Tuesday, September 22

Lucifer season 5 (Netflix): when will part 2 be available?

Most of you’ve already seen the first eight episodes of season 5 of Lucifer on Netflix!

If you’re reading this article, you’re obviously waiting for the next one. Tom Ellis, the devil’s interpreter, gives indications on the possible release date of the second part.

Will it snow in hell this year? While Netflix only launched the first part of Lucifer’s season 5 on Friday, August 21, the series remains the number one most-watched program every day.

Not disappointing, these first eight episodes are diabolically effective because they are funny, but also dark and full of emotion.

And if, like us, you only want to watch the rest of the season very quickly, the rest of this article may well interest you.

The second part of season 5 of Lucifer for Christmas?

In a Pilot TV podcast, Tom Ellis, the interpreter of the Lord of the Underworld, had some time to think about this question and gave some hints about the launch date of the second part of season 5 on Netflix.

“The next eight episodes, I don’t know when they’re going to arrive because we haven’t finished shooting the finale yet,” the actor, who recently defended his wife on social networks, began explaining.

He added: “We were about halfway there [before the shooting was interrupted due to the health crisis]. So when we can start shooting again, we’ll start with this [the finale of season 5], and then we’ll go straight to season 6. I hope it will be ready for the Christmas period or the beginning of next year. So could we dream of a devilish Christmas to end this year quickly?”


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