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Most Powerful The Seven Deadly Sins Characters Rankings

In the original story, the battle with the Demon King is intensifying and the third season of the anime “The Seven Deadly Sins” is also in full swing. In this article, I will introduce the strength of the characters, including the Four Archangels and the Demon King, in a ranking format! What will be the outcome of this increasingly intense battle?

“The Seven Deadly Sins” Strength Ranking

The “Seven Deadly Sins” has been serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine since 2011, and the anime series has also gained popularity. As a prequel to the English “Legend of King Arthur”, it is set in a time when there are no separate races such as demons and angels, and depicts the exploits of the Order.

There are many diverse and powerful characters, including fairies and giants. Who is the strongest of them all?

In the beginning of “The Seven Deadly Sins”, the standard for strength was something called the “fighting class”. The fighting class is a numerical representation of the strength of magic, strength of arms, and strength of Qi, using the ‘Balor’s Magic Eye’ developed by Merlin. It’s like a scouter in “Dragon Ball”.

Because of this, it is no longer possible to measure a character’s strength in terms of fighting class alone. There are various factors of strength, such as powering up by holding a divine weapon or invoking a commandment to enforce the rules on your opponent.

This time, we’ll be ranking them based on their history and activities, taking into account these various factors! I’ll list the characters that I know the fighting class for, but that’s not all of them, so keep in mind.

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Diane is a giant of the Seven Deadly Sins, and is the only member of the group. She has a maidenly side that cares about her huge body, and her love affair with King is also a focus.

On the contrary to her adorable side, she is a “warrior” in battle. He fights using his unique ability to transform and manipulate the earth, as well as the “Heavy Metal” technique that strengthens his own body.

Like Gausel, she’s a strong enough character, but she’s also learned the Droll’s Dance to power up allies, so she’s more of a support character. It seems that they have many roles to protect their allies in practice, such as manipulating the earth to make a shield.

Therefore, Diane is also out of the ranks this time. However, depending on how he plays in the future, he may be able to move up in the rankings.

7 Deadly Sins Characters

Now, let’s start with the “Seven Deadly Sins” character strength ranking! We’ve chosen the 10 strongest players based on their activities and battle history in the story.

10: Ludociel


Ludociel is the leader of the Four Archangels and boasts a fighting class of 221,000. It’s the highest number in the clearest known fighting class. He has a fierce hatred for the Demon Tribe and will do anything to destroy them, losing his body in a battle three thousand years ago.

Originally a thin-eyed man, he was resurrected as a vessel for the flesh of Margaret, Princess of Lioness. He has been granted the “Flash” grace by the Supreme God, and is adept at attacks that manipulate light.

He specializes in super-fast swordplay. In a simple sword offensive, he was more than even with Zeldris. The fighting class is very high, but this rank is because it couldn’t stand up to Zeldris’ magic.

9: Zeldris


Zeldris is the leader of the Ten Commandments and the son of the Demon King. He is also the brother of Meliodas. The original fighting class is 61,000, but you can borrow the Demon King magic power. He is fighting on an equal footing with Lyudshiel and Mael, who are over 200,000 at fighting level, so he is a strength apart from the other Ten Commandments.

Although he can’t use the Demon King’s magic completely, he can completely incapacitate the attack magic. On top of that, the magic “Ominos Nebula” has the power to draw all things close to Zeldris. The drawn opponent is out of regime and can attack with an overwhelming advantage.

He is said to be the best in the magical world when it comes to swordsmanship, and he once cut off the arm of Meliodas. The strategy of disabling attack magic and blocking physical attacks with a “nebula” is very powerful. It is also possible to use the power of the commandment forbidding of the ‘revered god’ to forcibly dominate an opponent who has turned his back on Zeldris.

8: Mael (Estarossa)


Estarossa is one of the Ten Commandments and was thought to be the second son of the Demon King. But it turns out that it was actually Mael the Four Archangels who was brainwashed by the Ten Commandments’ Gausel. When he was the Ten Commandments, his fighting class was 60000, but he was originally the strongest of the four great angels and the owner of the ‘Sun’ grace.

When the four commandments were taken in, the fighting class was over 200,000, but the original fighting class that regained Grace was also likely to be over 200,000. He is the original owner of Escanor’s magical power “Sun” and can attack to generate a small sun like Escanor.

The same is true of the strength that increases as it gets closer to noon. He blew the original demon gods far away and sent them away from the battle line, and he fought Zeldris more than even with him, showing strength that does not live up to the name of the strongest of the four great angels. However, he has stated that he cannot be a fighting force against the Demon King, and his strength seems to be inferior to Escanor’s.

7: King (Harlequin)


The King is one of the Seven Deadly Sins, the sin of laziness (Grizzly Sin). His real name is Harlequin, and his real name is the Fairy King. Originally, he didn’t have any feathers on his back, but now he has large feathers and has fully awakened as a fairy king. Shortly thereafter, the four commandments were so strong that they overwhelmed Mael.

He is skilled at attacking with plants, such as controlling the spiritual spear Shastifol made from the divine tree and releasing rays of light from a giant flower. Originally, when True Spirit Spear was activated, it was unable to withstand the magic power and took damage. After it is fully awakened, it is possible to activate multiple True and Spiritual Spears at the same time.

Furthermore, it is possible to control the True Spirit Spear from a distance, but remote control would consume a lot of magic power. His true form was a child, but when he was fully awakened, he became a full-grown form.

6: Merlin


Merlin is the greatest sorcerer on the continent for the Seven Deadly Sins, the Boa Sin. The early fighting classes don’t appear to have been particularly enhanced at 4710, but the magic “Infinity” is fiercely powerful. Originally, there was a limit to how much magic you could use, and once you used it, you couldn’t perpetuate the effects of the magic.

However, Merlin’s magic is capable of permanently sustaining magic once used. With this power, I am stopping my time and achieving immortality. His power is so strong that Lydossiel says it is a foul play. Although his magical strength should be far inferior to the upper demon gods and the four great angels, he can manipulate extremely powerful magic by applying his infinite power.

In a magical clash with Chandler, who was far superior in magic, I added magic afterwards to increase my power and overwhelm him. He apparently gained various abilities by tricking the Demon King and the Supreme God, and is the only character who has been found to be resistant to the precept.

5: Escanor


He is the man called the strongest of the seven deadly sins. At night, he can’t use any magic power and only has the strength of an ordinary person level. However, the higher the sun climbs, the stronger the magic power of the sun (sunshine). For one minute from noon, you will be in the strongest state of “The One”. In this state, just a hand sword is the strongest weapon.

His personality is also bearish at night, but he becomes more and more arrogant during the day under the influence of magic. However, it doesn’t change your essential character, and becoming arrogant doesn’t change the way you feel about your fellow man. It emits high heat from its entire body, creating a small sun that can attack it.

In the state of The One, he was fighting evenly with the Demon King who had regained his full strength. It becomes clear that the magic was Mael’s grace, but its power completely surpasses Mael’s. However, this ranking is due to the fact that the strongest state only lasts for one minute, and the weaknesses that make it weaker when the night is called by magic.

4: Primordial Demon

The primordial Demon God was created by the Demon King as his own henchman. At one point, he rebelled against the Demon King, and as punishment, he was separated into two demons, Chandler and Cusack. Even in its separate state, it is a top-tier demon, and its strength far surpasses the Ten Commandments.

When he returns to his original form, his body gradually disintegrates as a punishment. Even though it was past noon, they were strong enough to overwhelm the two opponents, Escanor and Merlin. The “crisis” of magic is that it increases in strength the more damage it takes.

As your body gradually breaks down, you will only get stronger and stronger over time. Even with Chandler and Cusack split, both of them were around 170,000 in the fighting class. Even considering that he had defied the Demon King, there was no doubt that he was the strongest class Demon God.

3: Ban


The ban from the 7 Deadly Sins, Sins of Avarice (Foxxin), is third. He is immortal and has an extraordinary regenerative ability, and can revive no matter what attacks he receives. He barely got stronger in the early stages, and was briefly called the weakest of the seven deadly sins. However, having spent a thousand years in Purgatory, where an ordinary person would be a ruined person in a minute, he became significantly stronger.

He is fighting against the Demon King who has taken over the body of Meliodus in a state that is nearly even with him. He lost his immortal body to bring his lover Elaine back to life, but he might have been the strongest if he had remained immortal. The holy cudgel, the Crucifixion, is capable of anomalous, precise, and unparalleled attacks.

With the increased strength of the van, it was taking down thousands of Indura juveniles at a time. Magic is a “robbery (snatch)” that can take away matter and magic. You can take power away from your opponent and become stronger, but you can also share your power.

2: Demon Lord

The Demon King, the pinnacle of the Demon tribe, is the father of Meliodas and Zeldoris. In the story, he was trapped in Purgatory and was resurrected by taking over the body of Meliodas. He was knocked down once, but resurrected again by getting the body of Zeldris. Since then, it has regained its original strength.

The “Ruler” of magic can reverse the magic of the opponent. He recovered by receiving the attack magic and increased his strength with the weakening magic power. When the van tries to take the power away, it sucks the power away in reverse.

Even when not fully regaining his strength, he easily defended against King and Mael and Diane’s attacks. When he regained his original strength, he fought alone against the Seven Deadly Sins other than Meliodas and took no damage. Truly dominant, but struggling against Escanor at noon.

1: Meliodas


Meliodas is the main character of this work, the Commander of the Seven Deadly Sins. Originally a successor to the Demon King, he easily screwed Zeldris, Chandler, and Cusack when in an attrition state (assault mode). His original strength was inferior to that of the Demon King, but after he regained his hijacked body, he was as strong as the Demon King.

Magic is a “full counterattack (full counter)” that strengthens the attack magic received from the enemy and fires back. However, it turns out that this is something he learned from his mentor, Chandler, and that it is different from the original magic of Meliodas.

According to the Demon King’s statement, the original magic power seems to be able to counter the Demon King’s ‘Ruler (The Ruler)’. I placed him first because he had attained the same level of strength as the Demon King and had not yet shown his true magical power.


The strength of the “Seven Deadly Sins” characters is inflated! How do you expect to win against the Demon King?

The battle against the Demon King, who is considered to be the strongest class in the story, has begun, but the Supreme God, who is on the same level as the Demon King, has not appeared.

We also know the existence of the Mother of Chaos, who is feared by the Demon Tribe, and it’s possible that we’ll see characters stronger than the Demon King and Meliodas. Stay tuned for the Seven Deadly Sins in the future.

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