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Hunters Season 2: What is the release date in Amazon Prime Video?

Is Amazon planning to release Hunters Season 2?

Here’s what we know so far about the renewal status of the series, its potential return date, and where Season 2 could lead the next story.

Created for television by David Weil, Hunters is based on historical events but has fictional twists. As a team of Americans tracks down the Nazis in New York in 1977. Season 1 of Hunters in 10 episodes, co-produced by Jordan Peele, was released in its entirety on February 21, 2020.

Hunters’ first season explores the consequences of Operation Paperclip. A real-life program in which various German scientists have settled in America and helped the United States during the Cold War.

For dramatic purposes, the Amazon Prime series takes an alternative historical approach. As a Holocaust survivor, Meyer Offerman forms a team of Nazi hunters for The Hunt. With young Jonah Heidelbaum joining the team after the murder of his grandmother Ruth.

At the end of season 1 of Hunters, Jonah learns that he has not lived up to Meyer’s expectations. Specifically, the young Nazi hunter chose mercy over justice while pursuing a target in the penultimate episode.

This is a shocking revelation when Jonah learns an important history lesson. And makes a decision that will change everything. In Hunters’ final moments, another great revelation sets up a huge scenario for the next season.

Here’s everything we know so far about season 2 of Hunters on Amazon Prime.

What is the release date for season 2 of hunters?

Amazon had originally planned a series of 10 episodes. And since August 3, 2020, has officially renewed it for season 2.

The first season of Hunters received positive reviews from critics and viewers but was not a great success. Nevertheless, the series has an impressive cast and clearly has the potential for multi-season broadcast.

When Season 2 of Hunters is finally released on Amazon Prime, it will depend on when the series can resume production.

Some productions have eventually resumed, but as the Coronavirus remains a concern. It remains to be seen when season 2 of Hunters will start being filmed. If production starts before the end of 2020, it is possible that the release date for Hunters season 2 will be set for the end of 2021.

What can we expect from the continuation of the amazon prime video series?

At the end of Hunters, Jonah proves himself to Meyer by locating the Nazi doctor Wilhelm Zuchs aka The Ghost. However, something goes wrong when the leader of the Hunters kills his long-time enemy.

He does not recite the Kaddish prayer he often spoke of in the past. Meyer then turns out to be none other than The Ghost himself. Having assumed Meyer’s true identity after being arrested by the Soviets during the Second World War.

After paying for a new mask, Zuchs committed himself to the Jewish faith and essentially awoke from a coma of hatred after an enlightening conversation with Ruth. He then formed a team of Nazi hunters, hoping to redeem himself for his past sins.

Jonah kills The Ghost, ensuring that Pacino will not return in season 2 of Hunters. Unsurprisingly, the starting team is shocked by this revelation. And suppose Joe is gone to begin a new chapter in his life. But in reality, Joe has been hit by a car, kidnapped and taken to Argentina.

This leads to another great twist: Adolf Hitler is alive. And so is his wife Eva Braun, who was only known as Colonel throughout season 1 of Hunters. Expect season 2 of Hunters on Amazon Prime to take place all over Europe and South America. Because many high-ranking Nazis did indeed flee to Argentina after the Second World War.

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