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Spirited Away: 8 Facts You May Not Know [Spoilers and Cast]

Spirited Away is one of the most famous works in Japanese animation history. It holds the record of 30.8 billion yen in box office receipts in Japan, including live-action.

Being on the top of the charts, most of us are eager to know more about the cast and the overall movie.

Are you also among those people?

Do you also want to know some really interesting facts?

If yes, then continue reading! Here, we have summarized some mysteries, facts and things you  need to know about Spirited Away. *And YES, THERE ARE SPOILERS at the end!

So, let’s kick things off with our first fact.


Chihiro is a 10-year-old girl who heads to her new house with a sense of anxiety. However, this ‘house shift’ was all of a sudden move.

She wanders into a mysterious world with her parents, who break the law and are turned into pigs.

Chihiro is left alone and at a loss, but with the help of a mysterious boy, Haku, she meets Yubaba and starts working at a Yūya.

Chihiro gradually finds her place in the world while being tossed around by her unfamiliar job, and eventually she learns that Haku is being controlled by Yubaba, and she wants to help him.

This is the story of Chihiro’s growth through various encounters and experiences in order to save her parents and Haku, and to return to her original world.

Spoiler Story

It’s a different world at the end of the tunnel.

Chihiro is on her way to a new home with her parents when she has to move due to her parents’ work commitments.

However, she takes a wrong turn and ends up in a tunnel in the forest.

With a frown on Chihiro’s reluctance, her parents start eating delicious food in an empty town at the end of the tunnel.

Chihiro doesn’t eat it, and as she explores the town, she meets Haku, a boy dressed in white.

Forced back by Haku, she hurried back to his parents, who had turned into pigs.

Haku’s advice

(Photo: Studio Ghibli)

Chihiro is confused by fear as her body begins to become transparent, and Haku appears to her. A mouthful of the things of this world will restore your transparent body.

Haku advises her to work in a Yuya to make a living here.

Chihiro went to the boiler room, just as Haku had taught her, and met with Kamaji, “I want to work! and ask them again and again.

Kamaji was overcome with enthusiasm and asked his employee, Lin, to lead Chihiro to Yubaba.

Work in a hot water house

Chihiro is led by Rin to meet Yubaba, who persistently insists on working for her.

Yubaba reluctantly decided to give the job to Haku because the baby boy started to wobble with his loud voice.

However, the name “Chihiro Ogino” is considered extravagant, and the name is changed to “Sen”.

The next morning, she meets her parents, who have been disguised as pigs, accompanied by Haku.

Chihiro is shocked, but she vows to return it to normal.

Haku returns the card that was in the clothes he had originally arrived at, and reminds him that his name is “Chihiro Ogino”.

She then learns that Haku has become a minion because he lost his real name to Yubaba.

Stink Spirit and No Face

no face
(Photo: Studio Ghibli)

Chihiro begins to work busily at the Yuya, and assumes that the white masked no face outside the building is a customer, so she pulls him inside the Yuya.

Before long, stink spirit comes to the bathhouse with a horrible stench, and Chihiro is ordered to take care of him.

Chihiro’s desperate service reveals that stink spirit is actually a river god.

Chihiro receives a bitter dumpling from the river god as a gift of gratitude.

That night, after swallowing a blue frog that had been searching for sand gold and was able to speak, no face was entertained by a large amount of food brought to him by spreading sand gold from his hands.

On the other hand, Chihiro sees a white dragon that she notices chased by a paper and intuits that it is Haku.

When Chihiro sees the dragon heading to the top floor where Yubaba is, she hurries to Yubaba’s place.

The Wounded White Dragon

haku White Dragon
(Photo: Studio Ghibli)

Along the way, he encounters a giant no face.

No face tries to give Chihiro a large amount of gold sand to make her happy, but Chihiro doesn’t accept it and goes away.

Disappointed and out of control, No face swallows the employees around him and goes after Chihiro.

When you enter the monk’s room from outside the building, you are caught asking the monk to play with you.

Chihiro manages to escape, and finds a wounded Haku in Yubaba’s room.

Then her twin sister Zeniba, who looks just like Yubaba, shows up and tells her that Haku has stolen an important witch’s seal.

Zeniba turns the Boh into a mouse and Yubaba minion bird into a flycatcher.

Haku and Chihiro escape through the air, and arrive at the boiler room where Kamaji lives.

When Chihiro feeds Haku a little bit of the bitter dumplings she got from the river god, Haku spits out a mysterious black mass along with the hanko he stole from her.

Go to Zeniba

Chihiro decides to go to Zeniba to get Haku’s forgiveness and to return the stolen hanko.

To Chihiro, Kamaji gives her a train ticket to the station at the bottom of the swamp where Zeniba lives.

When she feeds the giant no face a bitter dumpling, the no face becomes enraged and chases Chihiro while vomiting repeatedly.

Eventually, no face who has grown to his original size, follows Chihiro to the station to get on the train, which Chihiro accepts, and gets on the train with a little flycatcher in the form of a mouse.

Eventually, Haku wakes up and goes to Yubaba and tells her that the boy has been replaced by a fake and the real thing has gone to Zeniba with Chihiro.

Haku’s real name

When Chihiro and the others arrived at Zeniba’s house, Zeniba welcomed them gently.

Chihiro returns the hanko Haku stole and apologizes for trampling the mysterious black creature herself, but laughs that it was actually the magic Yubaba was using to control Haku.

Chihiro receives a hair clip as a talisman from Zeniba, and leaves behind no face, who has decided to stay with Zeniba, and heads to the yuya on the back of Haku, who appears in the form of a dragon.

While flying through the air on Haku’s back, Chihiro remembered meeting Haku a long time ago and told him the story of how she fell into a river while chasing her shoes as a child.

When he tells her that “your real name is Kohaku River,” Haku remembers that his name is Nigihayami Kohaku Nushi and reverts from his dragon form to human form.

Back to Real World

Yubaba was waiting for Chihiro and the others with many pigs in a row.

Chihiro is told to find her parents among the pigs, and she answers correctly that there are no parents among them.

Chihiro overcomes the ordeal beautifully, and is guided home by Haku.

After promising to reunite with Haku, Chihiro is reunited with her parents in front of the tunnel, who have returned to human form.

However, her parents didn’t remember anything.

The three of them walked through the tunnel back to the car, and Chihiro turned around and stared at the tunnel again.


These were some of the mysteries, spoilers and myths about Spirited Away. This movie is just amazing with a great story-line, engaging animation and overall watching experience.

If you have something more interesting to share about this movie, please feel free to leave us a comment. We’ll make sure to include such great suggestions in our next issue.

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