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The 10 Most Interesting Dramas for Adult Girls

Most dramas and stories are ideally of men and women young ages.

We’re not talking about them in this issue. In fact, we are taking specifically about adult girls and women over the age of 30.

Yes, that’s right.

How much do you know about the allure of adult girls over the age of 30? Many of us don’t realize but when girls turn 30, they’ve known the true value of life. She gains toughness and experience; so it’s better not to judge beauty of a woman’s face by her wrinkles.

There are many dramas that exactly take stories of such adult girls as inspiration.

Here, we’ve selected 10 interesting foreign dramas that will appeal to such adult women. These are all dramas that all adult women should watch.

Young girls need to see it when they turn 30. Men, check it out to see what’s scary!

No. 10 “Drop Dead Diva”

Many societies don’t treat you like a girl anymore once you exceed that 30-year mark.
When you go out for drinks, you’re treated like an aunt and you’re shocked…

Instead, it’s a time when you’re given more responsibility and the work becomes more interesting. You’re paid more, you’re more motivated, and you’re able to make some expensive purchases. It is also the age when life is becoming more fulfilling.

About the drama:

The perfect drama for such adult girls is Drop Dead Diva!

This is a must-see drama for girls in their 30s who can give it their all. The heroine of the chubby girls’ representative
Brooke Elliott, who plays the lawyer Jane Bingham, is so cute!

What’s important for girls in their 30s is friendship, career, rivalry, and love. And to have a core way of life as a grown woman! That’s exactly the lesson the creators want you to get from this drama.

It’s also a lawyer’s drama full of courtroom scenes, a friendship drama between women, and a love interest.
It is a heartfelt comedy.

No. 9 “MAD MEN”

When you turn 30, it’s time for you to start worrying about your reputation and where you stand.
Every girl who works in a company has felt the walls of male society.

About the drama:

Mad Men takes place in New York City in the 1960s.

It’s the story of Don Draper (Jon Hamm), the protagonist, in an advertising agency, which was the coolest and most cutting edge profession at the time, who tries to get his hands on everything a man wants: career, money, sex and love.

The main character, Don, is a good-looking man, but he has a bad taste for women. Along this drama, he comes along multiple women.

Betty remarries a man of high income and high status even though she is divorced. Peggy, who was a secretary, finds her talent and becomes a copywriter on the strength of her abilities. In the company, Joan uses women as a weapon to get ahead. Megan goes from being a secretary to being married to a company executive, and finds herself in the thick of things.

This drama depicts each woman’s way of life and how they decide to live in the future. I have to be careful not to become a woman who is used by men for their own good!

No. 8 “Scandal”

Do you have a coworker or a friend who is having an affair?
If you think you’re okay with it, but you’re over 30 and single, all the nice men who are potential lovers are married…

About the drama:

Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), the protagonist of “Scandal” is also having an affair. She has the most dangerous person in America.

The day her affair is with such a person, she starts to spend her days in a sense of dangers.

Olivia is a talented fixer who deals with celebrity scandals. Dressed in a brand-name suit, he is as brawny as a gladiator as he resolves a scandal.

However, the weight of the secret that she is carrying, the affair, is almost crushing her. His relationship with Mellie, the wife of his adulterer, is also interesting. It’s curious to see how Mellie will react to Olivia when she finds out about her husband’s infidelity, because she is a strong wife.

Olivia, who feels guilty for Mellie but has to work with her with a smile on her face….
It’s a drama that shows the strength and weakness of women.

No. 7 “The L Word”

It’s an ensemble drama with a lot of actors, but if you watch the first episode, you’ll probably find your favorite character. Depending on who the person is, the level of engagement may change.

About the drama:

A film about the love affairs of lesbians in Los Angeles.

It’s a dangerous adult drama that makes you think there’s a chance you’ll be hooked for the first time.

We should say “Welcome to the adult world,” a drama that can only be watched by adult girls who have experienced life. Be careful, though, because this is a deep world you shouldn’t look at when you’re dreaming of love.

It is a drama about a love affair in the world of a lesbian woman who loves a woman. It is rated R-15 because there is a sex scene between women throughout the series.

Bette and Tina, a lesbian couple who are thinking about having a child. Shane enjoys only sex and is unable to make a deep connection. Jenny has a male fiance, but he falls for a woman. Marina invites Jenny into her lesbian world.

Although this sounds like total chaos, you’ll love the story-line of a mostly hidden world.

No. 6 “Mistresses”

In both cases, the characters’ settings are roughly the same, but the development is slightly different.
Every grown woman has a secret or two. Women who are addicted to a world of mud. It is a drama full of the charm of an adult woman.
No children, please!

About the drama

There’s a British version and an American version, but both are interesting. Basically, the whole drama shows you a series of events between many characters.

Please note that, if we provide you even the tiniest bit of information on this drama, it could be a spoiler. So, keeping that in mind, we’ve made list of the focused-characters and there introduction. For the British drama, you see:

  • Siobhan the lawyer (Orla Brady).
  • Dr. Katie (Sarah Parrish).
  • Trudy (Sharon Smalls), who lost her husband.
  • Jessica (Sherry Conn), event planner.

The UK version is a more original work. The lead actresses in their 40s have a lot going through in their life. Being a ‘explicit drama’, the scene where Siobhan has an affair with a colleague is erotic.

It’s quite exciting to know other people’s bad secrets and feel like you’re peeking at them. In the American version you’ll see:

  • Lawyer Savi (Alyssa Milano)
  • Dr. Karen (Yoo-jin Kim)
  • April (Rochelle Eitz), who lost her husband
  • Savi’s sister Joslyn (Jess McCarran).

A remake of the British version. The American version of the actresses became more glamorous beauties.
In this film, Savi and Joslin are sisters, so the intricate love affairs of the sister and sister are also involved.

No. 5 “Private Practice”

After the age of 30, the types of worries change. Not only work problems, but also marital problems, children’s problems, parental problems, money problems, health problems.
Even though we have more troubles than when we were young, the problem of love remains the same.

About the drama:

The main character in this drama is Addison (Kate Walsh); a neonatal surgeon.

Addison is divorced from her husband and decides to move from Seattle to Santa Monica in order to have a change of heart. (The episode up to this point was depicted in another drama, “Grey’s Anatomy.”) Her best friend, Naomi, will be working at the clinic she is opening.

Addison is freed from the deepest worries of cheating on her husband, rebuilding her marital relationship, and fertility issues. We’re sure there are many such women who can relate to the idea of starting a new life in a new place.

She is a strong, capable woman, but also a bit out of character and cute, which is very attractive. A woman who is capable and feminine and attractive is a woman’s longing.

This is a must-see drama for all adult girls who are thinking about starting over in life!

No.4 “Outlander”

You are married, have children, and lead a busy life as a housewife.You are happy in your ordinary life, but do you ever think about it?
What would have happened if your life had been different than it is now?
How would you like to answer such questions that arise only when you are happy?

About the drama:

The protagonist, Claire, will live a life that is far from ordinary.
Claire is addicted to an exciting and dangerous world, even though she doesn’t want to…

A situation where you have a husband but can’t help but get married to a man younger than you. The drama shows a woman who is unforced yet compelled to have sex with that man to survive.

Yes, this drama sounds too much like a erotic novel. But here’s the catch, you need to watch the drama with her perspective to understand what she’s going through. Just by seeing as a usual drama will leave you with so many unanswered questions.

Anyway, Claire and Jamie’s love scene is amazing!
Even though I am looking at it alone, it has become such a dense workmanship that I blush without thinking.

This drama is truly beautiful.  It is a tasteful work of art.

No. 3 “The Good Wife”

What would you do if one day you found out somebody that you know pretty well has a cheating husband?

There are two main character, Alicia (Juliana Margulies)’s husband Peter (Chris North). The husband is a State’s Attorney by profession.

A similar case of cheating arises between these two characters that leads to many news problems.

Basically, her husband was arrested on bribery charges after an affair scandal. Her husband’s income is cut off and she has to work to earn a living.

On top of her husband’s scandal, she has to contend with the youngsters to keep up with the work.
We can’t help but feel sympathy and empathy for her situation.

When you’re single, there are plenty of ways to escape reality, such as drowning in alcohol. Alicia, who has two children, has no choice but to work hard on herself to make ends meet.

Alicia becomes more and more attractive as she returns to society and awakens to the joy of being recognized for her abilities.

No. 2 “Desperate Housewives”

Girls in their teens and twenties are probably dreaming about “marriage”. They meet a man, have a beautiful wedding, quit her job and became a homemaker. It’s about living a life of fashionably decorating the dining table every day.
Don’t you think that’s what “marriage” is all about?

In the cute fairy-tale world that girls love, “marriage” may be the goal. However, in the real world, life goes on even when you are “married”. Marriage is the real start! 

About the drama

The Desperate Wives features “married couples” in a variety of forms.
Every couple is in a sort-of desperate state.  The actions of the wives in their predicament are so funny that you burst out laughing every time.

‘Being able to enjoy the contradictions of being funny in a predicament is a testament to being a grown woman.’

Nevertheless, the residents of this suburban neighborhood are all weirdos. It’s exciting to see what will happen when the secrets each of them holds are revealed.

When women are friends with each other, gossiping can cause the relationship to go sour.
The characters Wisteria Street, Susan, Lynette, Bree and Gabrielle are bonded by a solid friendship.

Each wife is a different type of wife, so you can apply it to your own experience. They face problems ranging from parenting, cheating, jealousy, money, drugs, romance to murder. So, this is a must-watch.

No. 1 “Sex and the City”

Before the 1990s, women lived their lives bound by an intrusive term for femininity. At work, I make tea like a woman, answer the phone like a woman, and deliver messages like a woman. Most of them expected to behave like a woman both in the office and in my private life.
But not anymore!

About the drama:

The drama “Sex and the City” was created for specifically  adult girls.
If you’re in your teens and twenties, you might be turned off by the egotistical nature of the content. It’s a masterpiece that should be called the queen of dramas that only adult girls are allowed to watch!

The drama “Sex and the City” shakes off such pushy femininity in society. We think it’s a groundbreaking drama that should go down in women’s history in terms of hitting women’s true feelings on men and then on other women!

The four women in the story are completely different types of characters.

  • Charlotte (Christine Davis), a good wife and wise mother
  • Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), a hard-working academic type.
  • Samantha (Kim Cattrall), an uninhibited prostitute type

These three types could be described as stereotypes of women before the 1990s. Women have been forced into one of these three styles for their entire lives.

The main character, Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), appears there. She is a completely new type of woman, a symbol of the new female figure of the 21st century.

Carrie is also a good wife and wise mother, an uninhibited prostitute, and a hard-working scholar. He’s also a fighter who has all the facets, but uses his talent to lead the way.
And a greedy woman who is true to her desires and wants to have everything she wants.

In other words, a person who is very feminine, but is equally passable in society as a man.

In conclusion,

All of these dramas were specifically hand-picked by our editors to give you a different perspective of adult women. We want you to live a life that you like and you appreciate. So, these dramas are sure to spark a new life even if you’ve exceeded 30.

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So, that was our list of the best dramas for adult women. Please note we’re trying to break the stereotypes of how women are treated after 30 in most societies. If you think we missed a great drama, please let us know.

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