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9 Best Baseball Movies of All Time [September 2020]

Baseball is a sport that excites fans all over the world. There are countless people who have been fascinated by baseball; from children to adults.

The United States, the cradle of modern baseball, is home to the world’s largest professional baseball league, Major League Baseball, with 30 teams. So, many baseball movies are usually made in the USA.

However, there are many great baseball movies from other countries as well. There some Japanese movies based on this sport that people have highly appreciated.

Are you also a great fan of baseball movies?

If yes, you are at the right place. Here are some recommended movies about baseball; from different countries around the globe.

1. “42” (2013)

A biographical film about the life of Jackie Robinson, the first black major leaguer whose number “42” is a permanent number. Chadwick Boseman, who played T’Challa in “Black Panther,” stars in the film.

Jackie Robinson was the first black man to enter the whites-only major leagues in 1947, when black discrimination was prevalent. He is discriminated against by his teammates and fans alike, but his passion for playing gradually changes the mindset of those around him.

Harrison Ford played Blanche Rickey, the Brooklyn Dodgers GM who scouted him. Jackie’s feats are so great that there’s no one in American baseball who doesn’t know it! The honorable mention permanent absence number is applied by all North American pro-am baseball teams.

2. “Moneyball” (2011)

A baseball film based on Michael Lewis’ non-fiction novel, Moneyball: The Man Who Made a Miracle Team. It’s the story of Oakland Athletics GM Billy Beane, who uses groundbreaking baseball theory to rebuild his team.

GM Billy Beane, who is struggling to rebuild with the small-ball Athletics, meets Peter Brand, who was on the Yale staff. Based on the baseball theory he weaved, “Sabermetrics,” Beane begins to try to rebuild on a low budget.

Brad Pitt as Bean and Jonah Hill as Brando. It is a poignant account of Bean’s innovative theories that broke through the old-fashioned world of American baseball and propelled the baseball team into a winning team.

3. “Million Dollar Arm” (2014)

Based on the true story of two young Indians who became the first professional baseball players in the U.S. and the sports agent who found them, JB Bernstein was played by Jon Hamm, best known for his role in the drama MAD MEN.

JB, an agent on the verge of bankruptcy, set his sights on India, where cricket is thriving, and organised a contest called ‘Million Dollar Arm’. He sends championship runners-up Link Singh and Dinesh Patel to the U.S. to try and make it to the major leagues, but when he sees them struggling with environmental differences, he decides to face the trials together.

Both Singh and Patel signed with the Pittsburgh Pirates of the MLB and pitched in their rookie league. Singh is a retired professional baseball player and has turned into a professional wrestler.

4. “Field of Dreams” (1989)

Kevin Costner starred in this baseball-themed fantasy film. It is based on William Patrick Kinsella’s novel “Shoeless Joe”, which is based on the Black Sox case, an eight-hundred-figure case in the American baseball world.

Ray Kinsella, a farmer in Iowa, was walking through a cornfield one day when he heard a strange voice. “If you build it, he will come.” – Believing in these mysterious words, he transforms a cornfield into a baseball field, and what appears there is Shoeless Joe, who was permanently banished from the baseball world in the “Black Sox Affair.

While we are amazed at the fantastic development of Ray’s small baseball field, as if it is connected to the spirit world, we are further moved by the ending. In countries where baseball culture is as pervasive as it is in the U.S. and Japan, it has long been a familiar sight.

5. “Major League” (1989)

A baseball comedy set in the Cleveland Indians, a real-life MLB baseball team. It was a big hit in Japan as well as in the U.S. and became a popular series with two sequels being produced in 1994 and 1998.

The Indians, who have stayed away from the championship for 34 years, are an admittedly weak team. What’s more, all that was collected were eccentric players, and their popularity is declining even further. However, when the players realize that the new owner, Rachel, is up to something, they get up and start to make a big splash.

Charlie Sheen plays Ricky, a no-conference pitcher on his way home from prison, and Tom Berenger plays Jake, his lead catcher. Ricky’s character was particularly popular, and his entrance song “Wild Thing” was also a hit.

6. “The Bad News Bears” (1976)

It is a comedy film about the success of the baseball team “Bears” on the west coast of the U.S.A. It was so popular that it was made into a series including “Ganbare! Bears Training” in 1977 and other two sequels were produced and made into a series.

The “Bears,” a baseball team for boys that is full of troubled children. Morris Buttermaker (Walter Matthau), who used to play in the minor leagues, becomes the head coach of the Bears, and the team struggles to pull themselves together.

7. “The Rookie” (2002)

This baseball film is based on the true story of Jim Morris, who became a major leaguer at the age of 35, the oldest man in history. It was starred by Dennis Quaid of the “My Wonderful Life” series.

Jim Morris, who had moved from one environment to another without being able to play his favorite game of baseball, practiced pitching on his own. He was recruited by the minor leagues, but gave up on his dream of becoming a major leaguer when he failed his shoulder. When he became a high school teacher and coached a baseball team, he decided to try out for a major league tryout at the urging of his students.

It takes a lot of courage to challenge a dream that you once gave up, but now that you are an adult, you can try again. Jim passed his recruiting test with flying colors and was promoted from the minor leagues to the MLB Tampa Bay Devil Rays in his major league debut.

8. “Hardball” (2001)

This human drama follows a man who gives up his life for gambling and bounces back through contact with the kids on the boys’ baseball team. Keanu Reeves played the lead character Connor O’Neill, co-starring Diane Raine.

Conor O’Neill, who has accumulated huge debts from sports betting, asks his friend Jimmy for a loan. But what Jimmy offered was the job of coaching an all-black boys’ baseball team, the Kinka Buses.

It’s touching to watch Connor, who was never good at kids, realize what’s really important through his contact with them and build a bond with them. It’s also tantalizing to watch these kids, who grew up in an unsafe environment and fight with a passion for the only thing they enjoy, baseball.

9. “Kano”(2014)

The 2014 Taiwanese film KANO – 1931 Koshien beyond the sea – is set in Taiwan during the Japanese occupation period. The main characters are the members of the baseball team of a real school called “KANO”, and the film follows their journey to Koshien in the summer of 1931.

The film is directed by Ma Shisho from Taiwan, famous for “Sedek Bale”, and stars Masatoshi Nagase as Heitaro Kondo, the baseball coach.

Under the guidance of Kondo, a newly-appointed coach from Matsuyama Shosho, the Chiayi Agricultural and Forestry Baseball Club set its sights on the Koshien and practiced hard every day. The members of the club, who were fed up with the devilish training at first, gradually began to have a desire for victory and began to strongly hope to participate in the Koshien.

When Japan ruled Korea, Taiwan, and the former Manchuria, the Manchurian, Chosun, and Taiwanese tournaments were held respectively, and the winning school participated in the national tournament of Koshien. After the end of the war, all the tournaments disappeared, but the name of the KANO baseball team, which showed its best play in Koshien, is firmly engraved in history.


All the movies that we’ve featured here have touched millions of people and have left their mark as memorable materpieces.

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The beauty of baseball is that it’s the ultimate team play, but it’s the individual that makes it even more brilliant. We look forward to the birth of new baseball movie classics that depict such a passionate bond in the future.

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