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The Attack of the Titans Season 4: Release Date and Exciting Information

The famous series The Attack of the Titans is soon back with a fourth season particularly awaited by fans of the manga! Released in 2013, Attack on Titan immediately found its audience by deploying a scenario based on a truly captivating plot and a particularly bloody intrigue, taken from the manga by Hazme Ismaya. However, this manga basically interested a conventional audience, not really attracted by anime. In addition, the delay recorded by season 2 of The Attack of the Titans had somewhat stopped the momentum created by the arrival of this manga in an anime series. A momentum which however very quickly restarted with the arrival of season 3, which was warmly welcomed by the regulars of the genre.

The Attack of the Titans, or Shingeki no Kyojin in Japanese, has thus met with phenomenal success, and this since its debut, both in the paper version and the anime. The adventures of the exploration battalion facing the titans have thus managed to meet a large audience, as soon as it was released. Season 3, broadcast on the Wakaim platform, was particularly well attended by French and Japanese viewers.

Shortly after the release of the third season of Attack on Titan, viewers were quick to bet on the probable release of a fourth season, as several elements suggested that a sequel was inevitable.

Attack on Titan Season 4: Release date

Fans of the saga were right, since shortly after the end of season three of The Attack of the Titans, a season four was officially announced for the year 2020. A release date that is still very unclear, but which nevertheless allows us to see the reduction of the gap between each season, season 4 announced faster than season 3 was only announced after the end of the second season.

An announcement made at the end of the last episode aired yesterday in Japan, which also allows us to learn that this fourth season should surely be the last one. A fact that seems logical, given that we know that this manga is in its last arc. The many fans of The Attack of the Titans are therefore burning with impatience to discover the new episodes of the fourth season, especially since season three was rich in revelations and emotions. As a result, it seems rather difficult to imagine what the manga has in store for us for the future.

It is therefore likely that Season 4 of Attack on Titan will be released simultaneously in Japan and France, potentially broadcast on the Wakanim platform. If this news is good news for fans of the manga, they have some fears, especially regarding a possible change of animation studio for the anime and the fear of a probable decline in quality.

While waiting to find season 4 of The Attack of the Titans, fans of the manga genre can discover season 2 of One-Punch Man!

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