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“A Whisker Away” latest film from Studio Colorido: Available on Netflix

The movie “A Whisker Away” has been distributed exclusively on Netflix worldwide from Thursday, June 18. This is the second feature-length animated film by Studio Colorido after “Penguin Highway.”

The latest movie from Studio Colorido, “I want to cry, I wear a cat.” It is a new original story of the up-and-coming animation studio that won the 42nd Japan Academy Award for Excellent Animation Award and Fantasia International Film Festival Best Animation Award in the previous work ” Penguin Highway “, and it is expected before release Is increasing.

It’s about a girl who can turn into a cat

The protagonist is Sasaki Miyo, an eighth grader. She is called “Muge” (Mysterious Human of Infinity) at school. Muge is not only different in her class, but one day she is able to “transform into a cat” and… .

Muge gets a mysterious mask that allows her to transform into a cat, and turns into a cat to meet the person she loves. “Muge has found the magic that allows him to meet the person he loves, and what is waiting for him.


a whisker away
(Photo: Studio Colorido)

Sasaki Miyo is a cheerful and cheerful girl in the second year of junior high school. She surprises people with her words and actions, and her classmates call her “Muge” (Infinity Woman of Mystery). They call her by nickname. But in reality, she is very careful about the people around her and spends her days suppressing her emotions, contrary to the fact that she is an “Infinity Mysterious Human”. She is in love with him.

Muge makes a daily attack on Hinode Kento, a classmate with whom she has a passionate crush, but No one takes her seriously at all. She has a secret that she can’t tell anyone about, but she keeps appealing to them. That is to take on the form of a cat and go see her favorite, Hinode. One night at a summer festival, the owner of a cat mask shop told Muge that she could transform into a cat if she wore the mask. Ever since he received a mysterious mask that said “I can do it,” he has been going to Hinode’s house as the cat Taro.

Hinode usually acts cool, but he is able to speak his mind to Taro. Taro becomes the support for Hinode. ≪When he is a “human”, the two are distant from each other, but when he is a “cat”, they are able to get closer. Muge also realizes that he doesn’t have to worry about his relationship with the people around him when he is a cat, and he gradually feels comfortable with them. Let’s go.

The longer Muge spends time as a cat, the more blurred the boundary between himself and the cat becomes. One day, the owner of a cat shop shows up again and tells Muge that they have exchanged the cat’s mask and Muge’s face, and he wants him to leave the “human” behind to become a cat. I am forced to live as… I want to stay with you forever and ever. But you will not be able to return to “I” – who is supporting you? When they realize what is important to them, their world begins to change.

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Her classmates call her “Muge” (Mysterious Human). At school and at home, she is always full of energy and cheerfulness. She falls madly in love with her classmate, Hinode Kento, and goes after him every day. She obtains a mysterious mask and is able to transform into a cat.

The role of Muge is played by Studio Ghibli’s feature film actors such as Arrietty the Borrower and Kaze Tachinu. Voice actor Mirai Shida has voiced in an animated film. Shida, who is active on the front lines of film, drama and stage, expresses her feelings in a straightforward manner. Play the girl.

Kento Hinode

Kento Hinode
(Photo: Studio Colorido)

Muge’s love interest is on Hinoe. He is a boy who can’t express his feelings to the fullest, but his intentions gradually change, and one boy tells him that he is in love with Muge. He shifts to feeling like a young man.

The other main character, Hinode Kento, is played by Kamikaze Yamamoto as Kamon Sumijiro in “Blades of Annihilation” and Tokyo Ghoul Hanae Natsuki plays the role of Ken Kanagi and Yamaguchi Yamaguchi, the protagonist of the anime series, in the series “The Greatest Generation. She expresses with her voice the unique emotions of adolescence that everyone must have felt at some point in their lives.

Cat owner

The owner of a cat shop who leads the protagonist, Muge, into the “cat” world. He holds the key to the story.

Mr. Nanmu

He is the homeroom teacher at Muge and Hinode’s school. He is a student-focused, self-paced character.

Yoriko Fukase

A friend of the main character Muge, who is very cheerful and lively.

Masamichi Isami

He acts as a good friend to Hinode, who is shaken by the worries unique to adolescence. He plays the role of Hinode, who has a strong presence not only in anime, but also in movies, dramas, and on stage, and is a member of “Mobile Suit Gundam Kensho Ono also plays the lead role in Hathaway of the Flashlight.

Other characters

Yoji Sasaki: Muge’s father

Kaoru Mizutani: Muge’s father’s girlfriend

Miki Saito: Muge’s biological mother

Sakaguchi Tomoya: A young man works at the pottery workshop run by the Hinode family


The director is Sato Junichi. He worked on the “Pretty Boy Sailor Moon” series and “Keroro Gunso” series. Up-and-coming creator Tomotaka Shibayama has also worked for this moviee. He worked on Spirited Away at Studio Ghibli This is a collaborative effort to deliver an animation of “magical beauty”.

Mari Okada, who is known for her sensitive portrayal of characters’ emotions, has created this story of finding one’s “true self How do you portray the

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