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Masaba Masaba Season 1: Explaining the ending of the Netflix series!

Season 1 of Masaba Masaba is available on Netflix!

If you would like to know the explanation of the ending in detail, read on!

After the disaster fashion show, Masaba wakes up on the boat. She still has to attend the investors’ meeting. She has also been warned about what was said on social networks. They had a hell of a day in the media.

Masaba visits her therapist because she is not sure how she will face the world. Her therapist suggests that she is not cut out for this life and fame. She recommends that Masaba take a holiday. The therapist then theorizes that Masaba doesn’t like to tackle her demons.

Masaba makes a discovery and realizes that she doesn’t like to face her own problems. And that she has a sudden moment of self-awareness. The end of Season 1 brings Masaba full circle, from divorce to finding her purpose in life and how to deal with her problems.

At Neena’s, she is about to play her new role. Masaba arrives and watches her mother play. Neena is excited about the great performances to come. They talk about the worst fashion show of all time. Masaba attends the investors’ meeting and takes full responsibility for the disaster. Dhairya defends her and tells Masaba that she has a week to repair. At work, Gehna tries to resign, blaming her for the disaster.

Masaba gathers her team together and reassures her about the collection and promises her that she must repair it. She publishes notes on the celebration of imperfection, which is the purpose of the collection. She takes a series of photos of the collection and publishes them on social media. And she even asks Jogi to participate in the modeling. One gets the impression that Masaba thinks with a free spirit and trusts her instincts.

Explanation of the end of season 1 of Masaba Masaba

Masaba receives a call from her ex-husband and meets with him to finalize the purchase of their old house. The moving couple seems happy to move in.

Masaba and Vinay admit that they have had a great time in this house. Another scene of perspective and also of closure for Masaba.

Masaba then meets Dhairya and tries to pay him back the investment. Dhairya tells him to look at his phone, she gets rave reviews and she is going to be on the cover of Flair magazine. Masaba breaks down in tears because she has finally done something good.

Dhairya praises her creative flow and kisses her. Masaba asks why Dhairya doesn’t show her nice side more often. Dhairya makes a joke about “energy” and goes to fetch her water. Masaba then realizes that when he says “energy”.

It is about the same time that she has sent a text message to Gia to ask her if Dhairya has great energy. She checks her phone and realizes that she has sent him the text message.

At the end of Season 1, Masaba goes to her mother’s 60th birthday party, and her spirits are high. She then sits down with her mother. Neena gives her a present. It’s a door sign that says “Hot Mess” for her new home.

Masaba tells and talks about the trip and how she is finally happy to be alone. She then gets a phone call, her period is 11 days late. This is the story of season 2 if there is one, all the info here.

Masaba ends the first season with respect as Masaba embraces her self-esteem and faces her problems.

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