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Paw Patrol Season 4: What is the Netflix release date?

For those who want to know when Season 4 will be released, read on!

Paw Patrol is available on Netflix!

Season 4 of Paw Patrol started in February 2017. This cartoon has only recently arrived on Netflix in France. Currently, the platform is making more and more cartoons available.

When is the release date for paw patrol season 4 on Netflix?

Paw Patrol season 4 will be available soon on Netflix due to the popularity of the anime. Season 4 completed its full airing on November 6, 2017. What’s great for parents and kids is that seasons 5, 6, and 7 of Paw Patrol have been confirmed for Netflix and are already airing.

Another new puppy could also be added to the team, as Everest and Tracker have quickly become favorites with children around the world.

Regarding the release date of Season 4 of Paw Patrol on Netflix, it is difficult to estimate a precise date. What is almost certain is that it should arrive before the end of 2020!

What can we expect from this next season?

Season 4 of Paw Patrol starts with a double episode. It will introduce puppy royalty to the series.

In the first episode, Ryder and his puppies must help retrieve the Capn’ Turbot blimp after Mayor Humdinger stole it to try to change the weather at Foggy Bottom.

In the second episode, Mr. Porter’s stove explodes and it’s up to the puppy team to fix things in time for the annual chili cook-off.

In the fourth edition, Ryder and his puppy team are called upon to save the throne. Episode 10, where Sweetie tries to steal the throne, was the special 20-minute episode of the season.

These unique episodes have proven successful over the years, developing new characters and exploring greater intrigue in an extra-long storyline.

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