Tuesday, October 6

About Us

If you’re also in a dilemma of finding great movies; you’re at the right place!

Started back in 2020, two friends had an idea of launching a website that full of information about movies made all around the world. As the friends joined links here and there; Mood My Mood was born.

Mood My Mood is a place for everyone to find their ideal choice of entertainment. We list down multiple categories of movies, dramas, manga, live-action so that you can find all your choices in one place.

You’ll be able to find relevant information about different genres and categories. From thrilling action movies to  Manga inspired live-action; you’ll find a wide variety of genres in our website.

And it gets better,

We’ve included arts from all around the world. You’ll find movies from the US, Italy, Japan, India and many other countries in our website. So, whatever you wish to watch, you’ll find it at Mood My Mood.

We have always loved entertainment and have tried to give as much variety and database through this website. The founders; Samuel and Swagaman, have given their best to find about less heard movies, dramas, live-actions or any other form of visual entertainment. We don’t want to give you just information, we want to give you the best information possible.

We are the part of G24i Agency.