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11 Best Netflix Series that you Should Not Miss (September 2020)

Watch a series you’ve been curious about but never got around to watching! We will be recommending a selection of some of the best masterpieces for you to enjoy.

In addition to movies, Netflix has a wealth of content and original series series that makes it difficult to decide which one to watch next.

In this article, we’re going to introduce some of the must-see series series on Netflix. The first half of the series features Netflix’s original series, while the second half features a selection of series now available on Netflix. If you like it, be sure to add it to your favorites!

Must-see Netflix original series if you had subscribed.

Stranger Things: The Uncharted World (2016-)

A sci-fi horror film about a boy who fights monsters with a girl who has superpowers

This popular sci-fi horror series series began in 2016 with Season 1 and is set to go into production for Season 4. The story is set in Hawkins, a town where mysterious phenomena occur one after another as a result of a boy’s disappearance, and the boys, along with a girl with superpowers, battle an unknown monster.

The film is sprinkled with an homage to science fiction horror films and is definitely recommended for fans of this genre! It’s also the film where Millie Bobby Brown, who played Elle, a girl with superpowers, got her break.

Mind Hunter (2017-)

Produced by David Fincher! Crime thriller about the birth of criminal profiling

The David Fincher-produced crime thriller Mindhunter, which has been available for two seasons since 2017, is a series about the birth of criminal profiling, which has been probed by the FBI since the late 1970s.

Based on the nonfiction book “FBI Serial Killer Profiling Squad” written by an FBI psychological analyst. Jonathan Groff, best known for his role as Jesse in the series “glee”, plays Ford, an FBI agent who takes on the challenge of profiling a murderer.

Altered Carbon (2018-)

A cyberpunk science fiction film about a future in which the digitalization of the mind and the transformation of the body into a new one are possible

The cyberpunk sci-fi “Altered Carbon” has been released in 2018 with season one and a well-received season two. Based on Richard Morgan’s science fiction novel of the same name, this innovative film, which was nominated for an Emmy in the visual effects category, is a must-see.

The setting is 300 years in the future when the mind has been digitized and death can be avoided by simply transferring data to another body. The main character, an ex-soldier Takeshi Kovacchi, is an action suspense film that follows the mystery of the murder of a millionaire.

The Witcher (2019-)

An otherworldly adventure about a skilled hunter who is contracted to exterminate monsters.

The Witcher is an otherworldly adventure tale based on the fantasy novel by Andrei Sapkowski. Henry Cavill, best known for his role as Superman in Man of Steel, plays the titular monster hunter, Geralt.

The story is set in a different world of the Warring States, where magic and monsters exist and conspiracies swirl, and Geralt, a magical swordsman called the Witcher, travels while slaying monsters. Season 1 is set to start in 2019, with a new season on the way.

Narcos (2015-2017)

A fierce battle between Colombian drug lords and American drug agents.

The Crime series Narcos, about the battle between a real-life Colombian drug ring and American narcotics agents, aired for all three seasons between 2015 and 2017.

It’s also a gangster film that focuses on Pablo Escobar, the founder of Colombia’s largest drug trafficking organization, the Medellín Cartel, and a notorious drug lord. A new season of “Narcos: Mexico Edition,” set in Mexico, is starting in 2018.

13 Reasons Why (2017 – 2019)

A Selena Gomez production! A shocking film that depicts the dark side of youth

The coming-of-age series “13 Reasons Why” has been distributed for all three seasons since 2017, and its shocking content has sparked both pros and cons. Katherine Langford’s performance as the main character Hannah received rave reviews and was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role.

A mystery that exposes the lies and secrets of a group of Liberty High School classmates who become suspicious about the contents of seven cassette tapes left by Hanna, a high school girl who committed suicide. Its clever storytelling made it the most-watched Netflix series of 2017.

Sex Education (2019-)

A high school sex therapist in a big way? school comedy

Sex Education, a Netflix original series from the U.K., is a comedy about the school life of Otis, a high school boy who has a mother who is a prominent sex therapist but is sexually inept. She has no experience, but she opens a secret sex clinic with only her mother’s sexual knowledge.

Season 1 will start in 2019 and a new season is set to be delivered. The title of the book is, as it should be, “Sex Education,” and it is highly praised for its upbeat and comical depiction of a difficult subject and its positive view of sexual interest.

Orange is the New Black (2013 – 2019)

The young lady is suddenly a prisoner! A comedy-series set in a women’s prison.

The comedy-series, which ran for seven seasons in all, beginning in 2013, became Netflix’s most-watched original through 2019, following the prison days of Piper, a wealthy young lady from a wealthy family who was imprisoned for crimes committed 10 years ago, and a group of misfits.

While the reality of a women’s prison is depicted in a comical manner, the series is also thick with stories about the lives of the guards and the pasts of the prisoners. It’s Piper’s coming-of-age story, as well as her love story with her same-sex lover Alex.

Riverdale (2017)

Twin Peaks x VivaHill! A suspenseful coming-of-age ‘gossip’ mystery

A coming-of-age mystery like “Twin Peaks” x “Beverly Hills White Book of Youth,” in which high school students living in the small American town of Riverdale get caught up in an incident. Originally based on the popular “Archie Comics” comic book about a bright coming-of-age story.

K.J. Apa, who played the main character Archie, became a teen idol with this hit film. Also a highlight was Luke Perry, who famously played Dylan in Viva Hill, as Archie’s father; season one began in 2017 and has been streaming through season four.

House of Cards (2013-2018)

David Fincher as Executive Producer! Betrayed Congressman’s Revenge

The David Fincher-produced political suspense House of Cards: Stairway of Ambition was distributed on Netflix for all six seasons from 2013 to 2018. It depicts the revenge and ambition of Congressman Frank, who was reversed from entering the White House.

Season 6, which saw the departure of Kevin Spacey, who played Frank and was also the executive producer, revolves around his wife Claire, played by Robin Wright. Robin Wright has won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role for her main role.

Black Mirror (2011-)

A British sci-fi omnibus series that takes a dark look at our technological society

The sci-fi omnibus series Black Mirror has been airing on Channel 4 in the UK since 2011, and Netflix has been distributing it since 2016, making it known worldwide.

His work is characterized by a cynical depiction of unexpected events brought about by new technologies. It’s a one-episode story set in the near future and different worlds, with five seasons available through 2019, and an interactive film, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, was also made in 2018 to great acclaim.

The Walking Dead

The zombie survival series

The Walking Dead, the zombie series series from “The Green Mile” director Frank Darabont, has been airing on American cable TV station AMC since 2010, with season 10 starting in 2019 and season 11 in production.

Set in a zombie-infested apocalypse, the film follows survivors seeking a safe haven in the devastated U.S and their battle against the living dead “walkers.” it is available on Netflix through season 9 as of April 2020.

The Walking Dead” is a series set in the U.S about zombies called “walkers” and their desperate struggle to survive, but the realistic psychological portrayal of humans in extreme conditions is also a must-see. This is a gross desk, but it is very popular.

Breaking Bad

Crime suspense as a high school chemistry teacher becomes involved in a crime with a former student

Produced by Sony Pictures Television, Crime Suspense aired all five seasons on AMC between 2008 and 2013, and all seasons are available on Netflix as of April 2020.

Walter, a high school chemistry teacher who was sentenced to two years of lung cancer, becomes involved in the crime of manufacturing and selling drugs with Jesse, a former student, and drug dealer, as his partner. The sight of a middle-aged teacher who doesn’t do well and becomes more and more badass is breathtaking! Starring Bryan Cranston, who won four Emmy Awards for Best Actor for his role as Walter.


Netflix was one of the first in the video delivery service industry to start producing original series, and it’s no wonder that its productions are by far the most diverse and high quality. Above all, the diversity of genres is also worth noting.

There are long season series that have already ended, like “Orange Is the New Black,” but there are ones that have just started, like “Sex Education” and “The Witcher,” so even if you start watching now, you can still catch up! Please take this opportunity to take a look at it and challenge yourself.

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