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9 Best Korean Dramas to Watch on Hulu (September 2020)

Hulu has over 50,000 movies in a wide range of genres, and for Basic ($5.99 per month) (excluding tax), you can enjoy unlimited viewing of popular movies and dramas.

A video distribution service like Hulu, which has a full lineup of domestic and international titles, allows you to watch videos with a single smartphone or tablet without having to worry about the location.

  1. There are five advantages of using Hulu, and there are so many things you can enjoy.
  2. There are a lot of foreign dramas!
  3. It can be viewed on many devices (smartphones, tablets, PCs, game consoles, etc.)!
  4. You can only watch a lot of content on Hulu such as Namie Amuro’s documentary!
  5. There are a lot of dramas and variety shows on Nittele!
  6. All you can watch videos with 14 days free trial period!

Recommended K-Dramas to Watch on Hulu

Hulu is a subscription-based all-you-can-watch movie service, and although the number of titles is a bit small compared to other companies, Hulu is the one that distributes many popular titles.

I want to watch Korean dramas, but where do people watch them? If you’re wondering, you can enjoy popular Korean dramas as much as you want on Hulu.

Although the number of Korean dramas is a little small compared to other companies, we will introduce some of our best Korean dramas.


“IRIS” is the first Korean drama starring Lee Byung-hun in six years, and is depicted on a grand scale that transcends the boundaries of drama. This blockbuster drama has already created a huge movement in South Korea, with the highest viewership rate of 39.9% in South Korea, a production cost of 20 billion won (about 1.5 billion yen), long overseas locations in Japan, Hungary, and South Korea, and a gorgeous cast and crew.

The grave theme of the division of the Korean Peninsula between North and South, the spectacular images, powerful action scenes, and sharp and thrilling images have become the talk of the town and established the genre of “spy action drama” in Korea.

This is a very popular drama, with performances by a gorgeous cast of actors. It’s an elaborate story, and you can’t take your eyes off of it as it unfolds one after the other. The powerful action scenes are also a must-see! If you like a series like “24,” this is definitely a drama you’ll get hooked on.

2. Itazura na Kiss

Produced by Group 8, which has a proven track record in dramatizing comic books! The leader of SS501, Kim Hyun Joon, who is still popular as an actor in the hit drama “Boys Over Flowers” as Yoon Ji Hoo (Hanazawa Rui), will play the lead role! Based on the legendary shoujo manga that has been serialized since 1990 and has sold a total of 30 million copies, it has been adapted into a drama in Japan and Taiwan in the past.

This is a super popular work that has also been made into an animation! This is the royal road tsundere love story of Kotoko, a single-minded and brave high school girl, and Naoki, a cool genius. Even though she’s cold to me, I still love her! What will happen to Sunjo, a cool genius with an IQ of 200, and Hani, a single-minded and healthy high school girl, when they fall in love under one roof?

This is a pop romantic comedy about Seung-jo, a cool “hunk” with an IQ of 200, and Hani, a brave and slightly clumsy high school girl.

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3. Good Doctor

No. 1 in the same time slot in Korea! The most pure, the most adorable. This is a heartwarming love story in which Sion, the ultimate ‘healing boy’, will unwind your heart! Park Sion, a young man with “savant syndrome” who has genius memorization and spatial awareness, is discovered by a doctor, Choi Woosuk, who met him when he was a child and set out to become a doctor.

However, when Sion’s medical history is called into question, she fails the national exam, and in order to be accepted, her abilities as a doctor are tested at Sungwon University Hospital, where Woo-ke is the hospital’s director. Unusually, the doctors are worried, but a video of Sion giving first aid at the scene of an accident that she accidentally encounters goes viral online, and they decide to hire her as a special resident in pediatric surgery.

There are many scenes that bring tears to the eyes as he struggles to achieve his dream of becoming a doctor despite his disability, making this a worthwhile drama to watch. If you haven’t seen the Korean version, I recommend this one.

4. Bel Ami

Jang Geun-sook has teamed up with production company Group Eight, which has produced numerous hits such as “Love in Palace” and “Naughty Kiss”, to create a drama based on a popular comic book. This is a hit romantic comedy that will keep you coming back for more as you watch the unbalanced yet comical couple with IU, a cute diva from the K-POP world who also blossomed her talent as an actress in this film.

The transformation from a beautiful man to a successful one is very interesting, and the exquisite imbalance between him and Kim Bodong (played by IU) is enjoyable. Jang Geun-sook’s selfishness, his dalliance, and the various expressions on his face make for an interesting film.

5. Fantastic

Lee Seo-hye, a drama writer who has been diagnosed with cancer and only has six months to live, and Ryu Hae-sung, an eccentric Korean star who plays a radish, were once lovers, but when Seo-hye rejected them, Hae-sung has been waiting for the chance to win her back.

To So, a screenwriter who is suddenly sentenced to life expectancy, at this point the story seems sad, but it’s drawn in an attempt to lighten things up. It’s a wonderful story with elements of romance and comedy, and Soe and Hae-seong who have been broken up once, but their hearts gradually move in the time they have left.

6. Full House Take 2

The second installment of the 2004 Korean drama “Full House” co-starring RAIN (Pi) and Song Hye Kyo, which was a huge hit! This is a romantic romantic romantic comedy starring No Min-woo, the star of “Pasta” and “My Girlfriend is a Nine-tailed Fox (Kummiho),” and co-starring Hwang Jung-woo and Park Ki-eun! No Min-woo, who is also an active artist, shows her charm not only as an actor but also as a performer as she plays the role of Lee Tak in the idol unit “Take One”.

Jang Man-ok (Hwang Jung-um) decides to work as a stylist for the idol unit TAKE ONE in order to pay off his debt. Take One is a duo of Lee Tak (No Minu) who is a perfectionist and Won Gun Hee (Park Ki Eun) who has a gentle personality. At first, Manoku is fascinated by Ganfi’s kindness, but he gradually learns of Take’s true nature… What will happen to the love between the three of them?

The drama is a romantic comedy with a bright and cheerful story of two good-looking guys who are different from each other and take on one girl. I recommend TAKE2 because it’s more interesting than Full House.

Watch Full House now!

7. Boys Over Flowers

The popular manga “Boys Over Flowers”, which has sold over 60 million copies in total, has been dramatized in South Korea following its explosive popularity in Taiwan and Japan, where it was a huge hit with a maximum viewership rate of 35.5%!.

The film was produced by Group Eight, who has worked on “Love in Palace” and “Sorry, I Love You”, and directed by Chong Ki Sang, known for “Kai Jie Chun Hyang” and “Fantastic Couple”.

I was expecting to be able to read most of the story and setting as this is the Korean version of “Boys Over Flowers” which was also a big hit worldwide, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The story is about a girl who suddenly goes to a school where only celebrities attend, and gradually begins to spend time with good-looking people called “F4” and faces various obstacles. As the story goes, it was a drama that you can enjoy the glittering world on a large scale.

Watch “Boys Over Flowers” immediately.

8. Angel Eyes

Dong-ju, a high school student with excellent grades who delivers porridge that his mother makes every morning, falls in love with Soo-wan when he sees her during the delivery. One morning, Dong-ju saves Soo-wan from a near-car accident and learns that she lost her eyesight when she was a child. The two began dating and started a relationship. One day, Dong-ju’s mother is involved in a hit-and-run and has never returned home. Twelve years later, Dong-joo returns to the U.S. as “Dylan Park” and becomes a doctor. Dong-joo, desperate to meet Soo-wan, reunites with Soo-wan, who has recovered his sight and works as a paramedic…

The story is so wistful and deep that there is no episode that doesn’t bring tears to your eyes, and you will be touched by the pure love story that keeps you thinking about the person you will never forget for 12 years.

Watch Angel Eyes now!

9. The Truth Beneath

The high school daughter of John Chang, a rookie politician running for parliament, disappears one day, 15 days before the election. His wife, Yeon-Nong, does everything in her power to find their missing daughter, but she is angry and despairing about Jung-Jang, who only cares about elections despite her daughter’s disappearance, and the people who don’t investigate the case properly.

In the midst of a situation that no one can believe, she searches for clues on her own and begins to ask friends and teachers about their daughter’s story at school. As he searches for his daughter’s whereabouts, Yonong is confronted with a shocking truth that gradually comes to light…

Everyone has secrets that they can’t tell others, right? It was also interesting to see the fact that the last part of the story made me think that this is what happened. We can’t take our eyes off the mother’s maniacal and imposing performance as she searches for her daughter on her own.

Watch The Secret of the Thorn bushes right away

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