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Itaewon Class: Is it the best K-Drama? (Review)

Itaewon Class is an ensemble drama that focuses on a Korean drama’s signature revenge drama and the adolescence of young people. It has become a social phenomenon in Korea, and many entertainers in worldwide have professed to be fans. In this issue, I’d like to take a closer look at why it’s a huge hit in terms of story, characters, and more!

Based on a script written by the original author Cho Gwang-jin himself and starring Park Seo-joon, the live-action adaptation was broadcast on JTBC in Korea from January to March 2020. The film is based on a revenge drama, a specialty of Korean dramas, and an ensemble drama centered on the youth of today, and has attracted a large number of addicts worldwide.

In this article, we’ll get to the secret of the drama “Itaewon Class” being loved across the country and why it’s such a huge hit!


When Park Saeroyi was in high school, he couldn’t forgive Jang Geun-won, the boss of Korea’s largest restaurant group, Jangga, for being so arrogant that he hit him in the face.

Seroy was expelled from school, and his father, who raised him with one man, was fired from the company where he worked for more than 20 years because the family he worked for was the head of the family… To his dismay, Seroy’s father died in a hit-and-run incident with Geun-won, and he was sent to juvenile detention this time for hitting him again.

In order to avenge his father’s enemies and take revenge, Seroy sets up the “Overthrow the Choke Group”. In order to become the country’s No. 1 food and beverage chain, he and his team of highly individualistic individuals set out to open their first restaurant in Itaewon.

Why is “Itaewon Class” such a big hit?

In Korea, the final episode achieved a viewership rate of 16.5%, ranking third in JTBC history. It was a hot topic both at Korea and Worldwide.

Even celebrities such as Tsukasa Saito from “Trendy Angel” and Hisashi from “GLAY” have announced that they are addicted to this show, so it is not too much to say that the new Korean Wave has arrived!

1. A refreshing and powerful storyline

Celoy, who has no power or money as well as a criminal record, challenges the powers that be to a reckless fight against the people who wronged him in the first place.

Seroy is surrounded by sociopaths, transgendered people and other groups of young people who are forced to deal with discrimination against minorities, but still keep themselves together. The story is a coming-of-age ensemble drama of friendship and love, but it also involves the business aspect of success in the restaurant business.

In place of his academic background, Seroy has a sober perspective as a business owner and excellent leadership skills that will appeal to men who have been put off by the romantic element! The battle with Chairman Jang, who uses money and power to hunt down Seroy, coupled with a terrific performance by the famous actor Yoo Jae Myung, is a terrific tension!

2. The chaotic stage of Itaewon

The title “Itaewon” is not only the setting of the film, but also the name of a real place. It is one of the busiest streets in Seoul.

In fact, the original manga has been re-titled in Japan as “Roppongi Class: A Story of Reversals Through Belief” and is now being distributed on the web. Itaewon is a very cosmopolitan area because there are many embassies in the vicinity of Itaewon, expatriates from various countries stay there, and the US military base is close by.

The town has a history of selling souvenirs to foreigners, eating and drinking establishments, brothels, and thriving as a mixed-race town, and is very tolerant of LGBT minorities! The chaos of Itaewon, where people of different births, upbringings, cultures, and values come together, makes it a perfect stage for this era of diversity.

3. The charm of the characters

Park Seo-joon

Park Seo-joon
(Photo: Wikipedia)

ScreenPlay Name: Park Sae‑ro‑yi

He is the owner of Tambam, a tavern that means “sweet night” and is the President of IC Inc. He is an excellent leader who has a firm belief in his goals and treats everyone with a sense of separation. His cool ability to speak to people’s hearts and gain knowledge from the writings of his vengeance partners, if necessary, has won him a following of businessmen.

Seroy is played by Park Seo Jun, who is known as the “god of romantic comedy” in Korea. He was transformed into an iguaguri head to match the original story and people were surprised to see how much he had changed.

Kim Dami 

Kim Dami
(Photo: Twitter)

ScreenPlay Name:  Jo Yi‑seo

Tambam’s manager and executive director of ic, Inc. is Jo Yi-seo, a well-known social networking influencer and power blogger, and a genius girl with an IQ of 162. Her days of being unfulfilled due to her “sociopathic” tendencies, which make it difficult for her to have a conscience, are changed when she meets Seroy.

She’s a painful character who honestly expresses her feelings for Seroy and supports him in any way she can, and she may be a new heroine who isn’t just protected.

Ye-Seo is played by Kim Da-mi, who won many newcomer awards for her role in “The Witch”. Although this is her first drama, she showed her unique presence and acting ability for a newcomer.

Lee Joo-Young

Lee Joo-Young
(Photo: Viki)

ScreenPlay Name: Ma Hyeon-yi

Ma Hyeon-yi is the head chef of Tambam and an employee of ic Inc. She met Sae-ro-yi when he was working at the factory to raise money for the opening of the restaurant.

He is a beautiful boy with a friendly but difficult personality and short blue hair, but he actually has a secret: he is transgender (gender identity disorder). The character Hyunee, who was popular for her bond with Sae-ro-yi and her healthy efforts to improve her cooking, is played by Lee Joo-Young.

She played a handsome college student in the drama “Gold Medal of Love,” and she also played a difficult role in this drama with her neutral charm.

Kwon Nara

Kwon Nara
(Photo: Instagram/hv_nara)

ScreenPlay Name: Oh Soo-ah

Oh Soo-ah, who became the head of strategic planning for the Jangke Group at the young age of 20, was Sae-ro-yi’s high school classmate and his first love.

Abandoned by his mother at a young age, he grew up in an orphanage supported by the group and admired Se Loi’s father, who was in charge of the group. Due to the influence of her past, she is a career woman who is full of pride and independence and hates easy sympathy. Seroy is one of her confidants, and her character has an imposing and honest personality that is also appealing.

Soo-ah is played by Kwon Na-ra, a former member of the idol group “HELLO VENUS”, who has also appeared in popular films such as the drama Ayashii Partner.

In “Itaewon Class”, V of “BTS” also participated in the essential OST for Korean dramas!

The OST (Original Soundtrack) is an essential part of a Korean drama series, and with nearly 20 songs produced for a single drama, there is a treasure trove of great songs!

Itaewon Class” is no exception, with songs that are linked to the story and Cacter’s emotions, but one of the most talked-about songs is “Sweet Night”, a ballad by V of BTS, who was close to Park Seo-jun after their collaboration in the drama “Hwarang”, which led him to write the OST. The song swept the iTunes top charts and garnered a lot of attention.

The story is easy to relate to, the characters are full of personality and charm, and the OST is full of great songs.

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