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33 Best Netflix Movies to Watch Today (September 2020)

Gone are the days when you needed to buy cassettes and CDs to watch your favorite movies. Today, almost every movie is available on Netflix. From romantic movies to action-packed thrillers, you can watch all sorts of movies and series through Netflix.

If you’ve just started using it and want some recommendations, you’re at the right place. Here, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best netflix movies, just for you.

Remember that no movie here is ranked from best to worst; this is simply a list of the 33 best movies you can watch right now on Netflix.

So why wait?! Let’s get started!

1. The Hangover

Doug (Justin Bertha), who is about to get married in two days, decides to spend his wedding eve in Las Vegas for a pre-wedding party called the Bachelor Party. He and his best friends Phil (Bradley Cooper) and Ste (Ed Helms) travel all the way to Las Vegas. But when he wakes up the next day at the hotel with a terrible hangover, Doug, who is supposed to be his groom, is nowhere to be seen…

It’s truly a flashy movie. The story-line takes you back in time to wake up to an inexplicable situation where, for some reason, there’s a tiger and an infant in a hotel. Anyway, it was a haphazard, a little corny but funny, and at the end of the film, it made me smile.

2. Mean Girls

After living in Africa due to her parents’ work commitments, Katie, the main character, starts school for the first time when she is 16 years old. For Katie, who has lived abroad for many years, high school life in today’s world is full of surprises.

It’s a typical storyline for a school drama, but each episode was very close to the reality of the girls, which made it interesting.

3. Rush Hour 3

A radical action movie about the unusual duo of Hong Kong police officer Lee and LAPD officer Carter. The film is set in Paris and follows the person who holds the key to the assassination and struggles to catch the killer.

4. Clueless

Movie Type: Romantic comedy

Starring : Alicia Silverstone, Stacey Dash

Yahoo! Movie Rating :3.48 points

Play time :1 hour 37 minutes

Cher, the perfectionist protagonist who hates carelessness, transforms all the kids with bad taste in school. However, Cher’s only weakness was in love.

The costumes, the rooms and everything in the movie are all very cute. It is an American school drama with no school caste, so you can watch it with a peaceful feeling.

5. Despicable Me

Movie Type:: Comical Foreign Animation

Starring: Steve Carell(voice)

Yahoo! Movie Rating :3.79 points

Play time :1 hour 34 minutes

Gru, the Phantom Thief, tries to use the orphaned children of the three sisters to steal the moon, but they fall in love and start living together. Your plan doesn’t work out as well as you’d like…

This is a series of popular Minions titles. I can’t take my eyes off the comical developments. Even adults can watch the movie to the end once they start watching it.

6. August Rush

What movie: Fantasy Drama

Starring: Freddie Highmore

Yahoo! Movie Rating :3.99 points

Play time: 1 hour 53 minutes

An orphan boy regains his bond with his parents when he meets music.

The scene where the main character, a young boy, develops his musical talent, and the ending were also refreshing and I was able to finish the film without feeling uncomfortable. I was so moved that I couldn’t help but cry.

7. La La Land

Movie Type: musical (film)

Starring : Ryan Gosling

Yahoo! Movie Rating : 4.1

Play time : 2 hours 7 minutes

Big city Los Angeles. A man and woman, excited to fulfill their dreams, meet and rapidly grow closer to each other. A wistful fate awaits the two of them, whether it is the fulfillment of their love or the fulfillment of their dreams.

Maybe it’s because the topic was so great, or maybe it’s because I was expecting too much, but it’s a vivid portrayal of a “common story” that’s stale, royal and super straight. The overall impression was that there was a strange mix of vibrant colors and a somewhat retro atmosphere.

8. Sing Street

Movie Type: Human drama

Starring : Ferdia Walsh-Piro

Yahoo! Movie Rating : 4.1

Play time : 1 hour and 45 minutes

Dublin in the 80s. A boy transfers to a troubled school in the wake of the depression and forms a band to win the heart of a mysterious beautiful girl. He sets out to make the music video of his destiny…

His father loses his job and sends him to a rough school, and Connor, the main character, is a boy who is clearly a bit “naughty” and “uncool”, but when he sings, he turns into a very cool band. It’s a great music movie where you can enjoy the gap between the “uncool” characters of each member. It’s somewhat cute and hilarious every time Connor mimics the look of an artist he’s hooked on and posts it. The straight love songs that she sings in ballads are also a highlight. One of the funniest things about it is that it features a lot of British music from the era, including Duran Duran, The Jam, Hall & Oates, and A-HA.

9. Mamma Mia!

Movie Type: Musical Film

Starring : Meryl Streep

Yahoo! Movie Rating : 4.3 points

Play time : 1 hour 48 minutes

A daughter lives on the Greek island of Kalokaili with a single mother who doesn’t know her father. The daughter, who is getting married, invites three of her mother’s ex-boyfriends to her wedding…

With beautiful Greek scenery and a wedding full of happiness, it was an uplifting film with a powerful performance by Meryl, who doesn’t seem to be nearly 60 years old, and a pop worldview with song and dance.

10. The Session

Movie Type: Human music drama

Starring : Miles Teller

Yahoo! Movie Rating : 4.1

Play time : 1 hour 46 minutes

He is a drummer at a prestigious music school scouted by a legendary demon teacher. What awaited them was a lesson in the insanity of striving for perfection. What was the shocking session at the end of being cornered?

In the beginning, the ogre-like instructor demands perfect performance, and even suffers violence, but the main character, Neiman, desperately bites his way through. One day, Neiman is scouted for being a bad drummer, but he starts with a different song than the one on the music stand and ends up on a lame stage. From there, the biggest highlight is that Neiman returned to the stage immediately, dominated his own stage, and was awakened, and it gives me goosebumps at the end to see him gradually breathing with Fletcher, the leader.

11. Léon: The Professional

Movie Type:Action Movie

Starring : Jean Reno

Yahoo! Movie Rating : 4.5 points

Play time : 2 hours 12 minutes

Leon is a hitman who lives in New York City. Then a 12-year-old girl, Matilda, rolls in with him. Her family was murdered by a Potion Control agent, and she wants revenge for it.

This is the story of Leon, who was raised by a hitman and never grew up because he was a boy at heart, and he grows up living with Matilda, a girl who lives next door to him after her family was killed by a drug gang and has come for help. The scene in which Leon confides in his painful past and describes his change of heart by being accepted with Matilda brings tears to my eyes. It’s a sad ending, but it’s a film that shows why it’s a long-time favorite.

12. Wonder Woman

Movie Type: Hero Movie

Starring : Gal Gadot

Yahoo! Movie Rating : 3.8 points

Play time : 2 hours 29 minutes

A princess who was raised with care on an island of women only. One day, he learns that there is a war going on in the outside world. Leaving the island of peace behind, the strongest and most beautiful warrior takes on evil in order to save the world.

Truth, peace, justice, and the powerful Princess stands against the powerful. The beauty and toughness of the main character, Diana, played by Miss Israel model and Hollywood actress Gal Gadot, is very attractive, and the character whose heart is purer and stronger than anyone else’s, and whose beauty shines through.

13. Eternal Sunshine

Movie Type: Love story

Starring : Jim Carrey

Yahoo! Movie Rating : 3.7 points

Play time : 1 hour 47 minutes

A man learns that his ex-girlfriend, who had a terrible breakup, has undergone memory-removal surgery to erase memories of the past. He is so distressed that he decides to have the same surgery.

Joel, played by Jim Carrey, goes to see his girlfriend after a fight before Valentine’s Day with a present to make up for it, only to discover that she’s had a memory-removal surgery. He and Joel also undergo a memory-removal surgery, but as he is shown scenes of his memories of her one after another, he has a strong desire not to erase them, and his mind goes back and forth between reality and his own. This wistful love story is sure to bring tears to your eyes.

14. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Movie Type: Fantasy Film

Starring : Johnny Depp

Yahoo! Movie Rating : 3.6 points

Play time : 1 hour 54 minutes

Willy Wonka, who captivates people around the world with his delicious treats, invites five selected children to visit his secret factory. What is the dreamlike world that the five lucky ones saw…

The world’s favorite Willy Wonka chocolates are on sale and the whole town is in a frenzy. That’s because there are only five Willy Wonka factory invite tickets in the world hidden inside the chocolate package, and it’s an invitation for five children, so you can’t stop getting excited about this dreamy, fantasy world of sweets. The last one left got one hell of a gift! It’s the kind of movie you want to see during the winter months when it’s fun and warm. 

15. The Notebook

Movie Type: Love story

Starring : Ryan Gosling

Yahoo! Movie Rating : 4.1

Play time : 2 hours 3 minutes

A film adaptation of Nicholas Spark’s best-selling novel… In the 1940s, two young men who are deeply in love are torn apart by class differences and World War II.

I thought it was a common love story, but it was a wonderfully moving film.

Growing up in a wealthy family, Noah’s values are diametrically opposed and torn apart by his parents, but there is a certain love there.

On the other side of this story, two stories are going on at the same time as an elderly Duke in a convalescent home reads daily to an elderly woman who has dementia and can’t remember her past, a doomed love story that will keep her forever in love with the person she fell in love with when she was 17 years old.

16. Amélie

Movie Type: A cute heartwarming romantic comedy!

Starring : Odray Totu

Yahoo! Movie Rating : 3.8 points

Play time : 2 hours and 1 minute

After finding the treasure chest, Ameli found the joy of making those around her happy. He is unconcerned about his own happiness, but one day he falls in love with a mysterious young man named Nino…

Anyway, it’s a French film with a lot of humor in the cast and a cute Odray Totu (played by Amelie) as the main character. It’s a movie that makes people happy with Amélie’s pranks, and it’s a great choice for girls who like French movies and love fantasies.

17. The Danish Girl

Movie Type: Transgender and Love Romance

Starring : Eddie Redmayne

Yahoo! Movie Rating : 3.9 points

Play time : 1 hour 59 minutes

A female artist who needed a model for her paintings found her husband. That casual thought will change their fate in a big way.

When Gerda, a portraitist’s wife, asks her husband, Einar, to fill in for a female model, the womanhood that existed in Einar gradually becomes stronger, and she has more time to dress and live as a woman. The film beautifully depicts the love and conflicts of Gerda, who supports her husband as he changes into such a woman. It was a wonderful film that exquisitely depicted the beauty of the landscape and the pain, conflict and loneliness of the heart. Kudos to Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vicandel for their acting skills as wives, and to Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vicandel for making us feel that Einar is really a woman (Lily).

18. Nappily Ever After (Netflix original)

Movie Type:: Romantic comedy

Starring : Sanaa Lathan

Yahoo! Movie Rating : – score

Play time : 1 hour 38 minutes

Love, career, and an ideal future. Carrie, a perfectionist who has lost everything, begins to search for what’s really important to her. I’m sure there is more than one hairstyle that suits me.

It’s a wonderful story about a protagonist who has beautiful black hair, a career, a love life, and everything was perfect, but finds true happiness, being who he really is. The line “You’re so perfect it’s like you’re always on the first date” by the main character, who is a lover, is tantalizing.

19. Cabin in the Woods

Movie Type: Horror movie

Starring : Kristen Connolly

Yahoo! Movie Rating : 3.3 points

Play time : 1 hour 35 minutes

Five college students visit a cabin in the woods in the middle of nowhere to enjoy their vacation. The curtain rises on tragedy as they awaken a forbidden being in their basement, knowing nothing of it.

When you hear the words “horror,” “cabin,” and “forest,” it’s easy to imagine what’s going to happen, but this movie was different. Even though I’m not a fan of horror or grotesque movies, the story is so interesting that I rented the film several times after seeing it at the cinema and recommended it to my friends. It is worth seeing because it is so grand that it makes you laugh at the magnificence that surpasses your imagination.

20. Sweet Bean

Movie Type: human drama

Starring : Kirin Kiki

Yahoo! Movie Rating : 4.2 points

Play time : 1 hour 53 minutes

The hired manager of the dorayaki shop “Doraharu” hires a 76-year-old woman, Tokue. The granulated bean jam she makes is so delicious that the shop thrives, but a heartless rumor changes their fortunes.

Tokue, who works at a dorayaki shop while suffering from Leprosy, was moved by her natural documentary-like performance. The dorayaki that appear in the movie are shown one by one, down to the smallest detail, and the finished dorayaki look exceptionally delicious.

21. The Great Gatsby

Movie Type: Love romance.

Starring : Leonardo DiCaprio

Yahoo! Movie Rating : 3.6 points

Play time : 2 hours 22 minutes

When Nick Callaway takes an interest in the millionaire Jay Gatsby who lives next door, he learns of his mysterious neighbor’s deep thoughts on the woman he idolizes and the tragedy that ensues…

It was an interesting story that had me wondering if that was the case. The first half of the film is a gorgeous world view and beautiful cast, but the climax of the film is the point where you can enjoy the reversal of the secrets that are revealed.

22. Ted

Movie Type: comedy film

Starring : Mark Wahlberg

Yahoo! Movie Rating : 3.4 points

Play time : 1 hour 46 minutes

His great friend, an unreliable middle-aged man, is a foul-mouthed, sloppy, old-timer-like teddy bear. On top of that, his important girlfriend is the enemy of him…

It’s a comedy movie that’s surprisingly full of pretty swear words, but it’s hilarious if you like it. The setting of a teddy bear and a middle-aged man who are great friends is a bit uncomfortable, but it’s not cute or anything, it’s about realistic language and relationships, and there is a slightly moving scene at the end that I enjoyed.

23. Burnt

Movie Type: The Road to Michelin for a Genius with a Problem

Starring : Bradley Cooper

Yahoo! Movie Rating :3.48 points

Play time :1 hour 41 minutes

Adam Jones, the humanly flawed genius chef, is on a comeback quest to win three Michelin stars. Once again, he couldn’t warp with his friends and hit the wall. But as Adam slowly realizes the importance of those around him, he finally sees his way to Michelin…

I was very impressed with the way the genius chef Adam grew up. Adam, who is struggling to get back on his feet, is a stubborn character who believes only in himself and doesn’t rely on others, but when he gradually realizes that the power of those around him is important to achieve his goal, it’s a scene that can happen very close to home and made me think again.

24. Last Vegas

Movie Type: Kouryuu comedy

Starring : Michael Douglas / Robert De Niro / Morgan Freeman / Kevin Kline

Yahoo! Movie Rating :3.7 points

Play time :1 hour 44 minutes

They go to Las Vegas for Billy’s bachelor party, where he’s been single until he’s 60 among four childhood friends. The four of them are too far off the rails on their last bachelorette spree and run into all sorts of trouble…

I felt envious at 1 that at 60 years old, I could still go off the ruff with my childhood friends and make a fool of myself. The process of gradually resolving the uncomfortable feelings that existed because of our long-time relationship with each other over time was heartwarming. With a gorgeous Oscar-winning cast, it’s a worthwhile film to watch!

25. American Sniper

Movie Type: A human war drama with an outstanding sense of tension.

Starring : Bradley Cooper

Yahoo! Movie Rating :4.01 points

Play time :2 hours and 12 minutes

A story of light and darkness felt through the war by Chris Kyle, a legendary American military sniper

While sniping Iraqi soldiers in order to be respectable as a sniper, there were scenes that I will never experience as I shoot people, even though they are the enemy. Whether you are a child or a woman, this is a film that will make you think about the enemy and war.

26. A Bad Mom’s Christmas

Movie Type: Foreign comedies

Starring : Oona Lawrence

Yahoo! Movie Rating :- score

Play time :1 hour and 40 minutes

Even busy moms want their own time and fun! A revolt to de-stress and a revolution of moms…

I was reminded once again that moms in this world are busy every day with a lot of stress. It’s a comedy film, so it’s an unusual way to vent stress, but I think it’s real and this much of a stress to feel. This is a film that I would love to see on my dad’s side as well.

27. The Mask 2: Son of the Mask

Movie Type: Hilarious foreign comedies

Starring : Jamie Kennedy

Yahoo! Movie Rating :2.17 points

Play time :1 hour 34 minutes

When he wears a mysterious mask, he transforms into an eccentric person with mysterious behaviors. The dog that dug up that mask, and the power of that mask…

Many of you may have seen this film, which became a hot topic in 2005. It’s a hilarious film, so whether you’re a first-time viewer or a second-time viewer, why not give it a watch for the first time in a long time?

28. Shawshank Redemption

Movie Type: A moving film that will shake your emotions

Starring : Tim Robbins/Morgan Freeman

Yahoo! Movie Rating :4.53 points

Play time :2 hours 22 minutes

Andy, a banker played by innocent Tim Robbins, spends 20 years in prison and encounters encounters and evidence of his innocence while in prison…

It was an Academy film in 1995. The scene where Andy is imprisoned in Shawshank Prison despite his innocence and finds evidence that he is innocent was particularly emotional movie. It’s also moving to meet and part ways with Red, played by Morgan Freeman, who we meet in prison. It will be a masterpiece that you have to see at least once!

29. Jurassic World

Movie Type: Overseas Action/Adventure

Starring : Chris Pratt

Yahoo! Movie Rating :3.74 points

Play time :2 hours and 4 minutes

Jurassic World, a resort where you can get a closer look at real dinosaurs, has created a dinosaur that goes berserk in order to attract more visitors. The park is panicked by an escaped dinosaur that has gone berserk…

his film is the 5th highest grossing film in the world at the box office, and we recommend it for its powerful and realistic feel. This is the kind of movie you want to plug Netflix into your TV and watch on the big screen.

30. Fury

Movie Type: Human drama felt through war

Starring : Brad Pitt

Yahoo! Movie Rating :3.48 points

Play time :2 hours 14 minutes

A war drama about five men in a tank named “Fury”. The fierce battle to invade the enemy Nazi army is filled with various conflicts and dramas…

I really felt the bond between Don (played by Brad Pidd) and the four friends on the Fury. Especially with Norman, a new recruit with no experience in war, you get a special sense of fear and tension about war. This work is so realistic in every detail that you can’t take your eyes off of it until the end!

31. Fast and Furious Series

Movie Type: Exhilarating car action!

Starring : Paul Walker / Vin Diesel and others

Yahoo! Movie Rating :3.67 points

Play time :1 hour 46 minutes

It’s a dorky car action movie that starts with Dominique and Ryan’s encounter with Streese. Recommended for all series

When it comes to Wild Speed, I recommend the entire series, from the first film, Dominic and Ryan’s meeting, to the latest one, which you can watch on Netflix. It’s a super popular carcass movie that still has a hint of a sequel. 

32. Moneyball

Movie Type: A moving sports drama

Starring : Brad Pitt

Yahoo! Movie Rating:3.71 points

Play time :2 hours 13 minutes

A former baseball player becomes the general manager of a poor baseball team and identifies players on a low budget…

This is my favorite baseball film with Brad Pitt in it. Even if you don’t know much about baseball, this is a highly recommended movie.

33. Focus

Movie Type: Exciting work!

Starring : Will Smith / Margot Robbie

Yahoo! Movie Rating : 3.21 points

Play time :1 hour 44 minutes

Nicky, a genius con artist, and her former protégé Jess reunite for a big job, and an epic deception ensues…

The deception between Nicky, played by Will Smith, and Jess is so deceiving that it makes us watch it. It’s a really exciting film and a recommended blockbuster movie that you can enjoy watching.


Here are 34 movies that we seriously recommend on Netflix.

Was there one film that made you want to see it?

Personally, I’ve carefully selected films that will make you want to watch them more than once. I’d be most happy if you could suggest me to work in a genre that I don’t normally see.

If you’re about to sign up for Netflix, Netflix offers a one-month free trial period, so be sure to give it a try.


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