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64 Best Anime Movies of All Time [September 2020]

Animation is now a form of entertainment that transcends the boundaries of film. It is possible to do things in anime that cannot be done in live-action, and it has the advantage of not being able to choose the width of the work. In addition, technology such as 3D CG has been incorporated into live-action, and animation has begun to have its own unique world view. In this issue, we’re going to introduce you to 60+ gems that you must see.

Here’s a ranking of the best anime movies of the 21st century and the latest 2020 edition of all the masterpieces.

From Japanese anime films, including those directed by Hayao Miyazaki, to Disney, Pixar, and stop motion animation, there are many great animated films around the world.

In this issue, we’ll introduce some of the most interesting and must-see anime movies in a ranking format!


64. Colorful (2010)

My soul, which had made a mistake in a previous life, was suddenly given a chance to start over. Kobayashi Makoto, a boy who has just lost his life to suicide, has a new life when he realizes just how big a mistake he once made and can start a new life again.

Based on a best-selling novel of the same title by Mori Eto. It’s a story of “me” looking at my own life while borrowing the body of Makoto Kobayashi, and eventually really “regenerating”.

63. The Case of Hana & Alice (2015)

Tetsuko Arisugawa (Alice) transfers to Ishinomori Gakuen Junior High School and hears about a murder case related to 3rd Grade. A reclusive girl named Hana, who lives next door to Alice’s house called “Hana Yashiki”, learns about the incident and heads to the house.

The film was apparently made as a prequel to the 2004 live-action film Hana and Alice. Like the live-action cast, the voice of Alice was voiced by Yu Aoi and Hana by Anne Suzuki. The rotoscoping method of tracing and animating the model’s movements is impressive.

62. Rainbow Fireflies (2011)

One day, he dies in an accident and comes to the place of his memories with his father. While there, he meets an old man who collects insects and plays with them, and is transported back in time more than 30 years…

Based on Kawaguchi Masayuki’s novel about a friendship between a boy and a girl who met through a strange relationship, the film does not use CG, so the animation has a softer touch and leaves a warmer impression.

61. Lupin the 3rd vs. Detective Conan (2009)

After receiving a notice from Lupin the Third that he is to receive a “Cherry Sapphire,” Inspector Zenigata of the ICPO and Inspector Higurashi of the Metropolitan Police Department join forces to investigate. Meanwhile, an overseas idol, Emilio, comes to Japan. Conan sees that Daisuke Dimension is among Emilio’s bodyguards.

The film is a crossover of the anime Lupin the Third (Lupin III) by Monkey Punch and the anime Detective Conan (Detective Conan) by Aoyama Gosho. With the catchphrase “Miraculous showdown, opening”, this was literally a gorgeous collaboration.

60. Mr. Osomatsu the Movie (2019)

The six Matsunoya brothers who are still scum, neutrals, and virgins after the age of twenty, Osomatsu and below. At a high school reunion, the classmates reunite and become “proper” adults… The six children arrive home quietly, drink heavily and fall asleep, but wake up the next morning to a surprising sight!

Japan’s most famous six children make their screen debut! The hit TV anime written by Fujio Akatsuka, which caused a social phenomenon from 2015 to 2016, will be revived in a completely new theatrical version.

59. Case Closed

The world’s largest blue sapphire, the Fist of Dark Blue, is said to have sunk to the bottom of the ocean with a pirate ship at the end of the 19th century. When Conan gets caught up in the Kid, he has to deal with a murder at the Marina Bay Sands hotel and a huge conspiracy in Singapore! And in front of Kid, who is aiming for the Blue Sapphire, stands the strongest man, Makoto Kyogoku, who is undefeated in 400 fights.

While the excitement of the previous film “Zero no Kajinin” has not cooled down, the 23rd movie version will be released! Conan, Tsukishita’s magician, Phantom Thief Kid, and Kyogoku Shin, the strongest karate master, battle it out.

58. Hanasaku Iroha (2011)

For some reason, Matsumae Ohana, a high school girl who grew up in Tokyo, finds herself living in an inn run by her grandmother as a Nakai. The film version of the TV anime depicts the daily struggles of the characters and their growth through various experiences.

For the film adaptation, a completely new storyline will be developed, spotlighting a few days back a little from the Bonbori Festival. By the way, “Bonbori Matsuri” was a fictional event in the movie, but it was actually held in Ishikawa Prefecture due to the popularity of the anime.

57. A Silent Voice (2016)

Five years later, the two meet again as high school students, and Masaya wants to apologize to the glass from the bottom of his heart, but…

The frustration of not being able to deliver your honest feelings to your loved ones. The emotional conflicts of boys and girls are depicted with the visual beauty of Kyoto Animation.

56. The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya (2010)

Led by the eccentric high school girl Haruhi Suzumiya, the “SOS Dan” aims to “find and play with aliens, futurists, and psychics”. This is the film version of the TV anime “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya”, which depicts the strange school life of the members.

The story continues from the TV version. One day when Christmas is approaching, the figure of Haruhi who was always in the classroom disappears, and the person who should have disappeared before takes Haruhi’s place… The story unfolds and is the culmination of the anime “Haruhi Suzumiya” series.

55. The Tale of Princess Kaguya (2013)

The Story of Princess Kaguya was the last film by Isao Takahata, who founded Studio Ghibli with Miyazaki Hayao and is also known as the director of The Grave of the Fireflies. The film is a sad and beautifully bittersweet farewell to the animation masters.

Based on the old tale “The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter” and animated in a very beautiful pictorial style, this fable tells the story of Princess Kaguya, found in the bamboo and raised by humble parents, who eventually has to leave the earth despite making a fortune and being courted by countless men.

It is simple in expression and story, but very rich in content, with deep themes on gender equality and environmental issues, as well as deep reflections on the mortal human being. The film is delicate and idyllic, and you can feel both the culmination of Takahata’s career and a deeply sorrowful farewell.

54. Tekkonkinkreet (2006)

In a town that seems to be isolated from the rest of the world, Black and White live freely by stealing for a living. At one point, the wind of urban development is blowing, and a dubious gang of yakuza swarm into the city, creating an unsettling atmosphere. And then, Black and White’s lives are in danger.

It is based on the manga of the same name by Taiyo Matsumoto, who has gained tremendous support for his unique drawing style and storytelling. The fact that Kazuya Ninomiya and Yu Aoi acted as the voices of the main characters also became a hot topic.

53. Wolf Children (2012)

Mamoru Hosoda followed up with Summer Wars with Wolf Children’s Rain and Snow, returning to the same genre as The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and adding new elements to the outdated werewolf legend.

The two children, Snow and Rain, were born to a werewolf father and a human mother, but they lost their father at an early age. As they grow up, their transformation spins out of control and they move to the country with their mother, but soon each sister and brother is dealing with their special life in a different way.

It’s a film that feels like a mix of the fairly subdued Twilight and Hirokazu Kore-eda’s work, but it’s a very effective and refreshing emotional approach that pits adolescents against werewolves in an almost authentic way.

52. Cowboy Bebop: The Movie (2001)

Set in the galaxy, this is the movie version of the TV anime “Cowboy Bebop,” which depicts the exploits of a bounty hunter aboard the spaceship “Bebop.

A bioweapons terrorist attack occurs on Mars, and the “Bebop” crew, Spike and Jet, chase down the culprit with a huge bounty on their hands, and this is the episode between episodes 22 and 23 of the TV version.

51. One Piece Film Z (2012)

Zed, a former naval general, aims to exterminate all pirates by robbing Dinah Rock, an energy that is comparable to ancient weapons. After rescuing Zed, who was injured in a battle with the Navy, the Straw Haters are attacked by Zed, who hates pirates.

The 12th installment of the original theatrical version of the anime ONE PIECE, produced by the original author Oda Eiichiro. This is the first time I’ve done a “New World Arc” in a movie. The script was written by broadcast writer Osamu Suzuki and the theme song was written by Avril Lavigne.

50. Psycho-Pass (2012)

A near-future society managed by the Shubira System, which quantifies the human mental state. This is the film version of the science fiction anime PSYCHO-PASS, which focuses on the activities of detectives who fight against various crimes.

As the Japanese government tries to spread the “Shubira System” to Shi’an abroad, terrorists are sent from Shi’an to Japan, and as the public security investigates, the unexpected mastermind behind the attack is revealed.

49. Time of Eve (2010)

In the near future, Android will be heavily used as a “consumer electronics”. Riku, a high school student, has always perceived androids as “tools”, but when she meets people who don’t distinguish between them at all, her mind changes…

The first season of “The Time of Eve,” which was distributed online and had an astounding number of views, was edited and released theatrically with new scenes.

48. Detective Conan: Zero the Enforcer (2018)

A large-scale bombing occurs at the “Edge of the Ocean” summit venue in Tokyo, and Kogoro Mohri is arrested as a suspect. Conan sets out to prove Kogoro’s innocence, but before he can do so, Toru Amuro, a public safety official, stands in his way.

Toru Amuro, who made his first appearance in the 20th film “Pure Black Nightmare”, reappears as the main character in this film. Spurred on by the popularity of Amuro, box office revenues have almost reached $110 Million, and it continues to break the series’ highest-grossing record for six consecutive anime films.

47. Giovanni’s Island (2014)

Junpei and Kanta are brothers who live on the island of Shikotan during the Second World War. Life changes drastically after the end of the war, and children of Soviet military personnel show up at elementary schools. It is a story of children who genuinely get along with the adults on the island through Junpei’s eyes.

46. Tamako love story (2014)

The main character, Tamako, a member of the baton club and a lover of rice cakes, is in her third year of high school and begins to think about her career path. Then, his childhood friend Mochizura unexpectedly confesses his feelings to him, and he gets upset…

This is a movie version of the TV anime “Tamakomako Kette”, which depicts the daily life of Tamako, the daughter of the heir of a rice cake shop. Aya Suzaki, who played Tamako in her first starring role, also wrote the theme song for the movie version and made her personal singing debut.

45. Patema Inverted (2013)

In the world of Aiga, where Aege, a young boy who lost his father, dislikes the “sky” in which he lives, a girl from the underworld, Patema, suddenly descends on him. Agee decides to harbor Patema, who says she is looking for a friend, and as they work together, they come to the truth of their father’s death.

This is a new kind of anime that depicts the miraculous experience of meeting a boy and a girl from different worlds, where gravity acts in opposite directions, in the strange visual beauty of “Sakasama”.

44. The Anthem of the Heart (2015)

The main character, Jun, is cursed by the Tamago Fairy to “seal” her “chatter” from her parents’ divorce when she was young. The only way to communicate is by note or email. Throughout her high school career, she confronts that curse through a musical.

Anime “Anohi Mita Hana no Name wo Bokutachi ha mata shiranai”. It’s set in Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture, the same place as “Anohana”, and the characters from “Anohana” appear for a moment.

43. Asura (2012)

The time is the end of the Heian Period, a time when people are eating corpses due to famine. One crazy woman gives birth to a child and names her “Ashura”. What is the fate of Ashura, who cannot be raised by anyone and lives as an animal…

The original was a controversial work that was banned from being sold to minors.

42. Voices of a Distant Star (20002)

In the near future in 2039, ruins and extraterrestrial life are discovered on Mars. Third year junior high school students Mikako and Novol have a faint crush on each other, but Mikako is chosen as a research team and goes to space. This is a recommended long-distance love story based on the motif of mobile phone mail.

41. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

While the threat of the immortal monster “Kabane” covers the entire world, Ikoma and his friends survive in the armored steam locomotive “Koutetsujou” in Hinomoto, an island nation in the Far East with an advanced steam engine.

They decided to form a “United Army” with the people of Xuan Lu, Holachi, and Haimen at Haimen, an abandoned mine station facing the Sea of Japan, the site of the human and Kabane offensive. However, Ikoma is oppressed by the Allied forces for being a Kabaneri, and decides to ride alone into enemy territory. What is the fate of Ikoma and Mumei, who has started to develop special feelings for him who has been supporting her? And where does the fierce battle with Kabane go?

40. Lu Over the Wall (2017)

The original anime work “Song of the Dawn Telling Lou” directed by Yuasa Masaaki has attracted attention not only in Japan but also in France and other countries around the world.

The film depicts the interactions between Kai, a backward, reclusive boy, and Lou, a mermaid. It’s one of those films that has the charm of a fairytale, even though the story is a bit naive.

This film is unique in its pop colors and design, and the images themselves are interesting. The fast-paced storyline and strong character movement are exhilarating. The music that appears in the film also adds to the appeal of the film, allowing you to fully enjoy director Yuasa’s worldview.

39. Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System


A vehicle driven by Izumi Yosaka, a psychological counselor at Sanctuary, a latent crime isolation facility in Aomori, ran out of control and ran into the Public Safety Bureau building. Just before the interrogation, Yozaka’s immediate extradition is decided, and supervisor Shimotsuki Mika heads to Aomori with the enforcer, Ginoza Nobumoto, and others.

38. Dragon Ball Super: Broly (2018)

Son Goku and Vegeta are devoted to further training in order to fight the strongest man in the universe that has yet to be seen. Suddenly, a strange Saiyan named Broly appears in front of them. A battle to the death between the three Saiyans begins, involving the resurrected Frieza as well.

This is the first film adaptation of the TV anime “Dragon Ball Cho” series, and the 20th film in the “Dragon Ball” series to commemorate the film. The original author, Akira Toriyama, wrote the original story, script, and character design himself.

37. Case Closed: Countdown to Heaven (2001)

“Detective Conan: Countdown to Heaven” has brought out many works in the world. The story revolves around Conan and the others who go camping with Dr. Agasa and the Detective Boys in Nishitama City.

They also run into Ran and the others, and learn that the Twin Towers owner’s party is being held. Black’s organization’s movements, his confrontation with the murder case, and Haibara’s suspicious behavior.

36. Detective Conan: Crossroad in the Ancient Capital (2003)

The seventh film in the “Detective Conan the Movie” series, “Detective Conan: A Crossroads in the Labyrinth”. The members of the bandit group “Genji Hotaru” are killed one after another, and Conan and the others head to Kyoto. Heidiji Hattori, a famous detective in the west, and the story goes on to solve cases together.

It has a lot of essence, such as action, love, friendship, and so on, while the mystery element is the axis of following the case and solving the mystery. In addition, actual places in Kyoto appear one after another. The scenic town scape is also beautiful and matches the music in the play, giving the film a Japanese feel to it.

35. Detective Conan: The Darkest Nightmare (2016)

Detective Conan: A Pure Black Nightmare is about the black organization that Conan is pursuing and the identity of a mysterious woman called Odd-Eye. This is the 20th anniversary of the “Detective Conan the Movie” series and is one of the most popular works in the Conan series.

The balance between gentle and serious scenes is strange, and the full-fledged action scenes such as the car chase are great to watch! Also, a mysterious woman with amnesia, played by Yuuki Amami, is portrayed as mysterious and very attractive. And most of all, the storyline is hard to take your eyes off of.

34. Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The Movie

This is a sequel to the two installments of the popular TV anime series. The magical girls welcome new friends and fight against the monster “Nightmare”.

33. The Place Promised in our Early Days (2004)

Two boys living in another post-war world in Japan, divided between North and South, and a girl who ends up in Tokyo. It is a work about the promises they made, incorporating science fiction elements into their everyday lives.

This is Shinkai’s first feature-length animated film.

32. Expelled from Paradise (2014)

Abandoning the ruined Earth, people begin to live in the cyber world of Diva. However, Diva’s hacking brings about anomalies. Why on earth is that? This is the beginning of a journey to find out more about the mystery.

31. City Hunter – Shinjuku Private Eyes (2019)

Ryo Saeba, a city hunter with an office in Shinjuku, and his partner Makimura Kaa. Ryou is asked to work as a bodyguard for model Shindo Ai, while Kaoru is reunited with Mikuni Shinji, the president of an IT company he grew up with through Ai’s connection, which adds to the atmosphere!

For some reason, mercenaries target Ai, a major arms dealer who comes to Japan, and the latest weapons… Will City Hunter be able to protect Ai from the huge conspiracy of Shinjuku?

Based on Tsukasa Hojo’s original story, this is a newly written original story for the 30th anniversary of the TV anime “City Hunter” that was broadcast in the 1980s and 90s.

30. Her Blue Sky (2019)

Sora no Aozora wo Shukunin no Hitobito yo” and “Kokoro ga Shouting Wanted”, both set around Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture. It is said to be a trilogy of original anime works in addition to This is the story of Akane Aioi and Aoi, sisters who have lost their father and mother, and Akane’s former lover, Shinnosuke Kanamuro.

Aoi is a high school sophomore who spends her days playing her favorite musical instrument, the bass, without even studying for exams. However, after the death of his parents, he gave up on moving to Tokyo with Shinnosuke and couldn’t help but feel guilty about his sister Akane, who got a job in her hometown.

One day, Shinnosuke, who has fallen out of touch with him, returns home as a member of the backing band of a big name artist performing at a local music festival. At the same time, 18-year-old Shinnosuke also appears in front of Aoi, and a strange quadrilateral relationship begins…

Each character’s emotional changes are delicately portrayed, and the moderate direction and beautiful depiction of the scenery are also appealing. It’s a coming-of-age ensemble drama with elements of fantasy mixed in, but it’s also realistic and moves you to tears.

29. Weathering with You (2019)

The summer of my freshman year of high school. Hotaka, a runaway boy from a remote island, comes to Tokyo and meets a girl named Yona in a corner of the city where the rain continues to shake as if to suggest his future. She has a mysterious power to make the day clear just by praying…

The second highest-grossing Japanese film of all time, “Kimi no na wa. This is Shinkai’s first new film in three years.

This beautiful yet heartbreaking love story is set in an era of weather harmony gone awry, and is a message to all generations and the entire world as we enter a new era.

28. Millennium Actress (2001)

A major actress who suddenly disappeared from the scene 30 years ago. She talks about her life through interviews. At some point, however, the world of the film I’ve acted in begins to mix with my real world…

This is a magnificent love story brought together by the staff of Sadayuki Murai’s “PERFECT BLUE”.

27. The Night Is Short, Walk on Girl (2017)

Based on the best-selling novel by Tomohiko Morimi, “Yoru wa shaseki walk yo otome”. Directed by Yuasa Masaaki (The Song of Lou) and voiced by singer-songwriter Hoshino Gen, the main character of the film.

In this story, the main character ‘senior’ follows a dark-haired maiden he loves and gets involved in an unusual incident before he knows it. Set in Kyoto, the original story is told as an overnight event that progresses throughout the year, and the story unfolds one after another at a fast-paced pace.

This is a must-see for fans of the original work, as it retains Morimi Tomihiko’s unique phrasing and the atmosphere of the work. The collaboration with the fantastic visuals and colors that can only be depicted in the anime is also very appealing.

26. Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System (2019)

After the incident at South East Asian Union, in 2116 Sakigami Shinya continues his wandering journey. In a small South Asian country, he rescued a bus carrying refugees who were being attacked by armed guerrillas. Kaiju is begged by a refugee girl, Tenzin, to learn how to fight for the Kata-kiri…

Set in the world after the film PSYCHO-PASS (2015), the film focuses on the main character of the first season, Kugito, with the keyword “a girl who wants revenge and a man who has completed his revenge.

25. Sword Art Online The Movie – Ordinal Scale (2017)

The latest technologies such as AI and VR have appeared in ‘SAO’ or ‘SWORD ART ONLINE’ series which makes you feel the near future. This movie is based on the theme of “AR (Augmented Reality)”, so even if you haven’t seen the previous works in the series, this is an excellent movie to watch.

Of course, the main characters from the past appear, and the action scenes are just as powerful as the TV anime, making this one that SAO fans won’t want to miss.

24. KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World! Legend of Crimson (2019)


“Bless this wonderful world! is a different world comedy based on the popular light novel by Satoru Natsume, and the first and second seasons of TV anime were aired from 2005 to 2016. The story is about a reclusive boy, Kazuma Sato (Kazuma), who was killed in a car accident and reincarnated in the other world, and formed a party with a group of female characters with rich personalities, and went on an unusual journey.

23. The Saga of Tanya the Evil: The Movie (2019)

Unification Year 1926. The Imperial Army’s 203rd Air Magic Battalion, led by a blond and blue-eyed young girl, Major Tanya von Degrechaf, fought against the remnants of the Republican Army on the southern continent. At the same time, a young girl, Brigadier Mary Sue, whose father had been killed by the Empire, stepped into the Federation’s inner circle as a member of the United Kingdom-led multinational Volunteer Army and took up arms in search of justice for the Empire.

22. Psycho-Pass Sinners of the System Case.2 First Inspector (2019)

Okinawa in the summer of 2112. Three months later, Seiriku Tomoki, the first officer of the Criminal Division, visits the National Defense Force base to investigate an attack by an unmanned armed drone on the Ministry of Defense in Tokyo, and together with Sugo, sets out to uncover the truth.

The key word in “First Guardian” is “What is ‘Operation Foot Stamp’? . The story takes place just before Tsunemori Akane is assigned to the Detective Division of the Public Security Bureau, focusing on the main characters, Sugo and Seiriku.

21. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection (2019)

Mitsuwa 2nd year. After the death of the Holy Britannia Empire, the world was united around a reorganized super-group, and the people were living a peaceful life.

However, Nunnery and Suzaku, who were visiting a refugee camp, are taken away by the mysterious Nightmare Flame, and Karen and the others decide to infiltrate the warrior kingdom of Jirukustan. What are the intentions of the C.C. and the Kingdom of Zilkstan, who are called “Former Lord” by the assailants, to confront them?

20. Liz and the Blue Bird (2018)

Liz and the Bluebird” is an anime about high school students who are passionate about their brass band, “Hibiki! A spin on “Euphonium”.

This is the story of two best friends, Mizore Kuryuzuka, who plays the oboe, and Nozomi Kasagi, who plays the flute, who compete in the last competition of their high school lives. The title, “Liz and the Blue Bird,” is the title of a free piece to be performed at the competition.

The film delicately and carefully depicts the transformation of both Mizore and Kimi as they face their own selves, and it is so real that it makes my heart ache to watch. It’s also the story of a brass band, so you can feel the attention to the music.

19. Crayon Shin-chan: Fierceness That Invites Storm! (2001)

The Nohara family visited the Expo. Other adults are also reminiscing and reminiscing about their childhoods at the 20th Century Expo. However, his obsession began to go off the rails and he eventually abandoned everything.

Shinnosuke and the others stand up to win back their parents and other adults. This is one of the most moving books in the popular TV anime series.

18. The Garden of Words (2013)

One of Shinkai Makoto’s masterpieces, this film depicts the love of Takao, a high school student who aspires to become a shoemaker. One day, while Takao is painting shoes in the garden, he meets an older woman who has a strange atmosphere.

This is a recommended pure-hearted love story by director Shinkai that depicts the psychology of a young boy in a sweet and wistful way.

17. Penguin Highway (2018)

The summer of fourth grade. Suddenly a large number of penguins appeared in Aoyama’s town. Aoyama is trying to find out the true identity of the penguins, but one day, he sees a penguin appearing in his life by a good friend’s sister…

Based on a novel by Morimi Tomihiko, this is a fantasy anime film that even adults can enjoy. It is a charming depiction of a summer of adolescence with the perfect match of the expressions that only anime can provide and the humor unique to Morimi’s work.

16. Lupin the IIIrd: Jigen Gravestone (20140

LUPIN THE IIIRD: Tombstone of Dimensional Daisuke” is the seventh theatrical version of Monkey Punch’s manga work “Lupin the Third”. This is a theatrical animation work that inherits the world view of the anime “LUPIN the Third -Mine Fujiko Naru Onna”, which drew attention for its unique style and dangerous atmosphere.

The protagonist of this work is Lupin’s sidekick, the gunslinger Dendai Daisuke, who is depicted in a desperate battle against the enemy that stands in front of him.

The hard-boiled taste and serious mood are addictive and can be said to be aimed at adults. From the illustrations to the music, the development and the characters, this is a work that is consistently cool and fully brings out the charm of the dimension.

15. Waka Okami wa Shōgakusei! (2018)

Oku, a sixth grader, loses his parents in a car accident and is put in the care of his grandmother who runs an inn. The ghost that lived in the inn asked him to become a young wolf…..

The fact that it’s based on a children’s novel, the children’s illustrations, and the light title make it tempting to avoid it, but it’s a work that adults can appreciate. This is one of the strongest movies you can watch as a family. If you like “The Witch’s Delivery Service,” which is also based on a children’s novel, you’ll love it! The setting is serious, but thanks to Okuo’s character, it’s not dark, and it’s a good anime movie that makes you laugh and cry.

14. Girls and Panzer the Film (2015)


Girls & Panzer The Movie” was released as a complete new work of the original anime “Girls & Panzer” by Actus. This storyline follows the final episode of the TV anime.

The story is set in a world where the martial art of fighting with tanks, “Tankdo”, has become a tradition for women, and the story is told after Oarai Girls’ Academy wins the Tankdo national high school tournament.

While Senchudo is a competition that can’t be seen anywhere else, the heated battle is a sports anime itself. The offensive and defensive battles and psychological battles are very realistic and powerful.

Not only the main characters, but also the rivals from the past appear and fight together in this masterpiece that will delight fans.

13. Promare (2019)

The original anime work “Promea” is once again the work of director Imaishi Hiroyuki, known for “Gurren Lagann” and other works, and screenwriter Nakajima Kazuki. The film was produced by TRIGGER and features the voice actors from the “Gekidan☆Shinkansen”.

Varnish, a new race of people who can control flames, is born through a mutation, which causes a “Great World Inferno” that destroys half the world.

Thirty years later. The confrontation continues between the Mad Burnish, a militant group of newcomers who cause one fire incident after another, and the Burning Rescue, a fire brigade equipped with anti-Burnish equipment…

This film has a unique picture and overwhelming visual beauty. The design of the robots and other mechatronics is also carefully crafted, and the action scenes are powerful. It’s a film you’ll want to watch again and again.

12. In This Corner of the World (2016)

The film is set in Hiroshima during World War II. The beginning of the book gives little sense of the war and follows a girl who loves to draw until she gets married. It’s a heartwarming animated film that illuminates the shadows of war that are gradually becoming more and more intense, and the small hopes that exist in our daily lives.

11. Tokyo Godfathers (2003)

The three people living homeless in a park in Shinjuku are a former cyclist, a former drag queen, and a runaway girl. They go to the dump to look for each other’s gifts on Christmas night. A baby has been abandoned there… It’s a heart-wrenching slapstick comedy.

10. Case Closed: The Phantom of Baker Street (2002)

Two years have passed since Hiroki Sawada, the genius who developed the latest AI program “Noah’s Ark,” mysteriously committed suicide. A presentation of the virtual experience game “Cocoon” was held, and Conan and the others were invited to the event. However, soon after the game starts, the system is taken over by “Noah’s Ark” and the children in the game are taken hostage.

This is the sixth theatrical version of the anime “Detective Conan” series and was written by Edogawa Rampo Award-winning novelist Hisashi Nozawa. Conan’s parents, Yusaku Kudo and Yukiko, make their first appearance, with Yusaku in particular serving as the main character who helps Conan.

9. Violet Evergarden: Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll (2019)

Violet Evergarden – Eternity and the auto memory Dolls is the theatrical version of Kana Akatsuki’s light novel-based anime that aired from January to April 2018, is a gaiden. The film is produced by Kyoto Animation.

Isabella York attends a girls’ school that only children from good families are allowed to attend. But to her, the school was a cage, and she had lost all hope and dream of the future. Then, one day, Violet Evergarden, who is engaged in the “automatic handwriting doll” business, arrives as Isabella’s teacher…

The story, illustrations, and music are all beautiful and heartwarming, like a heartwarming story that will wash your mind. The dialogue and detailed descriptions are also appealing, and the story moves along quietly, but it’s still very watchable.

8. Saekano the Movie: Finale (2019)

Aki Tominya is the head of the doujin circle “blessing software” and starts to develop a new game with his vice president Megumi, but something strange happens in their relationship! What will happen to Blessing Software’s new game?

Based on the popular light novel series “Saeinai na kanojo no nurakata”, this is the final chapter in the film version of the TV anime that aired the first season in 2015 and the second season in 2017.

The script is written by the original author, Fumiaki Marudo, and features the finale of a story about a dull heroine. There’s another act after the end roll, so watch until the end.

7. Your Name (2016)

A good film that combines the visual beauty of Makoto Shinkai with the music of RADWIMPS. It is not an exaggeration to say that this is the highest quality anime film ever made. Not only is director Shinkai on board, but the staff is also top-notch, and with producer Genki Kawamura bringing all of the players together, it’s hard not to enjoy this game with an unprecedented lineup.

You don’t have to think too hard about the improbable storyline. If you surrender to the visual beauty and music, you’ll have the best cinematic experience, and this is one of the most entertaining animated film of 2016.

6. Summer Wars (2009)

The virtual world of OZ on the Internet, where you can use any service with your avatar, is supposed to be the safest system in the world, but is taken over by a scheming artificial intelligence. The main character Kenji, a second year high school student, will be able to stop an evil scheme…

With a near-futuristic internet environment and advanced networking technology, the protagonist is a force to be reckoned with from beginning to end.

5. Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance (2009)

Shinji is a 14-year-old boy who fights in a generic human-type decisive battle weapon, Evangelion. Asuka’s entry in the second machine and the appearance of a new heroine, Mari. The hugely popular series is getting even more intense. This is one book to keep an eye on from the new fight.

4. Sound! Euphonium the Movie: Oath’s Finale (2019)

Kumiko Komae, a second-year student, and Tomoe Kabe, a third-year student, have been assigned to teach the new first-year students after competing in last year’s All-Japan Wind Music Competition. With the North Uji High School brass band’s goal of winning the gold medal in the national competition as their stage, new problems break out one after another, and the days are filled with turmoil!

Based on the novel of the same name by Ayano Takeda, the first season of the TV anime was broadcast in 2015, the second season in 2016, and the completely new movie “Liz and the Blue Bird” was released in 2018.

The film is a legitimate sequel to the second season’s aftermath, centered around Kumiko as she progresses to second grade.

3. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (2016)

Makoto, Kosuke, and Chiaki are “playmates” who attend a high school in downtown Tokyo. One day, Makoto witnesses the scene of a timely leap. Makoto and Chiaki begin to change the past using a timely leap…

It’s a light-hearted coming-of-age timely rape story about Chiaki, who broke the rule that “Timely rape must not be known to the people of the past” and couldn’t come back, and Makoto, who wants to be picked up.

2. 5 Centimeters per Second (2007)

Tono Takaki and Shinohara Akari, who have special feelings for each other, were separated when they graduated from elementary school. One day when it snows heavily, Takaki makes up his mind and goes to see Akari, and the story unfolds.

The title work is “Sakurahasho”, which describes the moment when they meet again, and “Cosmonaut”, which describes Takaki from the other person’s point of view, and it is a work drawn as a series of three anime.

1. Spirited Away (2001)

If animation’s greatest strength is its ability to infiltrate the limits of the creator’s imagination, then Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away is a prime example of this, making some of the most comprehensive and beautiful images available.

The story of a girl whose parents have been turned into pigs and who confronts a magical world becomes even more bizarre, whimsical and uncertain as the story progresses, a stark and ethically black-and-white antithesis to the world of children’s movies.

It’s grotesque, scary, thrilling yet beautiful, and very different from Western animation. The film won an Academy Award and was widely released overseas.


These was our list of some of the best anime that you can watch right now. All these anime are really interesting and highly recommended by our editors! If you think we missed some your favorite ones, please let know. You can  use this as a reference for future viewing. You can easily find all of these anime on the internet as they’re very famous all around the globe.

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