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Top 15 S-Class Ranked Heroes [One Punch Man]

Ever since it’s launch, ‘One Punch Man’ has attracted a great deal of attention. The super-strong character of Saitama and the light-hearted comedy scenes are delightful to watch.

And it gets better;

You see a lot of heroes and villains. Every hero is ranked into different classes while villains and threats are also ranked on the

It has been remade by Yusuke Murata and adapted into an anime, and is only gaining momentum. These heroes belong to the Hero Society and have a variety of abilities. Here we introduce the top S-class heroes of these fascinating heroes.

S-class heroes “One Punch Man”

S-class heroes are the 17 heroes who are considered to be the best in the Hero Society. The Hierarchy of the Hero Society has A-level, B-level, and C-level in addition to the S-levels, and the S-levels are the hierarchies that reign at the top of the hierarchy.

Each S-class hero is considered to have the same level of strength as a single army division, and one of the criteria for an S-class hero is to single-handedly defeat a disaster-level demon monster.

15. Metal Bat

Metal Bat
(Photo: ComicBook)

The 15th place in S class is Metal Bat. He fights in a combat style using metal bats.

Spirits are not only about looks, but also about overcoming deadly damage with spirits. In the piece, it was depicted that the more damage you do, the more power you get, the quicker you move, etc.

Bud has a sister who has a promise not to show any violence in her presence. As a result, he is a good-hearted hero, even throwing away the chance to strike a blow at the enemy.

14. Genos


The 14th place in S class is Genos (Oni Cyborg). The body was made of cyborgs, and there were depictions of their strength increasing as their parts were improved.

He also serves as an apprentice to the main character, Saitama.

It was the character that kicked off the roster registration for Saitama and his own Hero Society. Together with Saitama, he took the Hero Exam and got a perfect score of 100 to pass the S class, making him a major newcomer.

He has had his family killed by a runaway cyborg in the past and is looking for clues to avenge them.

13. Flashy Flash

Flashy Flash

The 13th place in S class is the Flash. He is a swordsman hero who fights using the sword “Shunkasai Maru”.

In terms of pure combat power, it is said to have a power that is comparable to the top of the S class. We see a glimpse of his professionalism as a hero, as he explains to Saitama that he is a professional hero.

When confronting Garrow, he approaches in 0.1 seconds and launches 18 attacks at 0.2, and he is as fast as his name suggests.

12. Watchdog Man

Watchdog Man

Ranked 12th in the S class is Watchdog Man. He is a dog-clad hero who has a keen sense of smell and performs heroic activities in a particular territory. The scope of activity is narrowed down to Q City, one of the hot zones in the area with the average level of the number of disasters occurring and the average level of the monster.

Watchdog Man is not depicted as talking, but as a taciturn hero.

11. Superalloy Darkshine

Superalloy Darkshine

The 11th place in the S class is the Superalloy Darkshine. He has been training hard, and perhaps because of this, he was at the bottom of the C class until he entered the S class.

He started training when he was 15 years old and got the body he has today.

While Silver Fang is the top of Jiu Fang, Gong Fang is said to be the top within the Hero Society.

10. Pig God

Pig God

The 10th place in the S class is Pig God. He is an obese giant who is always eating something.

He is a hero with the unique ability to swallow even disaster-level demon monsters whole, and to protect injured allies in his body.

9. Driving Knight

Driving Knight
(Photo: ScreenRant)

The 9th rank in S class is the driving knight. A mysterious hero who is either human or cyborg.

He advised Genos that “the Metal Knight is your enemy”, however, he is a mysterious character who is not well portrayed in the current works.

8. Zombieman


The 8th place in the S class is Zombie Man. Although he doesn’t have a particularly high fighting power, he is a zombie-like hero who can fully heal from deadly damage in a matter of minutes.

Utilizing his own regenerative powers, he excels in endurance fighting. However, it seems that if too much damage is done, it can become dysfunctional.

He is a loner with a bad mouth, but he is a hero with a lot of common sense, especially among the S class.

7. King

(Photo: Cbr)

The seventh place in the S class is King. He will be known as “The Greatest Man on Earth. He is a strong-faced, taciturn character who is feared by many of the S-class heroes.

With his intimidating aura, he can defeat almost any monster without a fight. However, King is actually a nerd and gamer who got lucky and made it to the S class.

6. Bofoi


The 6th place in S class is Dr. Bofoi. A hero who remotely controls a robot with high combat power.

He also misses emergency rallies for S-class heroes, recovering the enemy’s weapons after the Monstrous threat has passed, and lacks coordination. However, with his solid skills, he is a hero with a high level of contribution, such as helping to build the headquarters of the Hero Society.

He is also the one with whom the driving knight warned Genos that “the metal knight is your enemy”, and is an enigmatic hero.

5. Child Emperor

Child Emperor

The fifth place in the S class is a child emperor. He is a genius elementary school hero who functions as the brains of the Hero Society with his overwhelming intellect.

You will be fighting with countless weapons from inside your school bag. Another weakness is that if you continue to think fast, your brain will consume too much sugar and you will become skinny.

In addition to being a hero, he is also a tutor at a cram school. He also had a history of working as Dr. Bofoi’s assistant.

4. Atomic Samurai

Atomic Samurai

The 4th place in S class is Atomic Samurai. He is the hero of the “Atomic Slayer” user.

He is also a master of the top-ranked A-ranked irons, okamaitachi, and bush drill. He professes to recognize only the strongest of heroes, and he even refused to shake the hand of B-grade Saitama.

He is also a self-proclaimed humanitarian and hard-boiled hero.

3. Silver Fang

The third place in the S class is Bang (Silver Fang). He is the hero of the master of the flowing water rock-breaking fist.

He also has great insight, as he appreciated Saitama early on. He is also a mentor to Garowe and Charanco.

Bang is 81 years old and, contrary to his stern appearance, he is an easygoing and mild-mannered hero. He likes Saitama and Genos and invites them to join him in Ryusui Iwabashikken, but they repeatedly refuse him.

Bang has an older brother, Bombu, who is a master of the whirlwind iron slash fist.

2. Tatsumaki


The second place in the S class is Tatsumaki. Tatsumaki is a hero who uses powerful super powers to fight.

Although she looks like a child, she is actually a 28 year old woman. She is a selfish hero with a shy, hysterical, aggressive personality.

She is also the older sister of the first-ranked B-ranked Fubuki, who hates to be treated as a child and can’t help herself if she gets angry.

1. Blast


The first place S-class player is Blast, who didn’t even show up at the emergency meeting where the S-class heroes were called.

He is a hero who is still shrouded in mystery because his name has only appeared in the works.

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