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Last Chance U Season 5: What happened to the players?

Season 5 of Last Chance U is available on Netflix! To find out what happened to the players read on!

Months have passed since the end of Laney College’s 2019 football season. As shown in Season 5 of Last Chance U, here’s what has happened to all the players. As is the case for most Junior College athletes, the goal is to showcase talent in the hope of finding scholarships or opportunities for participation in Division I schools.

The Netflix documentary series always ends the season by providing updates on key players. But things change quickly, especially in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic. So, what’s the latest news from the Laney Eagles for the most recent season?

Last Chance U started in 2016 with the aim of focusing on JUCO’s football programs. In most cases, the teams are literally the last chance for young athletes to make a name for themselves in the sport.

While some are aiming to make it to the NFL. Others simply want the chance to play at a higher level. After attending rural schools like East Mississippi Community College and Independent Community College.

The series was transferred to Laney College, a small school in Oakland, for season 5.

Despite insufficient performance in the 2019 season, a few Laney players managed to stand out, arousing the interest of other schools.

The great receiver Day’ Marr Johnson was transferred to Merritt College. While DB Kentrell Pierce moved to Lincoln University, a Division II school in Pennsylvania. Runningback Keyshawn Ashford also found an opportunity at another California community college, Foothill. But what about the biggest numbers in the foreground and center of the season?

Dior Walker – Scott

When star receiver Dior Walker-Scott replaced the quarterback. He was rightly concerned that his chances of a Division I scholarship would be jeopardized. Fortunately, he found an opportunity as a preferred tenured faculty member at the University of Hawaii. Walker-Scott is currently living in Hawaii awaiting the future of the Rainbow Warriors season due to the coronavirus.

Rejzohn Wright

Back defender Rejzohn Wright had great responsibilities after his older brother Nahshon. another Laney player left for Oregon State. Despite an injury, Wright managed to get a few offers. But he eventually accepted the opportunity to play with his brother and cousin for the Beavers. Wright will be in contention for a starting spot as a corner kicker if the 2020 season begins in the fall.

RJ Stern

After worrying about his playing time during Laney’s 2019 season, RJ Stern was able to find an opportunity at Tusculum University, a Division II school in Greeneville, Tennessee. Since then, Stern has since changed his mind and has withdrawn from the school. The talented receiver is still looking to play college football somewhere, but his dream is to play for the University of California.

Nu’u Taugavau

The attacking lineman won over the fans as the father of Last Chance U’s Season 5. Married and father of two young children, Nu’u Taugavau had to consider his family when he took a new step in his career as a university footballer. In July, Taugavau and his wife decided to accept a scholarship offer at Murray State, a Division I school in Kentucky.

Coach John Beam

Legendary football coach John Beam has no intention of leaving Laney College anytime soon. Although he and his team are looking to improve their record next season. The team will have to wait a little longer. JUCO football has postponed its typical autumn season due to the pandemic. But the program plans to play one season in the spring. Even if football returns, it will not feature in the next docu-series season, as Last Chance U will switch to basketball in 2021.

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