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One Punch Man Strongest Character: Disaster level

In “One Punch Man”, we’ll be introducing the strongest of this Anime Series, those with a disaster level of dragon or higher.

Here, we’ll introduce you to a monster with a disaster level of “dragon” or higher that belongs to the “House of Evolution” that an old man established to plan the further evolution of humanity.



18. Geryuganshoop

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Geryuganshoop is one of the extraterrestrials who belongs to the dark bandit group Dark Matter. One of the top three warriors, he is slightly larger and has the appearance of a pitch-black octopus; he is the only one of the three warriors who is not a power type, but his disaster level is “dragon” as well.

It can wield powerful telekinetic powers, generating super huge tornadoes to blow away debris and other attacks. He also plays the role of a strategy advisor, and is the type who fights with telekinesis and intelligence. However, it’s no match for Saitama, who can easily break into the spacecraft. In the end, he challenged Boros as a dewman before fighting him, and was defeated.


17. Orochi

One Punch Man: 10 Facts You Need To Know About Orochi

Orochi is the leader of the Kaijin Society and is also known as the “King of Kaijin”. With his massive body, rampant appearance, and ruthless personality, he was feared by the monsters of the Association. It is said that there is no monstrosity on earth stronger than him, and the disaster level is considered to be more than “dragon”.

He fights with his telescopic horns, but his true serpent-like form is truly “Orochi”. He also has a natural ability to copy his opponent’s techniques at a glance and develop them. In the fight against Saitama, he attacks with countless monsters and super flames, but no damage. He defended a dashing punch once, but was defeated by a second punch.


16. Gyoro Gyoro

gyoro gyoro

Gyoro Gyoro is a big, single-eyed monster who is the main conspirator in the Kaijin Society. His main role is to direct and move the monsters by directing their operations, such as hitting the heroes with their subordinate monsters. He is also the person who raised the leader, Orochi, the monster king.

Like Tatsumaki and Hubuki, he uses quite a bit of superpower and has a disaster level of “dragon”. With his superpower, he can turn a Zaco monster into a lump of flesh in an instant, or increase gravity by several hundred times. In the story, he battles with Tatsumaki, who is ranked second in the S class, in a superpowered battle. However, she was overpowered by her in the ability match, and in the end, she died as a lump of meat in the opposite direction.


15. Psykos

Fubuki and Psykos (OnePunch Man) by TheGoldenSmurf on DeviantArt

Psykosis the de facto ruler of the Kaijin Society and the person who manipulates the Society in the shadows. Normally, she wears the original female form, but in monster form, she becomes a single-eyed monster. In fact, the aforementioned Gyoro Gyoro was her meat puppet, and she was running the association through him.

She used her ‘third eye’, which could see into the future, like a clairvoyant eye, to move the monsters via gyro-gyro. She was hiding deep underground, but his identity was discovered by Tatsumaki, who defeated Gyoro Gyoro. Then, in the midst of his battle with her, he was taken in by Orochi and became one with him.


14. Gouketsu

One-Punch Man Reveals Gouketsu's Origins as First Super Fight Champion

Gouketsu is one of the executives of the Kaijin Society, with a disaster level of “dragon”. He used to be a top-notch martial artist, but became a Kaijin when he was defeated by a Kaijin and ate a “Kaijin cell”. Although he desires great power, he recognizes Orochi’s strength and has placed his trust in him.

Using the overwhelming power and speed gained from his monsterization, he thoroughly torments his opponents. This physical ability combined with martial arts in a combat style that even Genos and Suryu couldn’t stand up to. However, despite the onslaught on Saitama that also sent shockwaves all around him, he was unharmed. A single shot then blows his head off too far and he dies.


13. Elder Centipede

One-Punch Man: The reason Saitama uses "serious punch" with the ...

Elder Centipede is one of the leaders of the Kaijin Society, and as his name suggests, he is a monster in the form of a centipede. It is a very large size, said to be more than 1km long, with a disaster level of “dragon” and a natural disaster. A single swish of the body can do so much damage that it can devastate a city.

In addition to being overrun by its huge body, its outer shell is so strong that even missiles cannot hit it. The metal bats and the Silverfang Bomb brothers, among others, struggled quite a bit. However, under the provocation of the King, he gets hit by Saitama’s “real punch” and blows it to pieces. It can be said that he was a formidable opponent because of his “serious” series.


12. Black sperm

Pin on One punch man

The Black Sperm is one of the leaders of the Kaijin Society, an estimated disaster level: the “Dragon” Kaijin, a collection of 11,349,100,715,54 individuals that look like they have a face attached to a black sperm. There are usually multiple individuals within a single individual.

One body is small and very weak, but when multiple individuals are assembled, their power and speed increase. Even if you deal damage, you will only lose a few individuals, and you will need to defeat all 11 trillion+ individuals for complete victory. Also, when permanently combined, it becomes a “golden sperm”, a level that the S class cannot compete with. The man who defeated him was Garrow, who had been fighting to the death.


11. Overgrown Rover

One Punch Man - OVERGROWN ROVER - drawing process (Procreate ...

The overgrown rover is a dog-like monster who is treated as an executive of the Kaijin Society. He’s called “Pochi,” but with six eyes and a body so huge that he can’t look up, he doesn’t have the image of a pet. They are sensitive to hostility, and if their scales are touched, they run rampant without regard to friend or foe, with an estimated disaster level of “dragon”.

A high-energy bullet is released from his mouth, and his movements are agile. He is also one of the toughest characters in the series, not falling down even when hit by Garou or (although not seriously) Saito’s blows. However, one shot from Saitama forced him to “squat” and the trauma was instilled in him and he escaped. When he re-appeared to them again, he was as small as a puppy’s body.


10. Nyan

Nyan | One-Punch Man Wiki | Fandom

Nyan is one of the leaders of the Kaijin Society, a slender, tall, cat-shaped Kaijin. She was a normal cat, but her aversion to humans imposing one-sided affection led her to become a monster. He is a strongman who is only a member of the executive and is described as a disaster level: “dragon”.

It’s a simple fight with long claws to cut through, but the claws are hard enough to hit a rifle bullet. Other than that, it can make your body as thin as paper, and you can slip through any place and move around. A surprise attack on Saitama doesn’t work, and he loses his will to fight and leaves the Kaito Association. After that, he went on a rampage again, but was defeated when he faced a driving knight from the 9th rank of S class who rushed to him.


9. Hellfire Flame

Hellfire Flame | One-Punch Man Wiki | Fandom

Flame of Hellfire is one of the kaijin who is considered to be an executive candidate of the Kaijin Society. The aforementioned Shippou no Wind is the same age as Sato, and they have teamed up and started walking the same monster path. As with Wind, the disaster level is “Demon” when human and “Dragon” when monster.

When fighting, he can use his whole body and his sword as a weapon, clad in flames, and he also excels in the art of ninjutsu (fire-escape). When he’s a monster, he turns into a fighter who, like Wind, uses pure power and speed to screw you over. In the Flash of Light fight, he was no match for Wind, even though he was a two-man opponent. He was utterly defeated and disappeared with Wind as a pile of rubble.


8. Phoenix man

Phoenix Man Diamond Mode colored : OnePunchMan


6. Evil natural water

What happened to Evil Natural Water? : OnePunchMan


2. Pluton

Pluton | Kurosuōbā issho ni Wiki | Fandom

Pluton is a monster that appears in the final episode of the first season of this anime, officially known as the “King of the Underworld”. It has the face of a pig, but its body surface is covered in pufferfish, which looks like it was made by a machine in some places. In the story, the disaster level is famously referred to as the “dragon.

Although they are the original Kaijin in the anime, there is no depiction of their abilities or how they fight in the main story. However, since it blew most of the city of Z through the surface, there is no doubt that the disaster level: “dragon”. However, there was no way he could beat Saitama, and he ended up getting his head blown off in a single blow.


1. Saitama

Visit the Building Where Saitama from One Punch Man Lives

We’ve been explaining the monsters that appear in “One Punch Man” at the disaster level: “Ryu” and above. It’s a little hazy because of Saitama, but the monsters that came out were all pretty good. Hence, the result is to emphasize extraordinarily the out-of-specification of Saitama.

As I mentioned at the beginning, the disaster level is not an indicator of strength; whether they are beaten by a single S-class hero or defeated by a compatibility issue, their strength cannot be measured in absolutes. Still, it is certified or presumed to be a “dragon,” a level of disaster enough to devastate multiple cities. Combat power does not match the scale of damage the city suffers from the power they wield.

In the midst of all this, the possibility of being positioned as a “god” is finally being hinted at. What exactly falls into this category? And I’m curious if there’s a power difference between him and Saitama.

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