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Haikyuu!! Main Characters and their Position

A volleyball-themed spokon manga, Haikyuu!!. It’s a film with a lot of high school boys dedicating their youth to ballet, and it’s highly popular with women. This time, we will introduce the characters of this game in the form of a ranking by position!

The spokon manga “Haikyuu!!” serialized in the Weekly Shonen Jump series. It’s a film about a group of high school boys who devoted their youth to ballet, and many twists and turns will get you fired up.

In addition to Karasuno High School, where the main characters, Hyuga Shouyou and Kageyama Tobio, appear, various high schools from all over the country are also featured, with strong and attractive characters!

The criteria for the ranking are based on their performance in matches and their subsequent performance in the professional edition of this magazine. I try to be as objective as possible, but please be aware that there is a lot of subjectivity and bias involved.

Let’s start with the top setters!

The biggest role is that of raising the toss to Spyker. A better toss is a major prerequisite for a more accurate spike, so the skill of the setter is called into question.

He is also in a position to keep track of his teammates and create the overall flow of the game while constantly checking the movement of the opposing court. It would not be an exaggeration to say that a good or bad setter is directly related to the strength of the team.

1: Tobio Kageyama

Tobio Kageyama

Kageyama Tobio, the commander of Karano. He has tremendous setter’s sense and is second to none in accuracy in raising the toss to Spyker’s highest batting average. After graduating from high school, he was selected to represent Japan in the All-Japan Tournament and also entered the professional world.

Her absolute confidence got in the way when she first started high school, burying her talents because she had trouble getting along with her teammates, but she gradually improved when she joined Wano.

In Karasuno, he did a great job with techniques that other players can’t easily imitate, such as the “fast attack” from a super-high-speed toss called the “eccentric fast attack” and the “stopping toss” with Hyuga! He is also armed with a strong jump serve, and his other basic play also surpasses the others.

Hyuga’s sense of making the most of his moves, and his track record of developing into a professional, earned him the first place.

2: Atsumu Miya

Miya Atsumu

The second place went to Miya’u of Inarizaki, a regular school in Japan. Like Kageyama, he was selected as a candidate for the All-Japan Youth Team and has been dubbed the “No. 1 high school setter.

His combination with his twin Miya Osamu is so amazing that he even imitates Hyuga and Kageyama’s “eccentric fast-paced attack” at the national tournament.

He is particular about his “overhand toss”, where he touches the ball with all his fingers, and even when he normally goes up under, he keeps his posture low and carefully responds with an over. Also, the accuracy of the toss, no matter how out of position it is, is a strength.

He is also a two-time winner of the “Best Server” award for his strong jump serve and jump floater serve.
They lost to Wano in the national tournament in their first year but won in their second year. After graduating, he joined the same professional team as Hinata and Kiwi. Since entering the pros, he’s increased his serve count to three, and he’s had a string of service aces!

3: Toru Oikawa

Toru Oikawa

Third place went to Toru Oikawa of Aoba Jonishi, Kageyama’s senior in junior high school. He has excellent observation and insight and has been described as “a setter who brings out 100% of the power in any team.

Oikawa, who is also the captain of the team, could not be a better setter for Aoshiro, who has played with him for three years. Oikawa is indispensable in raising the morale of the team and setting the rhythm. He says that he can’t beat Kageyama in terms of the accuracy of his toss, but he has made it clear that he can’t lose as a setter, and the trust of the members is absolute.

Besides, he has been attracting attention from magazines and the media for his ballet skills and gorgeous looks, but he has never played in a national tournament because he is in the same grade as Wakatoshi Ushijima, who is considered the strongest player in the prefecture. However, it is so recognized that it is said that “I should have entered Shiratori-Sawa” on that Ushishima.

After graduating, he played in the Argentine league in pursuit of his admiration. He reunited his trajectory with Shouyou Hyuga in Brazil, much to the astonishment of his old friends.

4: Keiji Akaashi

Keiji Akaashi 
(Photo: Fandom)

In fourth place was the strong Owuya Academy, and despite being a sophomore, Keiji Akashi, who is a regular and vice-captain. He has both the courage and the ability to attack with a fast and aggressive attack even if his posture is a little out of balance and to suddenly make a two-attack (feint).

Also, when he saw through Kageyama’s “stop toss” with a single shot that it was a divine work of art to stop at the point of batting, he was found to have excellent insight and a clear mind.

By the way, the mental management of Kibaki, who is affected by the tension, is very good, and I can feel the high communication skills that a setter needs. The combination with him is outstanding, as he keeps up with Kijiga’s independent training, which none of his other teammates follow.

Top Middle Blocker!

Next, here are the middle blockers in a ranking format!

The middle blocker, as the name implies, is the anchor position for the “block. They shut out the ball from the opposing court for their own team to score.

Since it’s an aerial competition, height and jumping ability are required. This is the role played by the protagonist, Hyuga Shouyou, who, despite his low height, has extraordinary physical ability.

1: Tetsuro Kuroo

Tetsuro Kuroo
(Gif: Rebloggy)

The No. 1 Middle Blocker in charge of blocking and quick spikes is Tetsuro Kuroo of Otokoma High School.

He specializes in lead blocking, jumping while closely observing the opponent’s movements, and he taught Tsukishima that “lead blocking is the last laughing block”.

He is as strong as the captain of a strong school, and he has great insight, and he easily shut down the spikes of Kisii.
Also, he has a lot of strong jumps serves and weapons, as well as the ability to receive well behind libero Esuke Yakyu on the team.

2: Satori Tendou

Satori Tendou

The second place is Middle Blocker Tendo Satoru, who is one of the strongest in Shiratori-sawa.

A player who excels at the “geth block,” where he blocks in anticipation of where the toss will go. What’s more, the prediction rate is very high, knocking down spikes and scoring points. Karano also struggled with his sharp reading in the national qualifying final.

Tendo is so eccentric that he’s been described as “yokai-ish,” and he enjoys watching opposing players chagrin with his doshat. Even in the national qualifying final against Karano, he sang a heart-breaking song called “Baki Baki’s Song”.

On the other hand, he had a good understanding of his teammates’ feelings and saw through Ushijima’s pissed off look at the end of the game against Karasuno.

3: Takanobu Aone

Takanobu Aone

Third place goes to Date Kogyo’s blocker, Takanobu Aone, who is known as “Date’s Iron Wall,”. At over 190 centimeters tall and with his long arms and legs, uses his size and agility to keep up with the spikes despite being the lead blocker.

There was also the fact that Dongfeng of Wano blocked the spikes so thoroughly that Valley was traumatized. Incidentally, he has a silent personality, but when he finds the other team’s ace, he has a habit of locking on by pointing at it.

In the inter-high qualifying round, he was defeated by Karano after being tossed around by Hyuga. Although he admits to Hinata and vows revenge, he was defeated by Aoba Josai before facing Karano in the spring high school preliminaries… The following year, however, they defeated Karasuno and qualified for the national tournament.

4: Kei Tsukishima

Kei Tsukishima

In fourth place is Kei Tsukishima, who boasts the height of Karasuno Ichi. He’s good at lead blocking, which Kuroo taught him, and he’s also known as “Karasuno’s Reason” because of his cleverness, but his shortcomings include a lack of stamina and a tendency to give up…

When he first entered the school, he said that he was just a member of the club, and he was always trying to save energy despite his good sense and height. He was inspired by Kiwagi and Kuroo when he attended the Fukuya Group’s training camp and gradually changed.

In the national qualifying final against Shiratizawa, I kept chasing the ball with the obsession of “I want to stop Ushijima,” and scored a doshat. Tsukishima was hooked on ballet at that moment, and from then on, he grew rapidly with his brains and insight! He was also selected as a member of Miyagi Prefecture’s training camp.

5: Shouyou Hinata

Shouyou Hinata
(Photo: Reddit)

The fifth-place goes to the main character, Hyuga Shouyou, who is the shortest of the MBs, but he uses his instantaneous power and springs to cover up, and his weapon is his super-fast “eccentric speed attack” against Kageyama.

It moves from one end of the net to the other in an instant and uses a variety of attacks, such as broad and fast attacks, to taunt the opposing players. Therefore, he has the nickname of “the strongest decoy”, but in fact, he wanted to be an ace.

He has almost no game experience before junior high school, making him the most mature character in Haikyu!! universe. He has superhuman physical abilities and is known for his attacks and quick moves, but he is not very good at blocking, so he is ranked 5th.

After meeting Kourai Hoshikai, she started looking for new ways to jump and started practicing to play other roles besides jumping, such as receiving. Besides, he finds his identity in the nickname “the strongest decoy”, which he has hated until now.

He was a regular in Karasuno, and after graduating, he trained as a martial artist in beach volleyball in Brazil before joining a professional team with Usagi and Miya-Yuu.

Top Libero!

Even if you have a grasp of the basic rules of volleyball, many of you may think that being a libero is a bit difficult.
Unlike other positions, libero comes with limitations.

They can’t serve, they can’t hit a ball higher than the net, they can’t hit it back into the opponent’s court…

You’ll want to remember that it’s basically a defensive specialty position. Yu Nishitani of Karano High School is the libero, but she’s the best receiver on the team.

1. Motoya Komori

The first-place winner in the defensive specialty position Li is Motoya Komori, who has been dubbed the “No. 1 libero in high school.
He is a member of the same group as Sakuhaya, was selected as a youth candidate in Japan.

Unfortunately, the original story doesn’t depict Iganzan’s match, but since he was selected as a youth candidate, leaving out Karano’s excellent libero Nishitani, I chose Furumori as the first choice.

At the youth camp, he surprised Kageyama with his no-nonsense receptions and perfect play, even considering the attack that followed.

2. Nishinoya Yu

Nishinoya Yu

The second place is Nishinoya Yu, who you may know as the guardian deity of Karano.

With his manliness, he is a libero who is absolutely trusted by his teammates, and Karano can go all out with Nishitani behind him. He was also voted “Best Rivero” in middle school.

In the national qualifying final against Shiratizawa, he declared “three please” on Ushijima’s strong, reverse-rotation spike and really made the save in the third inning. Also, after receiving Ushijima’s spikes, he made another fine play to receive another one while he was out of shape!

In the match against Date Kogyo, who is also good at blocking, he covered the block with his foot on the spur of the moment. It’s a high level of physical ability.

3. Shinji Watari

Shinji Watari
(Photo: Tumblr)

In third place is Watari, who features the shaved head of Aoshiro. As a regular at a strong school, his specs were high overall and he responded well to Karano’s attack.

As a former setter, he is good at tossing, so when Oikawa can’t toss, Watari supports him. Since Rivero can’t make the toss in the front zone, he also showed off a jump toss by stepping over the line of attack. By the way, this jump toss is also used as a reference for Nishitani.

4. Kousuke Sakunami

Kousuke Sakunami

Kousuke Sakunami, the man behind “Date’s Iron Wall”. In fact, he is a regular starter in his freshman year at a strong school. The team was ranked 5th because of their high ability, although they don’t stand out much because they tend to focus on their blocks.


If you pay attention to the strength and role of each position, it will be more interesting in “Haikyuu!!”

We’ve examined the strength of the characters in a ranking format by position. Many of the characters you selected are not only good at the skills required for their positions, but also at other abilities.

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You don’t need to be familiar with the rules of volleyball to enjoy Haikyuu!!. However, the more you know about the position and the rules of the game, the more you will enjoy it! Use this article as a springboard to do some research on volleyball and then reread it again.

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