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Fairy Tail Season 9: Ending Explained

Season 9 of Fairy Tail is available on Netflix! For those who would like to know the explanation of the ending in detail read on! After eleven years of success, including an adaptation of a popular anime. The manga Fairy Tail ended in 2017. It enchanted fans with its rich and magical world. And proved that he was able to keep pace with other hard-hitting shonen titles such as Naruto, Bleach and One Piece.

Part of the charm of the series lies in the wide variety of characters and the distinct character of each wizard. Fairy Tail has mainly followed the lives of Lucy, Natsu, Erza and Gray and has been able to organically develop their relationships. Unlike Naruto, the love relationships, in particular, seemed real and deserved. Lucy and Natsu, the two main protagonists, are Fairy Tail’s main vessel. But the creator Hiro Mashima always kept the jury away from their real relationship.

Although the original series of manga and anime ended with the end of Season 9. Fans are still hoping for a confirmation of NaLu in future Fairy Tail projects. There has been talk here of a potential Season 10. For now, here’s a preview of NaLu’s story and how Fairy Tail’s Season 9 ends on Netflix.

The origin of lucy and Natsu’s story

Lucy and Natsu share many busy moments, which proves that they love each other. It was Natsu who invited Lucy to join the Fairytail Guild. And from that scene on, they had an immediate connection. You could honestly write a whole book about all these moments of romantic tension. But we will stick to some of the most significant ones.

In the arch of the Phantom Lord, Lucy called out to Natsu as she fell from the Ghost Tower. Knowing that one way or another Natsu would save her. This shows that there is a special, almost telepathic connection between the duo. In a filling episode, Natsu and Lucy went to each other’s homes to wait for the other. And despite the fact that they were surrounded by other friends with whom they could hang out, they felt a sense of loneliness without the other. And during the Eclipse arch, the 15th opening episode of the anime showed a notable NaLu moment in which Natsu went crazy after Future Lucy’s death. Specifically promising to protect Lucy’s future, not Fairy Tail’s.

There are also more general and recurring allusions, starting with the most obvious. Natsu saw Lucy naked several times and didn’t really back down. The scenes in which Natsu and Lucy run away from each other often end with hugs that the camera frames in a romantic way. While the filler episodes increase the flirting moments between the two? Usually focusing on the two almost kissing or on Lucy blushing at Natsu’s antics.

Tragedies and statements

In the end, the two people make a good couple because of their long history and compatible personalities. So why didn’t they declare themselves to each other? And where did the lovebirds meet? Before answering this question, we must first talk to the magician in the room: Lisanna Strauss. Natsu and Lisanna have been childhood friends for a long time and the innocence of their budding relationship was adorable. Lisanna even asked Natsu outright.

However, their time together was tragically interrupted by Lisanna’s death. And although she was finally brought back to begin a possible love triangle. Things were not the same. Lisanna was largely ignored by Mashima. And her scenes revolved mainly around animal lingerie fights rather than moments with Natsu. Mashima’s comments at an anime convention in France in 2019 can be seen as the last hole to sink the ship. Where he admitted that he thinks Lisanna is a nice girl. And it would be a shame to see her with a guy like Natsu. He thinks the story of Natsu and Lucy is more appropriate.

Explanation of the end of Fairy Tail Season 9

In the same anime convention, Mashima also said that at that time, what fans thought about relationships was becoming too important. Because of this, he said that the simplest thing would be for Natsu to stay as she was. So that nothing concrete would happen. Judging by the ferocity of the fan wars, Mashima can’t be blamed for leaving things open. But Mashima also said that he preferred NaLu, so perhaps he is telling readers that this is his version of what is hot.

At the end of Season 9 of Fairy Tail, Lucy confesses how much Natsu and Fairy Tail have influenced her and throws a lob for Natsu to confess her love… which he drops. But the two still team up for the fallout of the 100-year quest. This gives them the opportunity to review their relationship.

Fans may be angry for not confirming one of the most popular relationships in the series. But the creator has given us many romantic subtexts to work with. He even admitted publicly that he loves NaLu. This allows us to assume that the two men have romantic feelings for each other. Even if there is no canonical confession. And for disappointed NaLi senders, Lisanna can still be considered Natsu’s first love. While the open ending of Fairy Tail’s Season 9 about her current romantic life leaves room for the fantasies of any sender.

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