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Among Us 2: Cancelled due to current popularity

The developer InnerSloth decided to capitalize on its current success with its overnight success Among Us. And cancelled his plan to make Among Us 2 shortly after announcing the sequel. Although this may disappoint some due to the presentation. And the mechanics of the 2018 low-budget game. It just makes more sense for the small independent studio to focus on improving what players already have in their hands.

The game and meme culture have suddenly become a sensation. Much like MediaTonic’s Fall Guys, Among Us has captured the Internet’s attention with its potential as a simple but hilarious party game. Working similarly to Jackbox Party Pack’s Push the Button. Among Us drops up to 10 players into a space station they have to maintain. Without knowing who among them is a deadly Impostor. The difference with Fall Guys, however, is that InnerSloth’s party game has been out for over two years. Before recently exploding in terms of sales and active player base due to popularization by popular YouTubers and streamers. The small team naturally struggled to adapt to the sudden influx of users. While probably trying to understand where this sudden flood of interest came from. And how to avoid falling quickly back into darkness.

Among Us 2 Cancellation

After recently announcing his intention to begin work on Among Us 2 in August. InnerSloth now announces on its blog that it has wisely backed off. To focus on the continued development of the existing Among Us application. InnerSloth co-founder PuffballsUnited explains this decision. He says the team plans to start working on new content soon. But that the studio has decided to cancel Among Us 2 and focus on improving Among Us 1, although this seems to indicate to enthusiastic gamers that InnerSloth is reducing the content of Among Us that they would otherwise have had access to. The co-founder reassures them that all planned content from Among Us 2 will instead go to Among Us 1.

The sudden and resounding success of Among Us continues to be compared to Fall Guys. Despite their very different tones and approaches to art style and gameplay, and for good reason. Placed in a situation similar to InnerSloth, where the servers are down. MediaTonic’s choice to focus on meaningful and timely updates to Fall Guys. May have made the difference between players who quickly lose interest. And the long-lasting player accounts that the Battle Royale currently enjoys.

And the drop in player numbers that would result from a lack of reasonably timely additions to Fall Guys’ collection of mini-games. Leave the 3-card offers even simpler. And the increasingly predictable Impersonator and Teammate tactics. Such as they are in order to work on a more ambitious sequel could have been the equivalent of InnerSloth signing the game’s death warrant.

With respect to the many cancellations and delays of the COVID-19 era. The rapid shelving of Among Us 2 is one of the best news of the lot for players who want the indie hit to make the most of its moment of glory. As we’ve seen with Fortnite, Overwatch, and other hugely successful multiplayer projects. Iterating a game that already exists is often better and cheaper for both developers and players. And this move or lack of it can pay dividends for InnerSloth in the months and years to come.

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