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Challenger: The Final Flight 2, What’s the Netflix release date?

Challenger: The Final Fight 2 is now available on Netflix! The four-part documentary series is produced by J.J. Abrams and Glen Zipper and directed by Daniel Junge and Steven Leckart. It takes a closer look at the explosion that destroyed the Space Shuttle Challenger on January 28, 1986. The seven members of the mission crew, Ellison Onizuka, Mike Smith, Christa McAuliffe, Dick Scobee. Gregory Jarvis, Judith Resnik and Ronald McNair were all killed. Of course, not only was this the first time in the 25-year history of American manned space missions that astronauts were killed in flight. But it was also the first shuttle flight in which an ordinary citizen, space professor Christa McAuliffe, was on board.

What is the series about?

Through dozens of interviews with former astronauts and NASA officials, archive footage of the shuttle program. As well as rarely seen training footage. The documentary series delves into the early days of the shuttle program. In NASA’s desire to draw attention to its declining popularity with the Teacher In Space program. And on the unfortunate flight of Challenger. We get mini-profiles of the six non-civilian crew members who perished, and find out a few things about them. Like how McNair played the saxophone in a jazz band. How Onizuka liked to play pranks. And how Resnik told some people that she was just an engineer if the space program was never mentioned.

But of course, the focus is mostly on McAuliffe and how she was selected from thousands of applicants to be the first teacher in space. An intimate portrait of the New Hampshire teacher is given by her sister Lisa Bristol and Barbara Morgan. The woman who trained alongside McAuliffe as his designated replacement.

Another focus is the shuttle program itself, and the class of 78. The most diverse class of astronauts ever trained by NASA, who trained for three years in preparation for the first missions of the program. Which began in April 1981 with the launch of Columbia. The idea for the shuttle was that it was to be a space truck. A reusable plane that carried satellites, private cargo. Parts of the International Space Station and experiments in space. To obtain congressional funding, NASA promised dozens of missions per year. But delays and other problems affected the program, and the January 1986 flight was only its 25th mission.

What is the release date for Challenger: The Final Flight season 2?

This 4-part mini-series was released in mid-September 2020. It met with mixed success from Internet users. Concerning a renewal we don’t have good news for the fans of the Last Flight of the Challenger Shuttle Season 2, because the four episodes covered the story that was set. So there will be no Season 2 on Netflix.

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