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Top 10 Gintama Strongest Character [2020 September]

The manga “Gintama” has finally reached its final episode on “Jump Giga”! So far there have been many characters, but who is the strongest among the characters in “Gintama”?

The science fiction period drama manga “Gintama”, which was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump for 12 years from 2004 to 2018, has finally reached its final episode on 2019.

However, because it couldn’t be finished in a weekly magazine, it was moved to a monthly magazine, and the final part was serialized in “Jump Giga” for three consecutive months. It’s so true of “Gintama” to have such an ending!

The greatest appeal of “Gintama” is the perfect balance of gags and seriousness. In the serious episodes, the main character, Sakata Ginji, is the lead character in a serious fight that is not usually shown.

There have been many fascinating characters that have appeared so far, but once again, we would like to rank the strongest characters in “Gintama”! Let’s also look back at the episode that backs up the strength. TOP 10 Gintama Strongest Character are listed below

10: Doromizu Jirochou

doromizu jirochou
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Doromizu Jirochou, one of the four Heavenly Kings of Kabuki Town and the head of the Mizonosu clan. He was also known as “Dadosu Jirocho, the great chivalrous person” and was in charge of Kabuki Town before other forces came to power.

Jirochou’s best friend, Tatsugoro, is married to Otose, who has been a childhood friend of Otose’s for a long time. Remembering Tatsugoro, who lost his life defending the town during the expulsion of the foreigners war, he continued to protect the town of Kabuki and Otose.

He was a great chivalrous man who ran the town of Kabuki and fought for the expulsion of the foreigners as a samurai. In the Kabukicho Four Heavenly Kings Arc, he crushed the army of Huawabi, one of the Four Heavenly Kings who wanted to rule Kabukicho, and was defeated by Gintoki, but he still showed his fierce fighting spirit even in his old age, so he is ranked 10th.

9: Shinsuke Takasugi

Shinsuke Takasugi

Shinsuke Takasugi, a former expulsion warrior, is the governor of the “Demon Corps”, an armed group that aims to overthrow the shogunate. He has been called “the most radical and most dangerous of the expulsionists” and has a strong charisma and keen insight.

Katsura Kotaro and Gintoki are alumni of the Matsushita Village School run by Yoshida Shoyo. In order to save his teacher, Shoyo, who was arrested by the shogunate, he fought in the expulsion war, but in the end, Shoyo was also beheaded. He continues to hold a grudge against Gintoki and the Shogunate for their actions at that time, and this has become the principle of his actions since the end of the war.

Gintoki has been a bad friend and rival to Gintoki since the days of the Matsushita Academy. In the aftermath of the expulsion of the foreigners war, the country has always been hostile to the enemy, with the beheading of Dr. Song Yang. In the Beni Sakura Arc, he colluded with the space pirate Harusame and directly confronted Gintoki. He also faced Gintoki again in the Shogun’s Assassination Arc, and was almost evenly matched in a death match, so he came in 9th place.

10: Abuto

(Photo: Steam Community)

Abuto a member of the Night Usagi tribe, is the deputy commander of the Seventh Division of Harumu. The 7th Division is the strongest legion made up of the Night Hare tribe, and Abuse Usagi is the right-hand man who assists the leader, Kamui.

When he faced the awakened Kagura in the Yoshiwara Flaming Arc, he was surprised to see more potential than he had imagined and was defeated. He also called the awakened Kagura “Bakemonos,” but it seems that he was unconsciously going easy on Kagura, whose face resembled Kamui’s.

For better or for worse, he understands Kamui, who only cares about battle, and he is always in touch with Abuse. In the Luoyang Decisive Battle Arc, when Kamui ran amok due to being engulfed by the instincts of the Night Rabbit tribe in his death fight with Gintoki, he, along with Kagura and the others, tried to stop Kamui by presenting himself.

He is ranked eighth because he has demonstrated sufficient ability as the deputy commander of the 7th Division.

7: Kagura


Kaura is a girl from the Yahusagi tribe, the strongest fighting race in the universe, and has the greatest fighting power of any mankind. Although she is the heroine of “Gintama”, she has a different characteristic: she is a big eater and has a very dry taste.

His father is the monk Hoshikai, a member of the Eri Anbasu tribe, his mother is Eka Nushi, a member of the Night Rabbits’ mother planet “Roan”, and his brother is Kamui, an executive of Haruna. When she came to Earth to work, she met Gintoki and Shinpachi and started working at Manjiya.

The parasol I always keep with me to keep out of direct sunlight can also be used as a firearm in combat. He hates the fighting instincts of the Night Hare tribe, and usually saves his abilities by himself. However, the “awakening” he showed in the Yoshiwara Flame Arc showed that he has a fighting instinct that would draw even Abuse, a mercenary who has been trained in a hundred battles. Taking into account the combat power of Kagura in the normal time, the game came in 7th place.

6: Gintoki Sakata

Gintoki Sakata
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The main character of “Gintama”, Sakata Gintoki is a samurai who runs the “Manjikaya Gin-chan” shop. He was a samurai who fought for the expulsion of foreigners and was feared to be a “Hakuyasha” in the past.

While wandering around the battlefield as a war orphan, he was picked up by Shoyo Yoshida and began to take lessons at Matsushita Village School. It seems that the swordsmanship trained in Shouyou was extremely strong from this time on.

Gintoki has a natural instinct to take on any enemy with his wooden sword, Toya Lake, and use his instinctive fighting skills to overcome even the strongest enemies. In the past, he has fought against the Night Uzushi tribe, such as Izo Okada from the Benizakura Arc, Jirocho Dorosui, Hosen, and Kamui, so he is in 6th place.

5: Housen


Housen is the “Night King” who rules Yoshiwara Togengo and is a former executive of Chunyuu. A member of the Night Usagi tribe, he is even stronger than the Star Sea Monk, and is said to have fought for three days.

Feng Xian is Shenwei’s mentor and the founder of the 7th Division. She lives a retired life in the shady town of Yoshiwara with love and hate for a noble prostitute named Hiwa. Hosen’s parasol is larger than his height and has outstanding power.

He fights Hyakka led by Gintoki and Tsukuyomi in the Yoshiwara Flame Arc, and shows his overwhelming strength despite his seclusion. However, having lived in Yoshiwara without sunlight for many years, he was so weak that the mere exposure to sunlight would burn his skin.

Although it has a weakness in the form of sunlight, it is ranked fifth because it has the strength to compete with the Star Sea Monk.

4: Kamui

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Kamui, a member of the Night Rabbit tribe, is the commander of the 7th Division of Harume. He is the son of Hoshinkai Monk and the older brother of Kagura. He has a nonchalant appearance, but he is a fighting demon who kills his opponents with a smile on his face.

His family of four lived on the planet Luoyang, but he was defeated in a fight in a feud with the starry monk, and left home. He was mentored by Feng Xian, who was an officer of Chunyu, and entered Chunyu and rose to become the commander of the 7th Division.

Always looking for someone stronger than himself, he went to Yoshiwara to defeat Hosen in the Yoshiwara Flame Arc. However, Gintoki, who has defeated Hosen, has his next target and declares that he will come to defeat him sooner or later. In the Rakuyou Decisive Battle Arc, he finally wins against Gintoki, but he hesitates for a moment when Kagura defends Gintoki and takes a blow, causing the instincts of the Yowagi tribe to go haywire.

Although he couldn’t match his father, Shenwei, who embodied the demon of combat, came in fourth place.

3: Umibozu


A member of the Night Hare tribe, Umibozu is the most powerful “Eri-Ambastar” in the universe. He is the father of Kagura and Kamui and the husband of Eka. His real name is Akira Kanko.

We are running around in space as a professional exterminator of dangerous creatures. His family lived in Luoyang, but he feared that a feud with Shenwei would cause his night rabbit tribe instincts to run amok, so he had kept his family at a distance ever since.

In the Rakuyang Decisive Battle Arc, just when we thought that the father-son quarrel with Kamui would finally be settled, he is seriously injured by the intervention of Xiang. Even so, he is ranked third because he was able to see through the power of Artana earlier than anyone else to see that Hoshi was the one with eternal life, and he even succeeded in bringing Hoshi to an end for a time.

2: Kouka

(Photo: Anime Characters Database)

Kouka is a member of the Night Rabbit tribe, mother of Kagura and Kamui, and wife of Hoshikai Monk. She is a survivor of the Ruined Night Rabbits’ mother planet, “Roan”.

Immortalized by the roguelike Artana, Jiang Hua is a highly skilled fighter who can quell 59 Orochi in three days and three nights by herself. His strength was so strong that the first time he met him, Kamikou was instinctively afraid.

What started out as a love at first sight for Kamikou developed into a romance that led to Eka leaving Roan to live with him. However, she was actually a body that could not live without the roguelike Artana, and after giving birth to Kagura, she spent her days on the floor. Because of the ability that Kamikou intuitively feared, it was ranked a dignified second place.

1: Shoyo Yoshida

ネタバレ!吉田松陽の正体は虚!名言名シーンから声優・二次創作情報 ...

During his eternal life, he met Gintoki, Takasugi, Katsura, and other disciples when he defied himself for once and lived as “Shoyo Yoshida”.

He escaped the abyss to hide his identity and opened the Matsushita Juku to teach handicrafts to children, but he was captured by the shogunate as a traitor. He was doomed to be beheaded by Abraham at the hands of his apprentice, but was revived during his post-execution cremation.

Even the Star Sea Monk has described it as “the most dangerous creature in the universe”. On the contrary, Koshi says that Hoshikai-bou is the only one who might be able to kill him, but in the Rakuyou Decisive Battle Arc, Hoshikai-bou is seriously injured near death. The two are almost evenly matched in terms of strength, but the wall of imaginary immortality stands in the way of immortality.


The Night Rabbits are the most powerful in the universe!

Except for the first place imagery, all the top five places are occupied by the Night Rabbit Tribe. That’s the greatest in the universe! However, the first-ranked hollow is a non-standard existence that uses the mighty energy of Artana as a source of life. Even the Night Hare tribe couldn’t end the life of Hollow.

How Gintoki and his disciples will be able to put an end to the eternal life of Shouyou will be the highlight of the final episode of “Gintama”!

There are many other fascinating and powerful characters in “Gintama” as well. It might be fun to try to find your own strongest character!

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