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Baby Season 3: Ending Explained

Baby’s Season 3 is available on Netflix! If you have unanswered questions, read our explanation of the end of Baby’s Season 3! If you’ve been following the international success of Netflix, Baby. You will understand very easily how the twisted events lead to the dismantling by the cops of one of Rome’s underage prostitution networks. If you would like to know more about the release of a fourth season, it’s here.

The first episode of season 3 of Baby begins dramatically. When Sofia Manchini, an underage prostitute is arrested by the police. Referring to Sofia as one of Manuel’s daughters, Fiore, a dangerous and manipulative pimp assures his daughters Chiara Altieri and Ludovica Storti. And to a woman who has been in the game longer, Natalia that the cops suspect nothing with him. To know all the info about the actors, Instagram etc. read this.

The arrest of Sofia

Chiara, a powerful and outspoken high school student, is deeply immersed in the life of prostitution. Or as Ludo says, obsessed with the life of freedom and control. She is wanted to keep Ludo safe. Since they moved their operation from a hotel to an apartment that Fiore bought. It has been difficult for the police to find them. Various characters, revenge plots and determined loyalty lead to the ultimate trial that was set up to pursue Fiore and protect young women like Chiara and Ludo.

After Sofia is arrested, she doesn’t reveal much to the police. Until they informed her that a leaked tape showed her having sex with Roberto De Santis. Santis was the father of Brando De Santis, who in season 2 was blackmailing Chiara after finding out what was going on with Ludo, her and Fiore. To silence him, Chiara had not only given Sofia Roberto’s number. But she had also given Brando the video of Sofia and her father. Brando, shocked by his father’s disdain and homophobia towards him, anonymously handed over the tape to the police. Sofia reveals to the police that a young girl named Emma from the Collodi Institute was also a prostitute. Emma was the false name Chiara used with her clients.

How did Chiara get away with it?

Across town, Damiano Younes, Chiara’s ex-boyfriend who had found out earlier what Chiara was doing. Received photos of him and Chiara from a private investigator hired by his own father. The previous season, he had broken into the private detective’s office. And removed anything that might have incriminated Chiara. As he tried to talk to Chiara about why she continued to take clients and got nowhere. He decided he could offer her a way out. The private investigator told Damiano that he just wanted money by blackmailing the girl’s pimp. And all Damiano had to do was help him catch Fiore by installing a camera in the apartment that Fiore had set up.

Damiano had already worked with Fiore, and the pimp easily got him back into the business. Fiore asked him to fire Natalia who had threatened to go to the cops. In the process, Damiano was able to get the keys to Natalia’s apartment and place the camera in a teddy bear in Chiara’s room. This is how the private investigator was able to obtain evidence about the prostitution ring. But instead of blackmailing Fiore, he blackmailed Chiara’s parents who paid him to protect their daughter and their reputation. Chiara’s mother, Elsa Altieri, was a candidate in the elections and could not see her reputation ruined. As a result, Chiara’s name never reached the cops.

Ludo at the heart of the problems

After Damiano revealed to Fabio Fedeli’s boyfriend that the Collodi students were also part of the prostitution ring. The rumors ended up pointing to Ludo, who was already a self-proclaimed rebel. Unfortunately, Elsa blamed Ludo for what Chiara had done and sent photos of Ludo and Fiore to the school, she had those IP photos. The police assumed that Ludo was Emma and accused her of inciting prostitution of minors. Because Sofia had identified Emma as the person who had given her Roberto’s contact.

Ludo, who had left the prostitution ring and wanted to focus on his future, was now at the center of this scandal. But she didn’t want to denounce Chiara, the real Emma. Ludo’s mother knew about her daughter’s shortcomings and knew that Fiore was a pimp. But had done nothing to stop him. To be fair, she wasn’t in control of anything. So, when Ludo decided to run away with Fiore to spare his family the trouble of the scandal. His mother Simonetta had to confess to the cops that she knew Fiore was a pimp in order for them to launch a search for Ludo. Simonetta was arrested for complicity in prostitution of minors.

Explanation of the end of Baby’s season 3

At the end of Baby’s Season 3, Chiara, who wanted to save Ludo, couldn’t do much. And her mother advised her to move on. But one of her ex-boyfriends, Niccol√≤ Rossi Govender, told Chiara that it was her mother who got Ludo into trouble. Chiara wanted to take responsibility. And started living on social networks, telling the world that she was Emma.

She begged Ludo to come back. Now everyone knew that Ludo was not the only one involved in the prostitution scandal. With Chiara’s confession, the police had no choice but to transfer the charges against Ludo to Chiara. Who must now be tried along with all the other people involved. Ludo managed to deceive Fiore and escape, which led the police to find him. As a result, he too had to answer the prostitution charges in court.Since Fiore claimed that he was being exploited by Damiano, Ludo and Chiara, the trial was not favorable to the teenagers. Fortunately for them, Natalia agreed to be the last witness. She was the only woman who could help the trio prosecute Fiore. Thus, the double life that Chiara and Ludo led for a year and a half became one of the biggest scandals in Parioli.

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