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Top 15 Baki Strongest Character Ranking

Being born as a man, everyone dreams of being ‘the strongest man on earth’ at least once in their lifetime. The gold standard of martial arts, Grappler Baki, which begins with this famous phrase, is crowded with “creatures” that boost strength of a different dimension. Here is a ranking of their strength.

The “Baki” series of manga by Keisuke Itagaki has been serialized for more than 20 years, changing the title of the series since the “Grappler Baki” began in 1991. The series consists of five titles, excluding the gaiden, from “Grappler Baki” to the serialized “Baki-do”.

After an OVA was produced in 1994, the first episode of the series aired in January 2001, and 17 years later, in July 2018, the much-anticipated second TV anime episode began airing, with the two together depicting the story up until before the “Da Lai Tai Sai” episode.

This is the story of Hanma Baki, who aims to be the strongest man on earth, who fights to the death with his strongest enemies and recognizes each other’s power. And to defeat his father, who is the strongest obstacle to overcome, he will improve himself.

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This novel is not about sportsmen. It depicts a constant exchange of lives on the edge. As a result, some people use weapons, while others are cowardly. This is the story of warriors who pursue the path they believe in and live proudly in the path of war.


15: Rex (Ryuji Tokura)

He has a large scar on his face and is about the size of Hanama, but he has a mild personality and has had gout since he was 13 years old and usually spends his time in the hospital.

Rex had a history of going on a rampage against the intense pain of gout and derailing trains. It is so powerful that it can grab a lot of people and throw them high into the sky. From then on, he began to look for a strong man who could give him more than the intense pain of gout.

In his fight with Hanayama, he doesn’t flinch when he gets a decent amount of his attacks, which are extremely painful. He doesn’t seem to care about the pain in the fight.

In his fight with G.M. (the Grandmaster), he shows a warlike and vicious side that he has never shown before. His footwork was nimble enough to suit his huge body, and he showed his high potential.

14: Katsumi Orochi

Katsumi Orochi
Source: Fandom

Orochi Katsumi is the son of Orochi Doppo. He is not blood related to Doppo, as he is an adopted child. He belonged to his karate organization, Shinshin Kai, and later became its president.

His talent for fighting was already blossoming when he was working in the circus. His potential is high and he is recognized by his father-in-law as being “stronger than me.

Katsumi’s style is karate, but his talents are not good enough for his treats. In the biggest tournament in the underground arena, I struggled because of this haughtiness. He showed the “Mach Tsuki”, a backbone that accelerates the rotation of his joints, but he was defeated by King Ritsukaio.

Nevertheless, he is single-minded in his pursuit of strength. In order to reflect on himself and hone his skills, he later studied under the likes of烈 and Kaku Kaioo.

Although they were repeatedly attacked in “The Deadliest Condemned Prisoner”, they conceded defeat to each other in the Battle of Doyle and drew. In “Wildling Warfare Edition,” he takes down Pickle, but loses when he’s bitten off his right arm.

13: Gouki Shibukawa

Gouki Shibukawa
Source: Fandom

Goki Shibukawa is an elderly man who is 75 years old. He is a living legend, called “the best of modern martial arts” and “the embodiment of martial arts”. He is a master of actual aikijujutsu and has taught arrest techniques in the Metropolitan Police Department. He is hailing, but by nature he is extremely combative. Our motto is to always put ourselves in the battlefield.

His aiki has been mastered to the point where it can be used in the real world. In addition to Aiki, where you add your own power to your opponent’s power and return it, you are also a master at striking.

He opened his eyes to “true self-defense,” the state of the art of warfare in which a person who has mastered self-defense cannot approach a crisis in the first place. In the tournament, he fought off his strong defensive instincts against Jack, but lost in a good fight.

In “The Greatest Death Row”, he is reunited with Ryuko Yanagiri, who once took his left eye. I tried to settle it, but I was beaten to it and my wish was not fulfilled. After that, he fought various opponents and fought with non-standard creatures such as Pickle and Miyamoto Musashi. In the Musashi fight, he showed his skill to break his opponent’s knee, but he lost in a good fight.

12: Izou Motobe

Izou Motobe

Motobe Izou is a solitary man who does not belong to any school. He is known among martial artists as a karate-kasashii, and even Guchi Doppo has a high regard for him.

Although it is based on jujutsu, it also uses aikido and dark weapons to fight. He has a deep knowledge of various martial arts, and after losing the tournament, he has become a renowned commentator.

Despite being described as strong by those around him, he also lost his biggest tournament in the first round. He finally shows his abilities in “The Deadliest Condemned Prisoner”.

As Yanagi was waiting for Shibukawa, the headquarters suddenly appeared. He overpowered the willow with his sword and other tools, cutting off the poisonous hands that tormented the blade fangs. Since this victory, the position of the headquarters has changed little by little.

When he fights Miyamoto Musashi, he dares to prevent him from going “in order to protect his friend” and they clash. This time, even without weapons, he fought a fierce battle that was more than even with the烈.

Motobu is someone who has such strong feelings for the original author that he professes, “What’s wrong with Motobu being so strong? We can’t wait to see if he will be able to surprise us again.

11: Retsu Kaioh

Retsu Kaioh

Retsu Kaioh is regarded as a master of Chinese martial arts. The “Sea King” is given to those who have reached the level of mastery in the Chinese kung fu world. He is said to be the one with the most outstanding talent among such sea kings.

He has a steel-like body and unparalleled agility. His fists are so hard that he can shave obsidian into a ball, and his legs are so strong that he can run on the water. They are also used to fighting with weapons.

There was a strong pride in the history of Chinese martial arts, and in the beginning there was an attitude of looking down on other martial arts. After that, he has gradually become more moderate, but he is still intolerant of insults to Chinese martial arts.

In the biggest tournament, he was defeated by Baki in the semifinals. Since then, he has been appearing constantly, including “The Deadliest Condemned Prisoner” and “Dai Lai Tai Sai”. Particularly in the “Wildling War Part” where he fights as “bait” for Pickle and loses his right leg after being eaten. Later, he died in a deadly battle with Miyamoto Musashi in “Baki no Michi”. The death of a popular character who had been active since the early days of the “Baki” series came as a shock.

10: Orochi Doppo

Orochi Doppo is the founder of “Guchiryu Karate”. He is also known as the “tiger killer” because he once killed a tiger with his bare hands. Bald head and eye patch, large scar on right cheek and left eye on face. He’s a tough guy, but he’s easy-going and mischievous despite his appearance.

Doppo adheres to the aesthetics of karate and does not use any techniques other than karate. On the other hand, he practices real-world karate on the ground, and rejects surprise attacks and deception. He is one of the few hardworking people, and the skills he has honed over many years of training are impossible for even Baki and the others to avoid. The “Bodhisattva’s Fist,” which strikes in the form of the Bodhisattva’s hand, does not emit any killing intent, and even master Shibukawa is unable to return it.

Doppo is one of the more popular characters, but he’s more likely to lose fights. Since losing to Shibukawa in the biggest tournament, he has since lost to Mahomed Alai Jr. and Miyamoto Musashi.

Still, there are many who are fascinated by his bottomlessness. His good-natured personality and single-mindedness towards karate has made him a favorite since the first days of the series.

9: Jack Hammer

Jack Hammer
Source: Fandom

Jack Hammer is Yujiro’s other son and Baki’s half-brother. He looks more like Yujiro than Bafaki, but he says “he has less of Norma’s blood”.

With the goal of surpassing my father, I dedicate all my life support activities to “strength”. His body has been strengthened by an overdose of steroids and overtraining “30 hours a day,” he has undergone two bone extension surgeries, and his height has grown from 193 to 243 centimeters.

His fighting style is his own way of killing fights. Armed with an unyielding body, he crushes everything with a power fight. In addition, he has an outstanding learning sense, as he is only a descendant of Hanma. When he confronted Shibukawa, he returned his aiki with aiki.

The biggest weapon is a biting, biting attack. In the main story, he even bites off the left ear of Shibukawa, Bafi, and Pickle.

His fighting ability is one of the highest among the characters. However, it is inferior to Yuujiro and Pickle.

8: Kaoru Hanayama

Kaoru Hanayama

Kaoru Hanayama is a substandard man who became the head of a yakuza gang at the age of 15. He has countless scars all over his body, and a tattoo on his back called “Chowkaku-tachi” (Otoko-dachi). This represents the “man’s book” that has been passed down from generation to generation in the family.

He is called “Japan’s best brawler” and is based on bare-knuckle brawling (stegoro). We have a unique “non-training” aesthetic, and we don’t train at all. Nevertheless, the power is overwhelming, especially the grip is phenomenal. Also, there is no defense at all. The toughness to endure all the attacks of the gurus must be due to the pride of the “chyokyaku-tachi”.

Hanayama has already fought with Baki in the “juvenile version” and has developed a friendship with him. In a death row spec fight, he overwhelmed his opponent by clutching his throat even though his gun went off in his mouth. In his fight with Musashi Miyamoto, he received a total of 10 slashes, but his fight was enough to make Musashi feel serious.

Hanayama is also one of the most popular characters in the series. So much so that a biographical work about his student days has come out.

7: Biscuit Oliva

Biscuit Oliva
Source: Gamespot

Biscuit Oliva is a prisoner imprisoned in an American prison. He is called “Mr. Unchained” because he moves freely around the premises. Because of their role in hunting criminals, they are free to enter and exit prisons, and have been called “the strongest in the United States” and “the freest on earth.

He has absolute confidence in his body, and his steel-like muscles are his greatest weapon and armor. Although he is not trained in martial arts, his well-honed body is a weapon in itself. The thick wall of muscle repels the gun and does not show any defensive posture. He is also surprisingly knowledgeable and has knowledge of martial arts.

In “Deadliest Condemned Prisoner”, he chases down and captures Sikorsky and Doyle. Afterwards, he participated in the Great Latter-day Bounty Tournament and defeated Ronshibun with his proud strength. Back in jail, the win against Gebal is won by Oliva, whose love for his muscles prevails.

Anyway, Biscuit Oliva is a strong personality. The strength of the “self” that he possesses is also an attraction in the “Baki” series.

6: Kaioh Kaku

Kaioh Kaku

Kaoh Kaku is the pinnacle of all Chinese martial arts. He reigns at the top of all sea kings, bearing the name “Sea Emperor”, which represents the sea king among sea kings. He is a 146 year old man with the guise of a personality, but in essence he is passionate and ruthless.

Originally, Kaioh Kaku had a body of steel. He believes that strength through muscle is the strongest, and to prove it, he did a dojo-breaker. One day, however, I was utterly defeated by someone smaller than me who had mastered the essence of martial arts, “riai”.

I will take this opportunity to change my mind and henceforth give everything I have to achieve ‘Riai’. As a result of his continuous training in despair of muscle weakness, he mastered the art of “riai”. It was even called Chinese martial arts itself.

What Guo has arrived at is “Shaolie”. By relaxing your body to the limit, you can control the flow of power around you.

Guo, no longer a high ranking figure, appeared in the Grand Lai Taisai, where he clashed with Yujiro in a five-on-five team match as the general of the Chinese side. He shows his power, but Yujiro has the upper hand in the game, imitating the power of Kiryoku. After being shown that “power” trumps “reason,” it ends with a suspended death before being stabbed in the back.

The fierce battle between the two has been described as the best bout in the history of the film.

5: Pickle

Pickle is a wild man who was discovered along with the dinosaurs in a stratum 190 million years ago. His name means “salted” because he was in a rock salt formation.

It is over 2 meters long and weighs 130 kilograms, making it a huge animal. Their body structure is very different from that of humans, and they are characterized by their fang-like canines, sharp claws, and unusually thick cervical vertebrae. He does not speak, but he has a will and understands complex emotions.

His “hunt” is to strike hard with the power of another dimension, utilizing his physical body. It was enough to make Yuujiro use his “technique” without thinking.

After waking up, Pickle came to Japan and was housed in the facility. He single-handedly captures the attention of those who are hungry for a fight, recognizing Bafi and the others as “bait” for the fight. Retsu and Katsumi were torn off their limbs, and even Jack Hammer couldn’t get his hands or feet out.

After that, Pickle started living in Japan. He also fought with Miyamoto Musashi, and was instantly recognised for his wall of flesh that his slashes could not reach the bone.

4: Baki Hanma

Hanma Baki

The main character of this work. He is a high school student and a champion of the underground arena. He pursues his strength every day with the goal of defeating his father, Yujiro, who is the enemy of his mother.

He has a self-directed style that incorporates all kinds of martial arts. He also has a great fighting sense, having trained since he was a child and has “Hanma’s blood”. He also has the learning skills to learn his opponent’s techniques at a glance. It is also characterized by the fact that he does not only use his strength, but also fights flexibly in each situation.

He has exchanged fists and bonded with a variety of opponents throughout the series. Since then, we have been fighting and growing in conjunction with various others.

She finally clashed with Yujiro in “The Strongest Parent-Child Brawl on Earth”. It didn’t start out as a match, but as an everyday brawl in a way that defended its body language. In the end, the film ends with both sides acknowledging each other’s power and ending with the case being settled.

3: Musashi Miyamoto

Miyamoto Musashi is a famous swordsman in the history. A clone was created using DNA collected by Mitsunari Tokugawa, the leader of the underground arena, and was revived by possessing a seance spirit in its body. He is a very large and agile man with a keen eye and a killing spirit.

Even without his sword, he would shower his opponent with images of countless slashes, rendering him incapable of combat. It’s an image, but the pain of a slash is actually similar, and it’s hard for an ordinary person to bear at first. In addition, he is skilled in all martial arts and physical arts, and the techniques he can perform are simply amazing.

The Fierce Sea King had lost his life in the fight against him. In the battle against Yujiro, he was forced to fight hard, and even though he opened his eyes with the “Muto” (sword), Motobu gave him water and the fight was a painful one. In the pickle match, that “swordless” did not work, and he won after letting the match stay until his beloved sword arrived.

The only two people who were defeated were Motobu, who was attacked by a skewer, and Baki, who was challenged by the third time’s honesty. After his fight with Baki, he was exorcised and returned to the other world. The body has since been kept in a research facility in Tokugawa.

2: Nomi Shukune (Nomi no Sukune)

Nomi no Sukune is a descendant of the ancient Japanese person of the same name. The first generation is said to be the origin of sumo, and is described in the Nihon Shoki (Chronicles of Japan). He is not a clone like Miyamoto Musashi, but a descendant of 272 generations of blood that has been passed down through his veins. It was Shukune the second-generation Shukune who expressed Shukune’s talents for the first time in 2,000 years.

He is big like a rikishi, but he is not so big compared to other characters. His fighting style is naturally sumo, and he is said to have skills that lightly surpass those of the current yokozuna. He also had a good arm strength, especially a grip so strong that he could turn a lump of coal into a diamond just by gripping it. It is because of this incident that he is called Nomi Shukune the second generation.

He is the most recent character to appear in the work, and like Baki, he is hungry to win against the strong. He clashed with Biscuit Oliva early on, but he won easily. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for him.

1 : Yujiro Hanma

Yujiro Hanma

Hanma Yujiro is “the strongest creature on earth”. He is Baki’s father, his mother’s avenger, and the ultimate goal to overcome. It’s a creature that lives by instinct, looks down on everything but itself, and is full of bullshit.

I feel a surpassing pleasure in fighting the strong and trampling over the powerful. Its combat power is such that it can single-handedly wipe out multiple armies. His power is comparable to the national military power of a superpower and is so threatening that the United States has entered into a treaty of friendship with him personally.

Yuujiro, the author of violence, is symbolized by the “ogre’s face” on his back. His spine is shaped specifically for striking, and his shape looks like the appearance of a demon. That’s what “Ogre” is commonly called.

I can only count the opponents that I was able to fight him decently throughout the film, such as Guo Haihuang and Pickle. Most of the strong opponents that came out weren’t even in a fight.

After all, his biggest fight is probably the “parent-child brawl” with the grown-up Baki. He is both a fierce beast and a father, and you have to pay attention to the way he shows Baki in the fight.

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