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Secret Origins : Ending explained, who is the killer?

Secret Origins is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation of the end, read on!

The film follows the story of a police detective named David who is joined by a comic book geek to solve a horrible crime. The city of Madrid is terrorized by a serial killer who also happens to be a comic book fan.

David is not interested in the history of superheroes. But he is obliged to familiarise himself with this world for the good of the case. However, once you get into it, you can’t go back to the world of normal people. The same thing happens with David, but in a very different way from what happens with ordinary fans.

David Valentin recently received his promotion to detective and the first case he has to tackle is the series of murders in which the victims are disguised as famous superheroes. The killer calls himself Professor Novaro and harbors a complex of super-villains. The only one who can stop him now is a superhero. But the problem is that David doesn’t believe in superheroes.

What is the identity of the killer?

Based on the unique methods the killer adopts with each victim. Several things become clear about him. First of all, he is a comic book fan who is obsessed with the original stories of superheroes. Second, he is very resourceful, given all the effort he puts into the theatre and all the complex machinery at his disposal. This means that he has access to a lot of money. What makes things more interesting is that we discover that it’s also the same killer who killed David’s parents twenty years ago.

While David clearly remembers that it was a drug addict who was just trying to steal from them. The detail of another comic book reference leads them to believe it is the same person. The only thing that doesn’t make sense here is the time difference. If this detail also irritated you. Then you’re on the right track.

When Cosme looked into the case, he discovered that Victor Vid’s file. Their suspect victim, contained the name of Dr. Bruguera. Once this fact is brought to light, everything becomes clear. Bruguera is the forensic doctor who was recently transferred to their police station. He has been examining the bodies of the victims since the beginning of the case? While Cosme is on his way to reveal this truth to David. He is attacked and kidnapped by Bruguera. It turns out that it was all part of his plan.

Why did he do it?

To make things clear, Bruguera did not kill David’s parents. It was, as David remembered, just a junkie who wanted to steal them but then killed them by mistake. As for the reference to Batman, Bruguera put it in his file when he found out David’s story. He couldn’t help himself. He also admits that all the people he killed were criminals. So no innocent people were hurt in his experiment. As for why he was doing all this, he just wanted a story about the original superheroes.

Bruguera was so obsessed with the world of superheroes that he decided to bring a superhero to Madrid. A corrupt government, a messy system and so many bad things happening in the country. What better place to raise a superhero than the Spanish capital. Bruguera also knew that no one would take the superhero mantle his city needed without some encouragement. To get its hero, Madrid needed its villain first. And Bruguera decided to be one. All he had to do was find a candidate to become a superhero.

Going through the files of several policemen, he came across David, who had the same story as Batman. Things fell into place automatically. When Bruguera found too many parallels between him and the story of the Dark Knight and decided to focus entirely on him. First he had to make it a personal story, so he made it look like he had killed David’s parents. He also needed motivation right now.

That’s why he turned to David’s mentor, Cosme. From Batman’s story, he also knew that if David found out that he was the real killer. This would give him closure. Bruguera’s identity would trivialise the whole mission. What David would really need for his complete transformation into a superhero is the faceless nature of the crime. This would encompass his personal need for revenge and he would focus more on fighting crime as a whole.

Explanation of the end of secret origins!

At the end of Secret Origins, things happen just as Bruguera predicted. He even burns his face so that David can’t recognise him. And he simulates the speech asking for mercy to consolidate David’s transformation into a vigilante named Apex. Cosme is killed by Bruguera, who dies after falling into a puddle of acid. The case is considered closed, but the Apex story is just beginning.

Not knowing that Bruguera was the serial killer they were looking for. His sudden disappearance arouses the suspicions of David, Norma and Jorge. Three months later, they discover that Bruguera never sent the radiation report to the secret service. Instead, he solved it himself and left the clue for David, Jorge and Norma to find. The clue led them to Victor Vid’s mansion.

There, to their surprise, they find Professor Novaro’s lair. He has everything a superhero could need to fight crime. He has access to the black web and the files of all the criminals, as well as a huge pile of money. The trio decides to take over the place and use it as headquarters to continue the adventures of Apex and his team of superheroes.

At the end of Secret Origins, Apex visits Paco, to collect from him the “Five against Neil O’Neil signed by all the protagonists of the cover”. Which Jorge had exchanged with him to obtain the name Victor Vid in order to solve the case.

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