily, or another great goal is achieved. For a series like The Big Bang Theory, which is about adults who have almost all got married and settled into their professions. This kind of major change would not have happened. Instead, the writers found an ending that made sense for the world-class science characters. While solving a plot that ran throughout Season 12.

Physicist Sheldon Cooper and his wife, neuroscientist Amy Farrah Fowler, are awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for their work on super-asymmetry. This is the ultimate goal of most scientists, making it a great reward for his character. It also gives the series an excuse for a final destination, with the entire cast accompanying Sheldon and Amy to the Nobel Prize ceremony in Sweden.

Finished plots

Over the course of nearly 300 episodes, The Big Bang Theory has developed a number of gags, recurring elements and even unsolved mysteries. The end of Season 12 of The Big Bang Theory gave fans what they wanted, respecting these long stagings. And by answering unanswered questions and concluding nicely along the way.

Viewers finally learn why Leonard dresses the way he does. He has always worn at least two layers on his upper body. Although he lives in Pasadena, California, a warm and sunny city. He reveals that he always wears a hoodie because he is always cold. As required by dominator Sheldon, who wants the thermostat in the flat to be very low. And perhaps best of all, he no longer climbs all those stairs leading up to those flats, with a ding penny coming out of the lift, which has been eternally out of order.

Some of the most important recurring characters in the series get one scene per room. Doing exactly what made them indelible. John Ross Bowie returns to his role as Barry Kripke, the string theorist. He is Sheldon’s nemesis at work, pranking Sheldon as he waits for an answer from the Nobel committee. Stuart, a perpetually unlucky worrier, also shows up and video chats with Howard and Bernadette to let them know that one of their young children has broken a tooth in a strange accident.

But mysteries remain unsolved

But even a double episode of almost 45 minutes was not enough to recognize or summarize every story and every plot point from the series’ vast past. When the series began in 2007, the four main male characters were all single and socially awkward. By the end of Season 12, three of them, Sheldon, Leonard and Howard found love and got married. All that remains is Raj, the most romantic and loving of them all. In one of the last episodes of the series, it seems that he might move to London to live with his girlfriend, Anu. But after a discussion with Howard, he realizes that she is not the one and that he should just wait.

Season 12 of The Big Bang Theory ends with Raj, still as single as at the beginning of the series. But there may be hope for his love life. After spotting her on the flight to Sweden, he manages to convince Sarah Michelle Gellar to attend the Nobel ceremony with him.

As for the answer to the most persistent question in the series, well, it hasn’t been answered. And probably never will. Before she became Mrs. Penny Hofstadter, her last name was never mentioned. Even when relatives visited her, the writers were careful to let the mystery take hold and it will remain so.

Ending Explained of Big Bang Theory season 12

The Big Bang Theory could very well have ended in this auditorium in Sweden. With Sheldon and Amy on stage in front of their equally well-dressed support system. The rest of the audience delivering a thunderous round of applause. But that was only the climax of the series, it needed an epilogue. Basically, as Sheldon’s speech makes explicit, The Big Bang Theory is a series about friendship. And about the beauty of watching misfits grow up and create their own non-biological families. A large part of the series consisted of the presence of the seven main characters in the main flat. They met every night for take-out meals. This was an appropriate final image for the series, a group of people eating and chatting in a relaxed manner.

To underline this moment of discretion, a new version of the theme song Barenaked Ladies was created. At the end of Season 12 of The Big Bang Theory, the band reworked the melody into a slow acoustic number. Almost tearful, heard as the series faded into television history.

Young Sheldon closes the series

The end of Season 12 of The Big Bang Theory was the focal point of a night of thematic programming on CBS. A few hours after the end broadcast, the top seven cast members appeared for a group interview with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show.

Based on the mother series’ Nobel Prize theme, the plot shows Sheldon’s child throwing a party to hear the announcement of the Nobel Prize winners on the radio. No one shows up, and, as Jim Parsons’ narration says, no one shows up. This is the moment when Sheldon painfully realizes that he is destined to be alone forever.

Then, in an extremely poignant montage, the Supremes’ Someday We’ll Be Together plays the role of the audience as they see what Sheldon’s future loved ones are doing at that moment. Young Penny and young Bernadette are asleep. Young Raj is studying, young Howard is playing video games. Young Amy is reading a novel by candlelight, and young Leonard is also listening to the Nobel Prize event on the radio. As for being alone forever, narrator Sheldon adds Fortunately, I was wrong.

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