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Get Duked!: Amazon Prime Video Ending Explained

Get Duked is the first film by Ninian Doff, who comes from a music video background.

It is a British black comedy that is both funny and exciting. It is a satirical commentary on the division of classes and generations and even racism, without being a preacher. It is fresh, funny, quirky, fast, and set to a superb hip-hop score.

The film opens with an old educational video that explains what the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is all about. And how young people can do it to pay off their CVs.

Created in 1956 by Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is a laminated certificate presented to troubled young people who take up an outdoor adventure challenge to become better citizens.

This video is shown to three bored-looking teenagers who are quickly transferred to a minibus and on their way to the Scottish Highlands. Apparently they have to do this as punishment for blowing up a school toilet. A typical case of juvenile delinquency.

The story of the film

The boys are accompanied by Mr. Carlyle who is an outdoor education teacher. When they arrive in the Highlands, the three miscreants, the leader of the group with a bad representative of the dean, Dean Duncan, and the hooligan DJ Beatroot realize that there is a fourth among them.

Ian, an aspiring home-schooled university student, who actually wants to hike in the wilderness and get the certificate. The boys have to spend three nights in the Scottish Highlands with just their minds, team spirit, food searching, and orientation. And reach the campsite to meet Mr. Carlyle at the end.

Things go wrong when Dean uses their only map to roll a joint. Then turn to the worst when a masked old man with a gun and seemingly aristocratic and his elitist wife. Just as crazy and sword-wielding appear out of nowhere and start shooting the boys.

The rest of Get Duked is actually a long cat and mouse hunt between the boys and the old puritans. There is also a secondary plot involving two very racist police officers. Who, instead of looking for the elusive bread thief. Want to get promoted by catching a pedophile terrorist gang.

What happens in Get Duked on Amazon Prime Video?

After a crazy and scary night running for their lives. The boys manage to thwart the killers in tweed and scare them away. In the middle of Get Duked, they all split up.

Ian had to fend for himself with an injured ankle. Dean and Duncan ate powdered soup in a cave. And DJ Beatroot has become a legend for farmers who love hip-hop.

When they all get together, they decide that the only way to end it all is for the hunted to become the hunters and kill the Duke and Duchess. This plan is all the more logical since, during the previous day’s fight, the boys had managed to wrest the weapons from the elders.

Meanwhile, the two policemen decide to stand aside. After their director forced them to go back on the case of the decade, the bread thief.

For the final showdown, the boys chase the old duke and duchess through tunnels and back to the lakeside. The old aristocrats then explain to the teenagers why they have to kill the troublemakers to keep control of the herd. And list the many problems of the younger generation in an exasperated but slightly amusing way.

After listening to their crazy diatribe about children nowadays. Dean opens his lid and shows unexpected depth by giving them a piece of his own mind. Dean delivers a passionate speech about how the selfish and thoughtless exploitation of the planet’s resources by the previous generation is now causing problems for the new generations.

Who will have to bear the brunt of the actions of their ancestors? He explains at length that nothing is easy for his generation. But the old couple just laughs and smiles indulgently. While sounds with chic accents emerge from the tunnel entrance.

Explanation of the end of Get Duked

Soon the boys are surrounded by a bunch of old people talking about killing them as if it were something they did for fun at picnics. They even get together for a photo and hand the camera to one of the boys. Sounds like it’s the end for the teenagers.

When suddenly, fate intervenes and they are rescued as their minivan falls off the cliff above their heads. And right above the old people, instantly killing everyone. It is important to note that this is the same minivan in which the boys earlier in the film had stuffed Mr. Carlyle’s body and tried to push him off a cliff but he had slipped off the slope in the opposite direction.

The boys discovered that Mr. Carlyle was still alive and he was going to make them fail for the prize because they had run over him with the minibus earlier.

Fortunately, the two racist police officers arrive at the scene and find the stolen bread in the minibus. The boys hurried to cover up for Mr. Carlyle. They put the blame on the gang of old people who had been crushed to a pulp under the minibus.

Mr. Carlyle agrees to pass them off as the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. Get Duked ends with the boys handing over the weapons to a group of girls who embark on the same adventure and tell the distraught girls to give them hell.

Even if the story is not very complete, Get Duked highlights the very deep differences between generations. And the reluctance of older people to take responsibility for their actions.

The film’s narrative takes the age-old debate about which generation is the best to a whole new psychotic level.

Boys make good heroes that we have no trouble encouraging, and Mr. Carlyle’s secret bread fetish is a surprising twist that no one sees coming. All in all, a deliciously exciting watch.

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