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Best Bollywood Movies to Watch Today (September 2020)

In recent years, Indian films have attracted the attention of many movie lovers. There are many audiences in worldwide who are fascinated by the strong individuality of these films. Even Hollywood agree about their love for Bollywood movies.

People from all around the world love Bollywood movies. And why not?

Bollywood movies have that special element capable of engaging billions of people.Some Indian movies have lavish sets, abrupt singing and dancing, and happy endings that they don’t understand. Also, there are some films that deal with serious social issues and others that are deeply moving.

If you’re recommendations for the best Bollywood movies; you’re at the right place!

We’ve made a list of 15 best Bollywood movies for everyone to watch. We’ve included different genres; from action-based scripts to romantic story-lines.

So why wait?

Let’s get started!

No. 15: “Student of the Year” (2012)

The main story-line revolves around St. Theresa’s School, a prestigious private school. The school organizes an annual competition to determine the best student of the year one.

This particular year, the competition gets a lot more interesting as you see some highly talented students. The main two characters; namely Rohan and Abi go head-to-head against each other.

Although they are at odds at first; they eventually develop a friendship as good rivals. However, the relationship between the two of them begins to fall apart over one girl.

No. 14: “Muthu” (1995)

Even if you’re not into Indian cinema, you’ve probably heard of “Muthu the Dancing Maharaja” at least once.

Mutu, who serves the landowner, is the main character in this work. The film is about a change in his life when he falls in love with a billboard actress at a playhouse and gets caught up in a variety of events.

The nearly three-hour running time and the slightly hot face of Rajinikanth, the actor who plays Muthu in the lead role, might put you off watching the film, but once you see it, you will be addicted to it and it has all the charm of an Indian film.

No.13: “Eega” (2012)

Makkhi (Eega) is the Indian version of David Cronenberg’s American film The Fly.

It is a fantasy action film where the hero is reincarnated as a fly after being murdered by an unscrupulous businessman. He protects his heartbroken lover from the businessman. This film won numerous film awards around the world.

Although the film was released in 2012, it is said that the director S.S. Rajamahri had been conceiving of the film since the 1990s. Actor Sudeep, who is also a TV presenter in India, plays a rogue businessman (same name as the role).

No.12: “Enthiran” (2010)

Dr. Basie has built a super high-tech robot that looks exactly like him. The robot, named “Chitty”, is the hero of the city. However, an incident causes him to have human emotions. However, things take an unexpected turn when the robot falls in love with the doctor’s fiancée.

The film, which cost $22 Million to make, is still a must-see for its flashy action and dance scenes that can only be seen in the “complete version”. It’s an epic film with a running time of nearly three hours.

No. 11: “Barfi!” (2012)

Barfi!” is a movie about two women whose lives change through their encounter with a young man who has a hearing impairment.

Despite his disability, Balfi is a popular guy in the city. Shruti, the daughter of a wealthy man who is troubled by a political marriage. On the other hand, you see Zilmir; a differently-able character who grew up without knowing the love of family.

As the movie goes along, Shruti falls in love with Barfi but ends up marrying some other wealthy guy. Heartbroken Barfi finds happiness with Zilmir.

There are beautiful songs flowing throughout, and homage to famous works from all over the world can be seen here and there. It is a quietly heartwarming film that is a bit different from the image of previous Indian films.

No.10: “DON 2” (2011)

Starring Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan, Don 2 is a clime-action film about a showdown between Interpol and mafia. The international criminal is played by Khan; who is infamous for ‘not being caught’.

DON, imprisoned on death row, is accused of robbing the original plates of Euro bills in prison.

It is a film that can be enjoyed not only as an action film but also as a love story, as it incorporates romantic elements such as DON’s love affair with a woman from the rival Interpol side.

No. 9: “Dangal” (2016)

Mahavir loves wrestling more than anyone else and has risen to become India’s national champion. He retires to make a living, leaving the dream of bringing his country’s first international competition gold medal to his son.

However, all four of the children born to him and his wife are girls. Mahavir gave up on his dream. But a few years later, his daughters browbeats a boy during an argument. Seeing this, Mahavir is overjoyed and starts giving his daughters special wrestling lessons.

It is a moving true story about a father and daughter who overcome various difficulties together, including the ridicule of those around them, causality, and the walls of the world.

No. 8: “Om Shanti Om” (2007)

Set in Bollywood in the 1970s and 2000s, “Om Shanti Om” depicts the love affair between a man and a woman across time and life.

The main character is Om, who spends his days as a supporting actor. The two were fast approaching after rescuing popular actress Shantipriya from a fire on the set, but she was secretly married.

However, her husband’s refusal to acknowledge her pregnancy leads him to try to kill Shanti Priya. Om, who tries to help her, gets involved. e.Then, some years later, the hero reincarnates and goes on a quest of reveng

In addition to the romantic story, the film is also characterized by its many cast members. The power of the dance scene is breathtaking.

No. 7: “Padman” (2018)

This movie is based on the current state of women in India who suffer from lack of access to hygienic sanitary napkins.

This is story of an Indian male where men are looked at strangely just for talking about their periods. And it is based on a true story. It  portrays Arunachalam Muruganandam, who was named one of Time magazine’s “100 People to Influence the World” in 2014.

Lakshmi lives a newlywed life with his beloved wife in a small village in India. When he learns about women’s periods for the first time in his marriage, he sets out to make clean, inexpensive sanitary napkins for his wife.

However, he is looked at strangely by the villagers and ends up leaving the village. Even his wife opposes him on making sanitary napkins. But Lakshmi is determined to keep developing them. This movie is a must-watch for everyone.

No. 6: “Gully Boy” (2019)

Murad, who lives outside of poverty in Mumbai, is a college student who loves to rap. It is common in India to do the same work as your father, and Murad’s father is a servant. Murad felt the disparity between rich and poor and the unreasonableness of society in one incident, and decided to write a rap song about it.

After meeting rapper MC Cher at a college festival and getting his help, Murad posted a video on YouTube under the name “Gully Boy”. With the popularity of rap, “Gully Boy” continues to grow in popularity.

However, his father finds out about the rapper’s activities and opposes him. Them, he and his girlfriend, with whom he had been dating since childhood, stand at odds.

Ranveer Singh’s performance in the lead role was such that Will Smith raved about it. The powerful rap-scene is a must-see.

No. 5: “English Vinglish” (2012)

In 2012’s legendary Indian actress Sridevi plays the lead role of housewife Shashi. Sridevi had been active in the 1970s but was out of work since 1997 after her marriage. She made her return after 15 years with this film.

Shashi, a good wife and wise mother, travels to New York for her sister’s daughter’s wedding. However, many things don’t work out because they don’t speak English. He makes up his mind to go to an English conversation class and improves his English, but an unexpected romance breaks out…

The story of one woman’s struggle is expertly portrayed by director Gauri Sindhe, a professed fan of Woody Allen’s work, with some laughs characteristic of Indian cinema.

No. 4: “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” (2015)

‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ was released in India in 2015 and won a number of awards.

Shaheedar, a young girl in a small village in Pakistan, has been unable to speak since she was a child. Concerned about her, she and her mother go to a temple in India to pray for her, but they get separated and are left alone on the way home.

Pawan, a believer in the Hindu god Hanuman, decided to seek out the homeland of Shahidar, whom he met by chance, as this was also Hanuman’s intention. But it turns out that she is a Pakistani Muslim who is at odds with India.

Pawan tries to take Shahidar home without a passport or visa, but he is caught by the border guards and mistaken for a spy by the police, and the journey is a tumultuous one. And for both Pawan and Shahidar, a miracle awaited them.

No. 3: “3 Idiots” (2009)

Released in 2009, it was the top-grossing Indian film of all time and won 16 awards at the Indian Academy Awards the following year.

The story revolves around the journey of three men on a quest to find their missing college friend, and includes some episodes from their college days. Although it is a comedy film, the film is able to incorporate serious social issues such as suicide rates and educational issues, and Steven Spielberg is said to have raved about it.

The three men were played by Aamir Khan, R Madhavan and Sharman Joshi, who were all much older than the age set for the role at the time of the film’s casting, and their comedic performances had the audience laughing.

No. 2: “Bahubali: The Beginning” (2015)

The Birth of a Legend of Bahubali is the first in a two-part lyric film that was released in 2015.

In this prequel to “Bahubali,” which means “man with strong arms,” a boy raised by the villagers learns the secret of his birth in the “present” and the episode of his grandparents and parents in the “past” 50 years ago.

No. 1: “Bahubali: The Conclusion” (2017)

As soon as the film was released, “Bahubali: The Conclusion”, it became a worldwide sensation. Based on the ancient Indian mythological lyric “Mahabharata”, the film depicts the epic love and revenge of Bahubali, a legendary warrior who was led to several fates through three generations of grandfathers, fathers and sons.

This is a highly entertaining film with all the best of Indian cinema – dancing, singing and action. Once you see it, you’re sure to be hooked.

Incidentally, there is a digest of the previous movie at the beginning of the main movie, so you can enjoy it even if you haven’t seen the previous movie.

Final Say,

With gorgeous sets and costumes, dynamic dancing and singing, and powerful action, many Indian films are highly entertaining.

On top, there are many works with serious themes that incorporate social issues. The refreshing ending of Indian films is one of the reasons for the popularity of Indian cinema.

Did you find any of your favorite films in this ranking? Were there any films that you didn’t see but wanted to see?

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