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Raised By Wolves: What is a Necromancer?

Raised by Wolves is a science-fiction revelation. The HBO Max series is a prestige series. It features complex world constructions, mythological traditions. And, to put it bluntly, killer robots. In Raised by Wolves, after a cataclysmic war has made the earth habitable. Two androids, affectionately called Father and Mother, descend to the planet Kepler 22-b to give new life to humanity. And raise a band of human children as atheists.

We quickly learn that Mother is not only an android designed to serve. But that she is also programmed to protect. She is a Necromancer. Raised by Wolves has no theme spoon and lets the viewers discover for themselves the nature of a Necromancer. That’s all you need to know, but before you continue if you want to know the release date of episode 10, it’s here.

The mythical Necromancer

We learn that the enmity between the religious Mithraics and the atheists is intensifying and leading to an all-out war. A war that the Mithraics end up winning. We then discover what gave the Mithraics an advantage over the atheists: The Necromancer. Necromancers are, quite simply, weapons of mass destruction designed by the Mithraics. What can Necromancers do? It would be easier to ask what can’t Necromancers do? The answer is singular, to be warm and caring.

But originally, the most powerful skill of Mother and the other Necromancers was this. With a piercing scream, erase everything in sight. In a pose worthy of Christ, the Necromancers donned armor, flew and made war on atheistic territory.

The Necromancers draw their main strength from their eyes, without them they are powerless. For humans, simply looking into the eyes of a Necromancer can be fatal. As many would remember, this is why mothers make eyes to use around their children.

Who is a mother, the Necromancer in Raised by Wolves?

Mother is the child of hacker Campion Sturges, who rebelled against his Mithraic roots in favor of his atheistic ideals. She began like other Mithraic Necromancers, sowing destruction on all those who dare to cross the Mithraic religion. But Campion Sturges, with a technological marvel, reprogrammed Mother. Just as Campion Sturges, Mother, too, goes from being the weapon of choice of the Mithraics. To that of a weapon of her prowess against them and for the cause of atheism. Campion is slowly but surely reprogramming Mother’s murderous intention towards atheists into exactly the opposite.

Mother goes from a deadly weapon that is triggered to the simple pronunciation of the word atheist. To a loving and caring caregiver who would give her life for her atheist wards. Yet Campion ensures that Mother retains her Necromancer abilities to counter any threats she, the father and the children might face. And preserve the future of humanity on Kepler 22-b.

But Mother is such an advanced android that her abilities almost exceed those of the average Necromancer. In the sixth episode of the series, Mother’s potential is put to the test. While she is unconscious in the sim, the mithraic prevents her from moving. This poses little or no problem for Mother. Who, as the Mithraics surprisingly discover, can move things with her mind. Mother eliminates the Mithraic threat by telekinesis.

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