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Enola Holmes: All the answers to your questions about Eudoria!

Enola Holmes is available on Netflix! If you have any questions about Eudoria, read on! Enola Holmes explored a part of Sherlock Holmes’ life that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle never talked about: his family. The film gave the Great Detective a younger sister. And also introduced their mother Eudoria, who was involved in a secret society. And turned out to be a very dangerous woman. Since his debut in A Study in Scarlet in 1887, Sherlock Holmes has become a very popular character, so much so that it has been adapted to all types of media. And there have also been many artists who have taken Conan Doyle’s characters and given them new life.

Among them, Nancy Springer who through her book series The Enola Holmes Mysteries explored the family of the great detective. Springer decided to give Sherlock and Mycroft a younger sister, Enola. They stopped seeing her when she was very young. Enola grew up with their mother Eudoria, but she disappeared on her 14th birthday. This prompted a reunion of the Holmes brothers and sisters and sent Enola on a journey of self-discovery. Enola decided to investigate her mother’s disappearance on her own. While fleeing Mycroft and her plans to send her to a school for young girls.

Enola has now made the leap to the cinema in the film simply entitled Enola Holmes, which covers the first book in the series. In addition to the above description of the event that kicks off Enola’s journey. The youngest Holmes, played by Millie Bobby Brown, meets Lord Tewkesbury. And decides to help him because someone wanted him dead. The film also added a subplot involving Eudoria Holmes and her work with a secret society. Unfortunately, the film failed to solve this part of the story. Leaving viewers wondering what Eudoria’s secret society was and what they were planning to do with a pile of explosives.

Eudoria Holmes used mycroft’s money to finance a secret society

Although Sherlock and Mycroft left the family home about ten years before the events of Enola Holmes. They have not forgotten their mother and sister. Mycroft regularly sent them money. But when he returned after Eudoria disappeared, he discovered that she had cheated him and that his money was being used for very different purposes. Mycroft explained that his mother continued to ask for money for household expenses. Including for some renovations and the installation of various things in the house. Like a bathtub and none of that happened. Eudoria also told Mycroft that she needed money to pay Enola’s guardians. And to her chagrin, Enola had never had a guardian and was being raised and educated by her and their mother alone.

So Mycroft’s money had been used to finance a secret society. Which had met at Eudoria’s house several times. Enola believed that Eudoria told her everything, but her mother had a dangerous side. And the secret society was only a small part of it. As for Mycroft, he was so upset about not knowing what his money was being used for that he took on the role of Enola’s guardian and sent her to what she feared most: a school for young girls.

Eudoria belongs to an activist group

At the aforementioned meeting at Eudoria, the group was preparing something. With cards and codes to make sure that what they were trying to do would not be discovered. While she was trying to find out where her mother might have gone, Enola found herself in the tea house of one of the members of her mother Edith’s club. Viewers discovered that upstairs in the quiet tea room were women who were training for combat.

And Edith mentioned that she had trained Enola as a child. Enola then moved to Limehouse Lane. One of the places she heard her mother mention in code at that encrypted meeting at their home. And found a bunch of bombs and gunpowder, confirming her brother’s comments about their mother being a dangerous woman. Eudoria was then part of a group of militant suffragettes who planned to go to extremes to make their voices heard and bring about change.

Why was she building bombs?

Eudoria Holmes was a free spirit who refused to adapt to society’s norms about what a woman should think, do and act. With this in mind, it is not surprising to learn that she was part of a group of suffragettes. What is surprising is the activist part. As mentioned above, Enola found a stockpile of explosives on Limehouse Lane. As well as a pamphlet containing instructions for bomb-making that called for protest, agitation and civil disobedience.

Eudoria saw this as the only way to be heard and therefore to make a difference. She confirmed this by telling Enola at the end of the film that you have to make noise if you want to be heard. But Enola never questioned her about her bombing plans. Enola Holmes left this part of Eudoria’s subplot unsolved. But if a sequel is to take place, she can remedy it. Find out more about the release of the sequel.

The importance of the reform

The link between the cases of Eudoria’s disappearance and the plot to kill Lord Tewkesbury is a vote on an upcoming reform bill. Tewkesbury’s grandmother did not approve of the forward-thinking views of her son and grandson. She therefore wanted her grandson dead. Just as she had done with Tewkesbury’s father. While Eudoria’s secret group was aimed at bringing about great changes in society. Enola Holmes is in 1884, so the bill in question is the Representation of the People Act of 1884. Or simply the third reform law.

These were laws that extended suffrage to the United Kingdom and, with the redistribution law of the following year, extended to the countryside the same voting rights that existed in the cities. This paved the way for women’s suffrage many years later, so it’s not surprising that Eudoria Holmes was involved in this process in some way.

Enola Holmes addresses topics such as gender equality and feminism. The young Enola and Edith giving Sherlock Holmes a glimpse of the reality of male privilege and Eudoria and Enola doing their best not to be locked into what society thought a lady should be. Eudoria and her group were strong advocates of equality. The reform project and the vote were therefore essential to their plans and ideals. The results of the vote will certainly have an impact on the events of Enola Holmes 2. For Enola will continue to build its own path, far from its brothers. And Eudoria will surely continue to fight in its own way, hiding from the public eye.

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